Sunday, September 10, 2017

Charleston Hike 2: We Found Maps

The male spawnlings came w/ me as the CinC and female spawn had animal stuff to do.

The trails are apparently color coded but not always clearly marked.  I'll be updating the '1' post w/ a map pic we took.

We took the yellow trail to where it splits off to red at a long, looping wooden walkway.

We followed the red until it split to orange. One spot overlooking the lake had a fabulous breeze.  After about 2 miles of somewhat steep walking, it felt fantastic.  If only the blog had breeze-o-vision.

At the red/orange split, we took orange and ended up at a small pavilion at Woodyard Park. This all was based on random decisions before we found the display w/ the map on it.  What an epiphany it was.  At the park we found a neat spider building a web right by the sign.

We then connected back to the red trail and traced our path back to Sister City Park.  All told 3-3.5 miles we think.