Sunday, July 27, 2008

Chicago Roundup..

Gun turn in nets less than half of what police hoped for. Still ran out of money any way. So much for planning.

Daley realizes he's going to lose the lawsuit and instead asks lots of really stupid questions. Armed and Safe has more on that.

Anti-Mathematics are proven again as Alderman Mell, the one who tried to pass legislation allowing only him to re-register his guns, is shown what his "thousands of people" really amounted to. Himself, a former Attorney General and about 2 dozen other people. Exactly like I said would happen.

Winston Smith apparently was involved in the counting:

Gun turn-in program brings in more than 6,800 weapons


The event, held at 25 churchces across the city, brought in close to 6,000 guns as of 9 p.m. Saturday, police News Affairs Officer John Mirabelli said.

So it's either bad reporting, fudged numbers, or nearly 1000 were turned in after 9pm. I know what I'ld put my money on.

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Anonymous said...

Ammo that can go through a wall???

Oh my God! I'm shitting myself, look there, shit!

And as far as someone having 40 guns and only 1,000 rounds of ammo?

Maybe for a museum, but I try to maintain 500 rounds for every gun I own. I think Daley truly would mess himself if he ever looked inside my home. I'd be on the watch list faster than his shit splatter could reach the floor.