Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Chicago Surge

In the midst of a 13% increase in murders primarily by out of control gangs and a dramatic increase in shooting by Chicago Police involved w/ an increased police presence to combat said crime wave, who are the citizens of one of the most violent neighborhoods in Chicago lashing out against?
Ten people were arrested Friday night during a disturbance in the Englewood neighborhood, where community activists were advocating violence toward police and inciting a riot, police said Saturday.
An interesting counterpoint is presented from the CPUSA paper "Revolution", stating :
On a large intersection in Englewood, a couple hundred people stood up to police intimidation, humiliation and terrorizing, called the police out as murderers, and by the end of the night an estimated ten people had been arrested and brutalized.

So we have police (over?) reacting to a dramatic increase in crime that some 'community leaders' are screaming that something be done about, other 'community leaders' attacking the police and blaming the system, while the self-proclaimed and elected leaders , including Jackson, Sharpton, and Meeks inflame racial tensions to keep themselves in the limelight.

I'm so glad I don't live there anymore.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I read both articles.

Sounds like a powder keg. All they need is one more "Rodney King" moment.

Pray for unseasonably cold weather.

Don said...

Meanwhile, over at Second City Cop, the cops are crowing that their plan of refusing to work and "letting the city burn" is working.

Thirdpower said...

"their plan of refusing to work"

So this plan was started about 25 years ago? :)

Unknown said...

Chicago Community Activists? Wasn't that how Obama got his start?