Saturday, April 15, 2017

OGRE Nihon Rangers*

A long time ago at a Con far far away....  SJGames previewed the (now tabled) OGRE Assault Packs w/ a preview of NAC Ranger chits. I was not at this Con and paid a stupid amount of money on Ebay for one of the cards.

Even before the expansion was tabled I thought "Well that's not fair... what about
 the Glorious Forces of the Nihon Empire?" So on and off I've mulled over how to get this accomplished since I have little to no artistic talents.

Now, thanks to artist extraordinaire 'MadManMike', the same guy that did my PC caricature, my dreams have been realized.  His photoshop expertise created a sheet of Ranger Infantry in Nihon colors.  With some cropping and scaling, I printed out a number of them on 4x6 photo paper.

An advantage of being one of the 4.5K sponsors of the ODE KS is that I have a goodly number of Nihon sheets available.  I didn't want to just leave the counters paper so I sacrificed one of the sheets to create full thickness, double-sided chits w/ some cutting, trimming, and stick glue.

Edging them w. maroon marker and I now have a significant contingent of Nihon special forces.

Perhaps one day 'official' Rangers will see the light of day.

Now I need Engineers.

and some NA Combine units made by scanning the original card, cropping, printing on photo stock, trimming and gluing to extra counters.

Update 2:  PE Rangers added to the TO&E. I inverted the colors from the card in Paint and did a little 'cleanup' (Auto Correct in the old Microsoft Office Picture Manager).

*Totally unofficial , not for sale, trade, giveaway,  etc. etc.  All rights reserved to Steve Jackson Games.

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