Sunday, September 3, 2017

Charleston Hike 1

So in an escape from the internet, the family went hiking at the trails around Lake Charleston w/ the entrance at Sister City Park.
 The start of the trail is deceiving.  The paved trail goes into regular gravel and eventually into dirt.  Dirt that, from what I've been told, gets very slick when wet.  Either way, so far so good. The first part we stopped a number of times for some group shots.

Classic deciduous forest.  It's been dry so the creeks were empty.

At one of the many trail branches, we headed towards Lake Charleston. It was also really low.

4PB found a large mussel shell.

 Hostile tree:

 The trails are nice.  I can definitely see some of them will require a lot of maintenance as they're in washes.  It's also really easy to get lost. Few directions and lots of forks leading off to different directions.  We traveled for about two miles before turning around and retracing our steps since we didn't know if the one we were on looped around or kept going.  Definitely going to do this again though.

Update. Map w/ path.