Saturday, April 12, 2008

This kid is just screwed...

Parents Argue Over Which Gang 4-Year-Old Son Should Join

Friday, April 11, 2008

A couple can't agree on which gang their 4-year-old toddler should join.

A fight about the decision led to a public disturbance with the father's arrest. Joseph Manzanares went to the video store where his girlfriend worked, threatened to kill her and knocked over several video displays, police told KMGH Denver.

Police arrested Manzanares at his home, Commerce City police Sgt. Joe Sandoval told KMGH Denver.

The girlfriend told authorities they were fighting over which gang their son should join. The girlfriend, who is black, is a member of the Crips while Manzanares, who is Hispanic, belongs to the Westside Ballers.

"They have different ideas on how the baby should be raised," Sandoval said. "Basically, she said they cannot agree on which gang the baby would 'claim.'"

Just a modern West Side Story. I'm sure this kid will have a long prosperous life.

Joyce Foundation making their puppets march..

The Joyce Funded "Legal Community against Gun Ownership" have been instructed by their masters to rally at NIU on Monday, April 14. With several anti-gun bills coming up for votes and the anniversaries of the shootings at Brady/Joyce inspired Criminal Empowerment Zones, the PuSH'ers are, well, making their big push in Illinois and elsewhere.

They recognize that Heller is most likely going to go against them so they need to get these laws passed now in order to retain any possible foothold and they have already shown they will go to any lengths to do it including legal tricks, violating regulations, threatening legislators, dishonesty, and misusing public funds.

They seem to be keeping it lower key press wise in calling for these this time. Mostly due to the fact that when they do publicize it heavily, more of us turn out than they do. Let's keep it that way. Sebastian thinks this is their last hurrah but to even come close to that we need to push back twice as hard as we've been doing. Show up to counter the PuSH'ers, write your legislators, send donations to local and national organizations, buy supplies from your local FFL's.

Nope, not suspicious at all..

CHICAGO (STNG) ― An 18-year-old man taken to the hospital for a gunshot wound early Saturday left the hospital in bandages before his treatment was complete, police said.

At the hospital the man was uncooperative with police, declined police services and refused to tell police any details of the shooting, Greer said.

I'm sure he had no connection to gangs and/or drugs in any way. Just like this is most likely due to "rural while males" out hunting:

A 15-year-old Chicago Public Schools student was shot Friday afternoon in the Ida B. Wells public housing development on the city's South Side, officials said.

Violence in the area is not uncommon and much of it stems from gang and drug activity, Jamison said, but he could not say whether the shooting was gang- or drug-related.

Residents in the neighborhood said there is a turf war going on over two buildings in the housing development, including the building where the teenager was shot.

Notice how the media threw in the part about him being in the CPS even though he wasn't in school at the time (teachers day)? That's the meme of the month. Notice how this occurred in the projects where residents are forbidden from owning any firearms whatsoever?

Would anyone at all care to wager who Daley et al will try to blame?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Yeah, and this is new how?

Murder exposes flaws in parole system

Violent felon on parole for murder chokes girlfriend. Parole officer decides this doesn't warrant having it revoked when DA manages to get in contact w/ him several months later. GF gets restraining order. Violent felon gets gun, shoots her then himself.

30-40% percent of parolees are sent back to prison for violations while gangs, crime, and gov't
corruption are rampant, yet the likes of Josh Sugarmann and Laura Washington feel crime is due to the tens of millions of firearm owners in the US.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thinking "Out of the Box" = Calls for more gun bans..

Is what I expect from Chicago Mayor Daley's latest endeavor. He has hired Jens Ludwig (of Ludwig/Cook fame) to do a "study" on youth violence in Chicago.

The study will be led by U of C professor Jens Ludwig, who hopes to have “early results” — including new “intervention policies -- within six to 12 months. The city would then launch a series of pilot programs (read: more gun bans and door to door "voluntary" searches-- ed.)to test those strategies.

Ludwig said interviews with those who have pulled the trigger would be critical. His analysis of Chicago homicides shows that “75 to 80 percent” of both offenders and victims have prior arrest records.

“Really understanding what’s going on with people who are coming out of detention — that’s juvenile and young adults as well — has to be an important part of the story to steer people away from the types of activities that put them at risk of both [shooting] … as well as getting shot,” he said.

Gun violence that has claimed the lives of 20 Chicago Public School students this school year only hammered home the same questions, the mayor said.

So already they're focusing on blaming guns for what is sure to be an unbiased piece of fishwrap research. I guess his claims of "to get to the heart of youth violence and devise “out of the box” strategies to prevent it," are just the usual smoke screens to distract from his real agenda, just like the IACP.

Quote of the Day..

On the CPS using tax dollars to bus students to lobby :

I'll write a donation check for $1,000 to the first politican with the guts to look these "kids" in the eye and tell them, on camera preferably, with Pfleger sitting next to them;

"Sure, I'll support more gun laws for you, as soon as you write the names of every family member and neighbor that belongs to a gang and has a gun hidden on this sheet of paper. Let me know when you're done and we'll hold a joint press conference to name names and start to really bring the cycle of violence to an end."

From the Chicago Trib Forum.

Law Abiding Gun Banners..

Showing the levels they'll take their hysteria, they pass ordinances in violation of state law. Just like in California, courts will have to show them how to follow the law. But remember, it's bad if we don't follow or are unaware of unconstitutional or vague anti-gun laws but it's perfectly justified to pass illegal laws if it's for their cause.

Zombie bills

One Gun a Month and Mandatory storage bills were (sort of) defeated in the Illinois House. They were withdrawn during the vote when it was noticed that they wouldn't get the 60 votes required for passage. They are now under the classification "CONSIDERATION POSTPONED" meaning they can come back from the dead at any time.

Not quite as good as the SF victory but it'll do for now. Now we just need to defeat the magazine and private sale ban.

Armed and Safe has more.

It's interesting to note that Gov. Rod met w/ the anti-gun protesters but has refused to meet w/ pro-gun advocates.

And then there were 73.

73 counties have passed Pro-2A resolutions w/ 5 more proposed. Yet the politicians in Chicago feel they should force their ineffective laws on the rest of the state.

Good thing he gave them what they wanted..

otherwise he may have gotten hurt.

A 30-year-old man standing in a mall parking lot was shot four times during a robbery Wednesday night on the South Side.

The man was standing in the parking lot of a “mini-mall” at the 2000 block of East 95th Street when two unknown black men approached and one of the men shot the victim four times on the right side of his body during a robbery, according to a South Chicago District police sergeant.

Let them protest..

Numerous blogs have commented on the Brady Bunch and PEG heads stating that they'll ignore the law and have their demonstration on 4/16 at VT anyway. While there are some reports that the University has decided to allow it in some capacity.

I encourage them to continue w/ their plans. The statements by Peter Hamm and in this editorial by PEG head Elilita Habtu show how disingenuous and hypocritical these organizations are:

There seems to be a great misunderstanding on the part of the author of the article, "Protest Easy Guns Not Welcomed On Our Campus." The author seems to think that simply wish to push an agenda and use the tragedy at Tech to further its cause. This is absolutely false.

Let me explain to you who stands behind They are concerned Americans who are tired of gun violence in America, who want a change in current U.S. gun laws that make it far too easy for dangerous individuals to purchase guns.

So they aren't pushing an agenda but are pushing an agenda. Gotcha.

Let them protest. Let them show not only the students at VT what they're all about but all the people watching the coverage. Show them that the PuSH'ers will do anything and dance on anybody's grave to get what they want.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

You do not need to be in congress to rip the people off

Would you like a job that you can “on the company credit card” blow $14,000 on Internet dating and a Ruth's Chris Steakhouse dinner for 81 people. $360 on lingerie. Then Uncle Sam wants you. Yes the Good Old US Government. And you thought that you had to get elected, be in the house or congress to steal the tax payer blind. Nope just get a job in government service and you are on your way.

News Update: SailorCurt is a Spammer ..

As he goes around making off topic posts stumping for the VCDL Blog of which he is an author. Maybe if he didn't go around advertising the VCDL blog he might get a little more done. Really. Who needs another pro-gun blog anyway? I think we should all boycott the VCDL blog just out of spite. The VCDL should know better.

So where did the bullets go?

Police fire shots at boy they say raised gun

Chicago police officers fired shots at a 15-year-old boy who allegedly started to point a gun at them during a chase Wednesday morning on the West Side, but no one was hit, police said.

The incident occurred about 10 a.m. near 23rd Street and Millard Avenue, police said. The teen was suspected of selling drugs and was running from officers when he raised the gun toward them and they opened fire, police said.

The boy was not hit and did not fire back. He was arrested on the scene, and his gun was recovered. Charges were pending.

Ok. Drug dealing teen in Chicago. Nothing new there. However, the CPD fired "shots", that would be plural meaning more than one, and did not hit him.

Where did the bullets go?

No Check Left Behind

as the fourth Chicago Public School Official is caught stealing thousands from the coffers.

Mirna Diaz Ortiz, 54, of the 4400 block of West Hutchinson St. was charged with two counts of theft between $10,000 and $100,000, 36 counts of forgery and four counts of official misconduct, according to Assistant Cook County State's Atty. Russell Baker. If convicted, she faces up to 5 years in prison.

Yet they can spend thousands busing students for lobbying while at the same time crying they don't have enough money to educate them. Maybe if they spent more time teaching instead of lining their pockets and pushing political agendas, Chicago would have a higher than 51% graduation rate.

But that would make sense.

Snuffy publishes hit list..

After calling for shop owners and legislators who oppose him to be "snuffed out", the Rev. Plfeger has published a list of those he wants taken down just days before he heads to Springfield to threaten lobby legislators against legal gun ownership.

Should the legislators on his list be concerned? Think the ISP should provide extra protection for them in lieu of the threats made? What would the response be if a prominent pro-rights advocate made the same comments?

As Uncle has asked, why are anti-gunners so violent?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Can Hillary be President?

An interesting case:

An 80-year-old Reno man has filed a lawsuit claiming the U.S. Constitution doesn't allow for women to run for president.

Douglas Wallace says the Constitution refers to "he" and "his" in describing presidential duties and because of that, a woman can't hold the office.

Wallace says the Constitution would have to be amended to allow New York Senator Hillary Clinton to appear on this November's presidential ballot.

Legal scholars call the suit "without merit."

Stupid? Yes. It makes an interesting debate for those that try to split hairs over wording though.

Article. II.

Section 1.

The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America. He shall hold his Office during the Term of four Years, and, together with the Vice President, chosen for the same Term, be elected, as follows:

Dishonesty, thy name is Brady..

The Brady's are pushing for a magazine ban and universal background checks in Illinois. Here's the Magazine ban bill:

Synopsis As Introduced
Amends the Criminal Code of 1961. Makes a technical change in a Section concerning the sexual exploitation of children.

Wait,that has nothing to do w/ firearm magazines. But the amendment does:

Senate Floor Amendment No. 1
Deletes reference to:
720 ILCS 5/11-9.1
Adds reference to:
720 ILCS 5/24-1.8 new

Replaces everything after the enacting clause. Amends the Criminal Code of 1961. Provides that beginning 90 days after the effective date of this amendatory Act, it is unlawful for any person within this State to knowingly manufacture, deliver, sell, purchase, or possess or cause to be manufactured, delivered, sold, purchased, or possessed a large capacity ammunition feeding device. Provides that these provisions do not apply to a person who possessed a prohibited weapon, device, or attachment before the effective date of this amendatory Act. Provides that on or after the effective date of this amendatory Act, such person may transfer such device only to an heir, an individual residing in another state maintaining that device in another state, or a dealer licensed as a federal firearms dealer. Specifies penalties for violations. Provides exemptions. Provides that the provisions of the Act are severable. Effective immediately.

So good ol' Sen Kotowski, the same man who was caught lying to the legislature about .50 cal rifles is still trying to push a bill under false colors.

The second bill is they typical "force people to use FFL's that we're trying to sue and legislate out of existence" garbage.

Does anyone think that it's a coincidence that these bills, promoted and endorsed by Daley puppets, are coming up for votes at the same time another puppet is busing Chicago highschoolers to lobby for them?

Public funds for lobbying. ...

For the second time in as many weeks, Chicago Public Schools chief executive officer Arne Duncan is using public education funds to bus students to lobby legislators for personal agendas. This time takes them to the state capitol. Two hours away from the city. As usual, emotion is clouding logic:

"My uncle was killed due to guns, so I want to give him his voice," said student Emmanuel Izaguirre.

No kid, your uncle was killed due to criminals using guns. While extracurricular activities will hopefully make a difference, the fact that the gangs run the streets while too many in the CPD are showing they're little better will negate most positive influences. If guns were really the problem, you'ld see much higher crime rates in the rest of the state where legal ownership is more prevalent.

Licensing rights...

Works both ways..

Virginia Tech said yesterday that it will not allow a national gun-control advocacy group to hold a campus demonstration on April 16 while the school commemorates last year's massacre.

Tech spokesman Larry Hincker said neither the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence nor the co-sponsor of the planned demonstration,, had applied for an assembly permit, and even if they had, Tech only issues permits to student groups.

Tech's position threw the Brady Campaign's plans into disarray yesterday: The noon demonstration at Tech was supposed to be the centerpiece of a nationwide series of events on April 16 in more than 70 cities and towns.

Yet they're already trying to find "loopholes":

"I think we'll have to figure out what's going on," said Brady Campaign spokesman Doug Pennington. He added that students and friends of last year's shooting victims are among those who want to participate in the demonstration, "so, I'm sure where there's a will, there's a way without breaking any rules."

So are they admitting they are the same ethically as the firearm manufacturers they attack so much for violating the spirit of the Clinton AWB?

I'll admit there's a little schadenfreude when a group that advocates restricting others rights by the same methods gets bit by them.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Guns and Godlessness..

Are apparently the two most dangerous things in America according to Rep. Monique Davis (D-Chicago).

Rep. Monique Davis (D-Chicago) interrupted atheist activist Rob Sherman during his testimony Wednesday afternoon before the House State Government Administration Committee in Springfield and told him, "What you have to spew and spread is extremely dangerous . . . it's dangerous for our children to even know that your philosophy exists!

"This is the Land of Lincoln where people believe in God," Davis said. "Get out of that seat . . . You have no right to be here! We believe in something. You believe in destroying! You believe in destroying what this state was built upon."

That's right Rep. Davis. Let's have some good old fashioned censorship. That's the American way.

Englewood, violent repeat offenders, murders, nothing new here

South Side man charged in teen's fatal bat beating

A 22-year-old man on parole for a weapons conviction was charged with murder Monday in the beating death of a South Side teen in a melee that erupted after a weekend party on the South Side, authorities said.

Records show Tucker is on parole for a 2005 conviction for aggravated unlawful use of a weapon. He was sentenced to 3 years in prison in that case, and his parole was scheduled to end in June 2009, according to the Illinois Department of Corrections.

The party in an Englewood home was supposed to be a haven for young teens, a chance for them to drink Kool-Aid and dance to their favorite songs, free from the fear of violence that often stalks the streets outside, according to neighbors.

Then enter the ones who really drink the Kool-Aid:

At a news conference Monday morning at the Englewood High School campus, schools chief Arne Duncan said the latest killing shows how fractured neighborhoods are becoming. He said residents must do more to make sure guns are off the street and children are safe.

Wait. Did I read that right? He's going on about "guns" during an interview about a teenager killed w/ a bat by a convicted felon out on parole?

He goes on:

"People are walking with baseball bats . . . with golf clubs . . . with guns. We have to take back our streets. We have to take back our communities. We cannot give in to the gangs," Duncan said.

You already have Chief, you already have.

Someone in Chicago gets it...

CPS Interfaith Director, Rev. Renaldo Kyles said, "This is a situation where the gun wasn't used. It's not just guns, it's violence. That's what we have to get to our young people, to teach them better conflict resolution, let them know better way of resolving their differences."
He and others say children need to learn the difference between right and wrong from someone. They need to learn to value life.

Exactly Rev. , the murder rate for the rest of the state is half that of the city while legal firearm ownership is exponentially higher.

The state of US education.

Perhaps the fact that the US is falling in it's education of our youth is due to the professors who are teaching the students. Case in point:

Barack Obama believes the Second Amendment creates an individual right, and he greatly respects the constitutional rights of Americans to bear arms.

Yep. You read that right. This former Constitutional Law Professor believes that the COTUS CREATES rights and they are not inherent. What can be created can be destroyed.

Notice what is missing in the next statement?

He will protect the rights of hunters and other law-abiding Americans to purchase, own, transport, and use guns for the purposes of hunting and target shooting.

Yep. No "self-defense" or "protection" in his world. As has been reported elsewhere, he opposes CCW. No surprise there.

And then come the weasel words:

He also believes that the right is subject to reasonable and
commonsense regulation.

Ah yes, like those "reasonable" handgun bans and calls for semi-auto bans. Just like all the "reasonable" and "commonsense" measures promoted by they Joyce Foundation of which he was a board member including lawsuits against manufacturers*, deliberate misinformation about regulations**, and forcing people to store their firearms at "gun clubs"***.

Now why would a Professor tell his students that the right was "created"?

*One of the health systems is considering suing gun manufacturers to recover the
costs of treating gunshot wounds, Heins says,

**In fact, “people are surprised when they
hear that guns are not regulated,” she says,

***IPGV urges people to seek secure, locked storage of firearms
outside the home, such as storing rifles at gun clubs in the off-season.

absolut backfire

So nice to see that a company wanting the US citizens money, is advocating that 1/3 of the USA be handed back over to Mexico. So far The parent company of Absolut, V&S Absolut Spirits a French company has attempted a Luke warm apology and a link to there web site that allows you to play with a map.

I do not think they “Get it” I for one can say I will never drink their swill again. What will they do for an Oncor?

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Charlton Heston. 1923-2008

Statement of Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association of America:

Today, my heart is heavy with the loss of Charlton Heston. America has lost a great patriot. The Second Amendment has lost a faithful friend. So have I, and so have four million NRA members and eighty million gun owners. And so has every American who cares about the Bill of Rights, individual liberty, and Freedom.

My heart is heavy, but not without a sense of pride. Pride in a man who devoted his life to his profession with grace and dignity. Pride in an American who devoted himself to civil rights, to correcting injustices around him, and to standing up for what he knew was right. Pride in a friend who stood with me and stood with fellow NRA members to preserve our freedom for future generations. Pride in a patriot who believed with every fiber of his being that our Bill of Rights is the foundation of our freedom that makes Americans singular among the masses of nations.

And now, Charlton Heston has passed that duty to us - the next generation. I am as proud to continue his cause as I am to have known him as my friend.

But today, my thoughts cannot leave the Heston family. They have always had my utmost respect and admiration and, today, they have my deepest sympathy and most earnest prayers, And they will always have my friendship.