Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ceasefire PA boardmembers.

Some new information has come to light on this organization.

She became a leader of Pennsylvanians Against Handgun Violence and later a board member of Ceasefire Pennsylvania.

So they had a mole, a bigot, and a UFO nut.

They really can pick 'em, can't they?

Bryan Miller says it's a dishonest tactic. I would put it in the same category as intentionally misleading the public on firearms, legislation, and statistics.

Paul's got his knickers in a twist and calls the NRA a bunch of meanies. At the same time he misleads the public on statistics. Go figure. He opines:
Reading the story, one imagines a group of executives over at NRA headquarters huddled around a copy of The Art of War with a flashlight in a dark basement office, hatching a new cloak-and-dagger plot.
That's not the image I have. Unlike the BC, VPC, and CF, the NRA has enough money to pay their electric bills and afford copies for everyone.

An interesting comparison:

would this be similar to outspoken anti-gun activist Josh Sugarman (President of the Violence Policy Center) having a Federal Firearms Dealer License? -Zen21Tao

Why does Josh have it? One reason is to have inside access to industry trade shows.

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Anonymous said...

I'm feeling frisky.

I might just call Peter Hamm's number tonight and instruct him to tell Doug Pennington...

"The black bird flys at midnight, I REPEAT, the black bird flys at midnight."

What ya wanna bet that there's a whole lotta side ways glances and wispering going on in the gun control world. Even I'll admit that if the NRA hired a mole, they probably hired ten.

Let them canalbilize each other. They're one true strength was a unified message and strategy, a united front, complete with media talking points. I wonder how much they'll be sharing strategy across different orgs now.