Friday, April 17, 2009

Time for swim lessons.

Took Fourth Power Alpha down to the creek on the 4-wheeler. During a rousing game of "Sink", he lost his balance and became the object of the game. The current was just a bit to strong for him to stand back up as he started drifting downstream resulting in an impromptu daddy rescue. So with one very wet little boy and me w/ some soaked boots we headed back home amidst giggles on how mad momma was going to be.

The look we got when we arrived home made it even funnier. Then Fourth Power Bravo announced how much fun it would be when she 'accidentally' fell in at which point she was told if there were any 'accidents' there would be no more rides for her.

Ah, the joys of parenthood.

Right to Peacably Assemble is Despicable and Shameful

According to Brady Endorsed Illinois Rep. Jan Schakowsky, yet her husband, convicted of multiple counts of tax violation and bank fraud, is a 'good man'.

More at War On Guns.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

More public support for gun control..

Remember that MO house bill that got the Campus Carry amendment added to it? Well, it didn't do as well when it came up for the final vote.

It lost 8 votes of support to pass with only 105-50-8.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Looking over their shoulders

Amidst another "Mexican Canard", Josh Sugarmann drops this little steamer into the Huffpo bowl:
this is the organization that for years to infiltrate the gun violence prevention movement

Which means they're still paranoid that there might be more but they just don't know. Could it be someone in the office? One of the people they've communicated with via internet?

Generating this level of stress made everything Mary did worth it.

Of course Josh is always wont to mention that his people do the same things.

Let's Get Ready To RUMBLE!!!

French nab 11 pirates as threats mount on US ships

MOMBASA, Kenya – A pirate gang that launched an abortive attack on a second U.S. ship loaded with food aid said Wednesday they were singling out American vessels and would kill their crews

An escalation of hostilities is the only way this will end. "Giving them what they want" only encourages them more.

Double Standards

The group "Students for Gun-Free Schools" is holding a 'walkout' tomorrow to protest a bill that would allow concealed carry on campus. The organizer of the walk-out, VT alum John Woods , according to an interview in the Daily Brown Herald, "found it ‘personally upsetting’ that the Virginia Tech shooting is quoted as a context for the introduction of the bills.”

The hypocrisy is overwhelming as the SGFS, on the front page of their website, uses the VT tragedy and other high profile shootings to push 'reasonable, common-sense' gun regulations mixed in w/ the usual attacks on permit holders.

I wonder where Mr. Woods' outrage is over the Brady Campaign using VT victim family members to advocate bills that had nothing to do w/ VT or their call for $32 to 'fight the gun lobby' the very day it happened.

I would also like to note that the Students for Concealed Carry on Campus FaceBook page has three times as many members as the SGFS. Telling, isn't it?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

O-Day +82: Playin' with the Big Boys..

Now that Obama is in office, he gets to see just how much fun it is to juggle paying back his political supporters, supporting US allies and dealing w/ a UN hostile to said supporters and allies.

The White House has indicated for weeks that it would boycott the conference unless significant changes were made to the draft text. This position has been cheered by the Jewish community, but other minority organizations, notably the NAACP and the TransAfrica Forum, expressed concern, arguing that the forum was a uniquely important opportunity to address world racism.

Who is more important to his re-election? Which political stance will get thrown under the bus?

Monday, April 13, 2009

"I guess I just hate you!"

The Armed Schoolteacher relays a 1st-hand account of Rev. Snuffy's latest adventure in grassroots activism.

It went so well that the good Rev. came up w/ a plan to occupy the Governors office to get some attention for his less than 100 followers. The Capitol Police recommended otherwise.

Read the rest.

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The Survivalist Blog

21 Guns, Salute

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Stoopid, It Hurts

Huffpo links to the Newsweek "Assault Weapons on the Back Burner" article.

The range of comments show another reason why public support is swinging in our direction. Gun Controllers are unable to have any sort of discussion w/o referring to NRA members as 'hillbillies' or 'retarded', have no idea what an 'assault weapon' is, are unable to refrain from making the usual small genitalia remarks, and even hope for terrorist attacks on the US so they can blame the NRA and pass gun bans.

These are the voices of 'grassroots gun control'. Gotta love 'em.