Saturday, January 1, 2011

Weekend Wildlife

The batteries were still chugging along but I took the camera down anyway. Almost all doe's this time. Nice and plump, but a couple of really nice shots came through.

1st Coyote I've seen in this spot.

The does are not intimidated by the camera at all. I have some washed out shots of them grazing this close and in the tree above it. This is the first closeup day shot I've gotten.

The only buck I got a shot of this week.

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You can keep your dropping apple...

Well it’s New Years Eve and I still have about 3 hours before 2011 rolls in so that’s plenty of time to share some of the traditions practiced by my friends and family.

First thing we like to do is get nice and drunk. Not that we really need a special day to knock back a few, but it’s nice once a year to buy beer with a colored label and an actual name. Ya, we go all out. Plus, our own rendition is that everyone has to chug a 6-pack first thing New Years Eve morning before they go pee in the plugged up bath tub. Whoever is “the one” who causes the tub to overflow has to mop up the floor and scrub down the bathroom walls within a week or so.

Then it’s on to the food. We always prepare all our NYE meals on the grill but we’re usually all out of charcoal by then since we send all our lumps of coal to the Brady Campaign for Christmas. So we all stand in a circle around the grill with our short barreled rifles and fire into the ground(for safety) and cook with the muzzle flash. The next time someone asks you why you need a semi-auto with a Hi-cap magazine, tell them to try to cook hash browns with a bolt-action!

We each have our specialty, mine is jalapeƱo poppers. I slice the pepper open and get the cream cheese nice and gooey hot first with some wildcat .223 rounds from the Carbon-15 and then dip the whole thing in batter and lighter fluid and stuff it down the barrel of my 12 gauge(perfect fit) shotgun. Firing straight up in the air, it gets a good crisp on the outside and has enough time to cool on the way down for some lucky duck to catch it in their mouth.

The secret to good cooking is not to be afraid of trying new things…

Uncle Bubba slings a mean flaming Slim Jim with his Winchester 30-30.
Aunt Bobby Sue makes a stuffed olive with her Desert Eagle that is to die for, and she can garnish a plate at 50 meters without disturbing the garlic mashed potatoes.
Cousin Billy Joe Jim Bob III, has perfected his “pulled pork” with his clay pigeon launcher and some incendiary rounds and this year, he brought along a small home-made mortar to toast the buns.

But everyone bows to Grandma.

She can grab any .22 ever made and send a Rosemary skewer right through the center of a pork chop at 100 paces and season it with whole peppercorns through her trusty-rusty .410 before the chop stops jiggling.

The kidddies get the airsoft guns and some frozen peas, and they seem content to feed the dogs at 10 paces, but I can see it in their eyes. They want to make some recipes of their own but they just don’t have the proper tools yet.

Truth be told, all our celebrating is pretty much done before midnight rolls around.

Sitting around the campfire cleaning our guns, getting ready for the new year.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Days of Our Trailers: 2010 Year in Review

Blog stats for the year 2010:

Page LoadsUnique VisitorsFirst Time VisitorsReturning Visitors

Overall readership dropped this year about 6% but returning visitors increased by about 15% so I have more regular readers than before. I've been posting less so the overall drop is not entirely surprising. Since I've started this blog back in '07, DOOT has had over 530,000 hits w/ 400,000 visitors. Not bad.

Most viewed pages for 2010:

10)VPC Misquotes... Shock 1032 views
9)What's under your tree? 1091 views
8)More Shallow Grassroots 1211 views
7)The Modern Militia: Equipment I, The Uniform 1358 views
6)Being one with Nature... 1381 views
5)The Modern Militia: Vehicles 1397 views
4)Executive Level PuSH'er Troll? You Make the Call. 1580 views
3)The Modern Militia: Firearms 1759 views
2)Unorganized Militia Propaganda Corps 4328 views

And the #1 viewed page on Days of Our Trailers for 2010 in a repeat:

1) Unorganized Militia Gear 6570 views

Top Ten referrers :

10) War on Guns 1375 visitors
9) Breda Fallacy 1565 visitors
8) Sharp as a Marble 2101 visitors
7) 2160 visitors
6) Networked blogs (Facebook) 3298 visitors
5) The Liberty Sphere 3482 visitors
3&4) Google w. 9629 visitors

Sebastian and Bitter held their place at #2 for referrals.

2) Snowflakes in Hell 14,203 visitors

And w/ no real surprise, the #1 referrer to this site continued to be:

1) SayUncle w/ a whopping 22,769 visitors

Another eventful year. Two of the top 10 posts were written by my co-blogger Kaveman. McDonald v DC was a victory for firearm rights. The 'Gun Guys' and the front group AHSA have gone the way of the Dodo while numerous Joyce Foundation puppet groups were forced to merge to stay functional. King Dick is retiring and the elections foretell an overall plus for firearm rights.

I wasn't able to make it to the NRA convention this year but instead focused my attentions on Illinois related issues including IGOLD, the ISRA annual meeting, and an Appleseed Workshop where I got to chat w/ old friends and made some more. Introduced numerous family members and friends to the joys of shooting as well as just had some fun.

Looking forward to another year.

2009 YIR
2008 YIR

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Living in Denial

To continue to pile on the leadership of the gun control movement we bring you another shining example by Brady Campaign/Joyce Puppet board member Joan Peterson, AKA Japete.

Crowing about some unnamed, alleged NRA member who supports registration, she states that obviously she 'knows' that most members support it and that people 'like me' are in the minority. Why? Because she personally knows some gun owners.

Well I personally know quite a few gun owners myself and most of them disagree w/ her 'reasonable, common-sense' solutions. So which anecdote has more authority? When I asked her, this was her reply:
What? Sorry, I don't get that one, Third or whoever you are.
When I typed more slowly so she could follow along, she refused to answer. Shock.

Since she likes to take individual comments as blanket beliefs of the 'gun lobby', I pointed out a comment by a BC member on their FB page:
I hate the 2nd Amendment! there, I said it
I asked her if this was then representative of the BC's membership. Her reply:
I doubt very much that a BC member would say that. It might be somebody responding on the Facebook page to an article, etc but could or could not be a member of the Brady Campaign.
Obviously she doesn't talk w/ gun control advocates very often.

So she wants concrete evidence this was a member of her group (he's a regular commenter there) but some unnamed individual described in a news article speaks for the majority of NRA members.

They really have this little of a clue.

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Federal Felony = 'Loophole' in the Law?

Apparently so according to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership. From their FB page on internet sales of firearms:
Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence: of course there is still a loophole in some states if the internet seller is an unregulated "private" gun seller.
When called on that they reply:
Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence: The driving-over to deliver loophole?
So once called on their blatant BS, they move the goalposts and try and change the subject.

Fairly typical when one of their supporters believes this:
I saw a tv program showing anyone can order guns on the internet, inlcuding minors. There's a form, but it's also set up to enter a different mailing address.
So this continues the trend that gun control advocates generally have no clue about firearms or the laws/regulations that cover them. We have their members, their FB IT guy and their board members (like Joan Peterson) regularly making completely fabricated claims and statements.

Combine this w/ them obtaining much of their information from bad cop shows/movies and poorly researched hit pieces in the MSM and you have a culture of ignorance that seems to wallow in the fact that they DON'T know what they're talking about.

They tout one unnamed, alleged NRA member in an article and claim "The organization is out of step with even its own members" while their own members are out of step w/ reality.

And they wonder why they're having problems.

And remember, DOOT patches are on sale until Jan 15th.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cleveland Loses Preemption Challenge

We hold that R.C. 9.68
is a general law that displaces municipal firearm ordinances and does not
unconstitutionally infringe on municipal home rule authority.

Basically the city can't pass gun laws that the state doesn't have.

The full decision here. More at Dave Hardy's.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Porky Pines

Another meal my mom made when I was a kid. I have no idea what their real name is, this is what we called them so...

They're similar to the Swedish Meatballs from earlier. 2 lbs of ground beef w/o the garlic or onion. Added instead is a cup of pre-cooked rice.

A family sized can of Campbell's Tomato Soup sprinkled w/ a little oregano and pepper.

325 degrees for 1hr 15 min.

Served w/ some garlic mashed potatoes made w/ my new mixer and green beans.

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Taxing Public Officials

The cost of security for Chicago officials is estimated at over 4 1/2 million per year and there's talk of giving Daley a permanent detail, just like a president. Including Cook County officials increases the tally even more.

All the while these same officials do everything in their power, including spending millions more tax dollars in legal fees, to keep the rest of the citizenry disarmed and defenseless.

Private security for the rich and well connected face taxes, why shouldn't these? Why should elected public officials have privileges the 'common man' are unable by law to procure ? Is this a nation of laws or men?

The ISRA agrees.

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Xmas Swag

Not a bad haul this year.

Countertop Mixer. I like my mashed potatoes whipped and a hand mixer just wasn't cutting it.
Roasting Pan w/ Cover. (Yes, I like to cook)
Diecast model of a Ju-87 Stuka. My favorite WWII aircraft
Some WWII documentaries
Cashews and Fiji beef sticks. Xmas staples from my mom.

W/ the various cash and sundries, I got myself (or will be getting):
DVD/VCR combo for all those tapes we still have
Renewal of my SG membership
E German Belt and Breadbag to go w/ my impression

Don't forget that DOOT patches and pins are on sale until Jan 15th.

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