Friday, June 12, 2009

PSH Alert

In Illinois, I am technically breaking the law if I walk down the hill to visit my In-Laws after target shooting w/ my rifle slung or handgun holstered. HB 182 amends that by rewriting the law to include the legal dwellings of other people as long as I have their permission.

According to the claims of Joyce Puppet (notice how that name keeps popping up) Legal Community Against Gun Violence Ownership, this bill is a defacto Concealed Carry bill and will allow me to go into practically any building I want with any gun I want and the owners and police can't do squat. These are the examples they give:

A domestic violence offender, who is a prohibited purchaser and not allowed to have a gun, calls his friend to come over to his house with his gun to intimidate his partner.

A drug dealer selling drugs out of his home has armed bodyguards to avoid being charged with unlawful possession.

A young adult throws a house party, friends come over carrying guns, and it quickly gets out of control.

Now which side uses fear mongering and hysteria again?

Illinois residents who haven't messed themselves need to contact Gov. Quinn to make sure the anti's message isn't taken at face value. Call 312-814-2121 or click here to send email.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Probation Violations

In DC, a scumbag w/ a history of violence walks into the Holocaust memorial and kills an officer. Gun Free zone. Prohibited person out on the streets. The usual 'reasonable, common-sense' things that keep not working.

In Chicago, two 'children' aged 20 and 21, both prohibited persons with a long history of violence and criminal activity, in a 'gun free zone', murdered a Chicago police officer.

The 'fun fact' about this one? The alleged shooter had been in court just two weeks prior on his THIRD, yes THIRD, parole violation.

The judge let him go home.

What can you say to that?

No Friends of his Own

In Josh's latest dance reveling in the use of a gun in crime to push his agenda, Josh Sugarmann of the Joyce Foundation puppet (and memberless) Violence Policy Center, attempts to take a dig at the number of firearm advocates present online:

"LaPierre's head-bobbing apologists (see comments below) "

What Josh is really upset about isn't the fact that someone was murdered using a gun, but the fact that practically noone supports his cause of trying to take away firearms from those NOT out committing crimes w/ them. The 'comments below' are almost universally in support of firearm rights and oppose his attempts to ban guns in any form. Nevermind the fact that only about 1 out of 20 firearm owners are NRA members, he's upset that, over the last few months, the NRA has signed up more NEW members than he's gotten dollars from his Sugarmann daddies at the Joyce Foundation.

Poor Josh. Seems he will continue to be a sad clown.

Unorganized Militia Gear

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Management Training

Teaching individuals to shoot safely is a primary activity of all firearm activists. One of the dangers we face, though, is WHERE to take them as a primary activity of the anti's is to close as many ranges as possible through legislation, litigation, and outright harassment.

So the NRA, in association w/ the NY Rifle and Pistol Assoc. , are offering a forum on how to start up a club or association.

“Running a range or a gun club is like running any other business,” said NRA National Clubs & Associations Manager, Elizabeth Bush. “You have to gather information, make improvements, and communicate with the public. Instead of spending a few weeks trying to find the answers on your own, spend a few hours with us and get all the answers you need.”

Dangerous Grannies

They need to be taken down.

Police Officer Shoots 72-Year-Old Texas Woman With Taser During Traffic Stop

Wonder if he got a DNA sample as well.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

That just ain't right.

We've all seen the PSH talking points concerning National Park Carry so there's no need for me to rehash them all. But one of them hit kinda close to home and something happened last night that was a stark reminder that 4-legged critters have their own code and can crop up when you least expect them.

I get home from work yesterday and let the dog out so she can mark the fence post in her own style of doggie blogging. Typical. I turn on the radio and start doing the dishes as NPR explains the finer points of just how bat-shit crazy Kim Jong Il is.

About an hour later, Chako(Chay-ko) walks back in through the open door dripping wet from the river and I notice she has something in her mouth. Again, typical...I don't give it much thought. In case you're wondering, she's 50% Black Lab and 50% Pitbull, which simply means she'll run through water in order to bite you. I jest a bit, she has the temperment of a lab with the strength of a pit. As I'm finishing up the dishes, she's crunching down on what sounds like bone. Now I become curious.

Walking into the living room, Chako tries to hide what she has. She fails. What do I find in the jaws of my dog?

The head of an alligator.

I should probably remind you at this point that I live in Oregon. Last time I checked, gators weren't one of our native critters.

My best guess is that it was a Spectacled Cayman, which is legal to own as a pet but not advisable. I've known a few folks who have bought Caymans as cute little babies and got rid of them any way they could once they realized that they tend to grow up. I surmise that's what happened here. Someone bought a baby and let it loose once it reached a certain size.

From snout tip to the center of the eye sockets measures 5 inches. The rows of teeth measured 2.5 inches apart. My best conservative guesstimate is that this little fella was approximately 4 feet long nose to tail.

I can't be certain if my dog came across it alive and ripped the head off or simply brought home an opportunistic chew toy, but it showed no signs of decomposition and smelled like something just pulled from the river(ya, I gave it a sniff, deal with it).

So the next time someone postualates, "What are the chances of you encountering a bear while in the woods?"

Feel free to ask them on my behalf..."What are the chances of a mixed breed dog encountering an alligator in Oregon, ripping off its head and dragging it into your living room for supper?"

I've now had the pleasure of experiencing both.

Monday, June 8, 2009

What to invest in?

This is something I've been preaching for a while.

Good ol' Denis Henegin even makes an appearance.

I even found the video linked on the Brady Bunch web site.

Contraction vs Expansion

While the national Brady Bunch is reduced to focusing on individual states, state firearm organizations are expanding to promote national initiatives.

The Illinois State Rifle Assoc. has established a National PAC to "elect those who support the 2nd Amendment, and work even harder to un-elect those who do not."

How the mighty have fallen.

Unorganized Militia Gear

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Quote of the day

Four-and-a-half months into his Administration, it sounds like there is a difference between Candidate Obama and President Obama.

No sh!t sherlock. Candidate Obama was saying anything (while at the same time saying nothing) to get elected. President Obama now has to face the political realities of Washington DC (which he had little experience in having started his campaign mere months into his Senatorship) and trying to KEEP his party and himself getting elected.

Obviously, as is his SOP, that includes throwing all those minorities like gays and gun controllers under the bus when his promises become inconvenient.

Poor Paul, I guess MikeB was right. The Brady Campaign does have the political savvy of schoolchildren if they thought a politician was out for anything but his/her own electability.