Monday, August 21, 2017

@Gen_Con 2017 : Swag and Stuff

OK. I've covered the days I was there w/ a few of the things I picked up.  This is the rest.

A 'Don't Tread On Me" 4-sider T-shirt. There was also one w/ a lego that looked suspiciously familiar.  Yes, messages have been sent to the relevant parties.

From Crystal Caste, my annual GenCon special dice.  Apparently there were a few variations of this over the weekend.  The ones I have have a 'GenCon 50' on the single pip.  The ones offered on Thursday did not have the pip.  There were also some price differences on the sets offered based on which sticker was on the can. I also picked up a set of the 'Rainbow' dice and some 20-sider earrings for 4PB.  CC was the only place selling them at the con. Took me a while to find.

From ZOE/DG:
Not only did Matt Vancil sign my copy of Pwned, but I picked up the 2016 Patreon patch and 2017 golden waffle pin.  The pencil is from HyperRPG which is working w/ ZOE/DG for streaming.

No. I cannot explain the banana.  I will not explain the banana.  Go and watch Gamers:Shadow Menace

From Palladium Books.
 A print of the 'Hydra'  and a map of the Great Northern Wilderness from Palladium Fantasy RPG

From Forged Foam, I got two sets of short sword/small shield for my boys.  They are being universally described as 'whappy things'.

Now this next piece, the one I'm going to close out with, is something that I've been working on having done for a few years now.  Several artists I've talked to either were too busy or not available.  Walking around the con floor, I saw an artist not only who's style was very close to what I was wanting but also did commissions AT the con with prices that were so reasonable as to almost be suspect.  Her name is Diana Harlan Stein, founder of Naiadstudios.  We chatted for a bit (she's been running a D&D campaign since before forever), fleshed out some details, and I was able to provide some support images.

Now for background.  My Palladium Fantasy character got roped into a relationship in the campaign.  For a Bday present, I asked the GM to give me a background story on her.  He (slowly) started writing it up in journal form.  I got an image of my head of an elderly female elf writing at a table.
This is the result.

I was going to do a 'my thoughts' bit but I really don't feel like it.

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