Saturday, December 5, 2009

Critical mass

Many years ago I read a story about a house-fly infestation in China. I think it was in was a Natioanal Geographic issue but can't be sure. Even if I researched and found the actual source, it would be pointless to my message.

Not just talking about the random buzzer circling the light bulb, but a real problem of shit-eaters spreading disease.

The then leader of China made a decision and floated it to the masses. Every man woman and child able to swing a fly swatter should kill ten flies every day.

The flies were all but extinct within 30 days.

Hmmm...grass-root support on steroids.

That's kinda what I've seen in the pro-2A community. I've made a goal for myself of doing 10 things every day that further our cause.

If it's leaving comments on the sites of the antis, responding to the obvious bias in the MSM, calling my local congress critters, buying an NRA gift membership for someone, donating money to a pro-freedom org, taking a new shooter to the range, making my own post on Al Gores' interweb tubes, or simply buying a firearm or some sort of accessory, each action has an effect.

10 things every day.

The Brady Bunch is already soiling their panties based on the very limited dedication shown by us so far.

I challenge all gun owners to kill 10 flies every day.

The NRA is not influential in congress because of their acronym. The NRA, GOA, JPFO, CCRKBA, SAS, OFF, etc is influential because they give a voice to millions upon millions of people who vote.

What did you do today?

Unorganized Militia Gear

Dennis Henigan and Grassroots

Dennis "I forgot the people" Henigan is whining that the big bad gun lobby is trying to 'bury' his book in the reviews over at Amazon. Let's take a look at some of the 5 star reviews for him:

M. Wolkowitz: Might this be Michael Wolkowitz, the Brady Campaign chairman?

G. Dix: Might this be Griffon Dix of the CA MMM?

Frank W. Brunotts: Former president of the defunct Contra Costa Ceasefire and longtime gun control activist.

Gregory J. Jaskolka: Director Brady Campaign DE chapter.

Casey Anderson: Former employee of Horowitz's CSGV and co-author of her own anti-gun book.

"MidWest Book Review": I've yet to find anything other than a 5 star from their thousands of 'reviews'.

So out of their 16 5 star reviews, at least 5 are from professional gun control activists. Three of which are Brady employees. None of them acknowledged their connections.

Another 5 star is from a 'reviewer' that gives nothing but 5 stars.

There's your gun control 'grassroots' in action.

Armed and Safe and SIH have more.

Unorganized Militia Gear

Friday, December 4, 2009

Aiming for Liberty

David Kopel's new book is now available for sale on Amazon. I was privileged enough to have received an early copy. A most excellent and well researched read.

SIH has various editorials on the book if you would like a preview.


No, not the Robin Williams movie but more and more members of the citizenry when it comes to firearm ownership. I received messages from two people yesterday. Here's the text of the first one:
I'd like to get some info from you about rules & laws in the People's Republic of Illinois.

Also - what can I do to join the NRA?

Do you have any recommendations for me when it comes to my first purchase?

I know, I'm behind...after XX years in the Army, you think I'd own more than just the rifle, which my dad gave me two years ago, and was his when he was a teen-ager! But, Ft. Hood has got me moving in the right direction again.
This is going along w/ looking into obtaining a non-resident CCW for when he's traveling.

The second was a series if IM's from an old High School friend now living in FL. Her fiancee went and purchased a Remington 870 Tactical because he's concerned about the way the country is going. He used to own a gun but had sold it some time ago. He plans on taking my friend to a range to make sure she knows how to use it as well since she's just as concerned.

I'm positive this will be the first of many purchases for all of them.

So while this is still anecdotal, it presents even more evidence that the surge in firearm sales that's lasted the last year and still going strong isn't just a bunch of right wing extremist racist tea-bagging militia gun nuts buying their 50th or 100th gun but 'regular' folks realizing that what we 'gun nuts' have been saying may not be so 'nutty' after all. These people are then getting guns for their SO's and talking to their friends and families.

It's unfortunate that it takes events like Ft Hood, Katrina and/or National instability to get people to understand what we have been saying but at least some good is coming out of it. When things improve and the world calms down a little, many of these individuals will lose much of the zeal they have now but most of them will still be firearm owners. Then, when 'gun control' groups and ignorant politicians try and get laws passed putting more restrictions on them (the owners) and that don't effect criminals in any way, there will be even less support for these measures.

Unorganized Militia Gear

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Joyce Foundation says NRA = Terrorists.

Kurt Hoffman points to the Joyce's paid mouthpiece, Mark Karlin, calling for the NRA to be labeled as a 'terrorist organization'.

I'm delighted by this as this has been the rallying cry of ineffectual anti-gun trolls for quite some time. That the organization that dumps millions of dollars every year into anti-gun campaign has resorted to this cry of desperation shows the reality of where they stand in influence.

The Perfect Xmas Gift

Florida: Firearms remain big sellers, increasing into the holidays
The season's real present may go to the gun dealers, many of them still counting the post election profits of an "Obama rush" that saw shoppers stockpiling in case a new administration banned firearms. As other businesses hope for the year's low sales to turn around with the holidays, firearms dealers say they're simply waiting for their revenue to shoot even higher.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

MAIG Mayor Convicted

MAIG Mayor Shiela Dixon has moved from being indicted to convicted.

What was she convicted of?

Stealing gift cards meant to go to the poor.

As of 12/1, she is still proudly listed as one of Mayor Bloomburg's 450 (or whatever number they're currently claiming)

No Endorsement for You.

IL Gov. candidate Jim Ryan claimed he had been endorsed by the NRA and ISRA in the 2002 election. Turns out, not so much. He WAS endorsed by the NRA w/ a grade of 'B+' but his claim of and ISRA endorsement turned out to be false:
The ISRA-PVF is today calling upon Illinois gubernatorial candidate Jim Ryan to retract claims that he received the group's endorsement during his failed 2002 run for governor against Rod Blagojevich. Such misleading claims have surfaced on Ryan's social networking internet sites in recent days. Additionally, individuals have made reports to the ISRA-PVF that Ryan campaign staffers have made similar endorsement claims when questioned about Ryan's stands on issues important to law-abiding Illinois firearm owners.

Ryan's staffers reply on FB:
Jim Ryan for Illinois Governor Our campaign staffers in 2002 recalled working closely with ISRA on several issues and remembered being endorsed. If we erred in our recollection, we apologize. We have deep respect for gun owners in Illinois and for the ISRA. We look forward to working with them in the governor's office, with or without an endorsement.

Well that's covered in the article as well.

"Some things never change," commented ISRA-PVF spokesman Richard Pearson. "The Ryan campaign's habit of bending the truth is one of them. In 2002 we heard them lie about why Ryan wasn't endorsed by us, now we hear them lie about receiving our endorsement. The truth is that firearm owners had no reason to vote for Ryan in 2002, and they certainly do not have any reason to vote for him in 2010."

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Support The 2A but......

I was pointed to Il Gov. Candidate Jim Ryan's FB page by a loyal reader where Ryan has published his stock reply to any questions about supporting firearm rights:

A number of people here have asked for my position on the issue of the 2nd Amendment. I am pro-Second Amendment and in 2002 I was endorsed by the NRA/ISRA in my run for Governor. As a lifetime prosecutor, I am persuaded by those in law enforcement who oppose concealed carry. I believe the main problem with gun violence is not the lack of new laws but the inadequate enforcement of existing gun statutes.

He must be talking to those in 'law enforcement' that are appointed by the Chicago machine and IACP since the Illinois Sheriff's Assoc. supports CCW overwhelmingly.

As usual, the citizens of Illinois are going to get screwed no matter who the GOP/DNC choose for office.