Saturday, July 14, 2012

So Much Bad Information, So Little Bandwidth

It's difficult to find one bit of correct information in this article.
 an AK-47 assault rifle
  The submachine gun was developed in Russia
Which is it? An 'assault rifle' or a 'submachine gun'?
 The Assault Weapons Ban, enacted by Bill Clinton during his presidency in 1994, banned automatic and some semiautomatic guns, including AK-47s

Wow, 18 years since the law was passed and people STILL don't know what it's about.  The VPC really did a good job pushing their lie on that one.
Then Denny Henny of the near defunct Brady Campaign has his piece of fear-mongering.
Henigan said he wants the Assault Weapons Ban to be reinstated and he also wants the Brady Bill, which requires background checks of licensed gun sellers, to be extended to all gun sales.
Yeah, he can keep 'wanting' all he likes.
“Most of the guns wreaking havoc in New York City come from other states,” he said,
What? You mean criminals are willing to break numerous federal, state and local laws?  Who whoulda thunk it? So the solution?  Make it more illegaler.
 He added that microstamping technology should be used to track down shooters. A microscopic code is embedded in the shell casings so that police can trace a gun without having it in their possession. California is the only state to pass that legislation, but it has not yet been implemented.
Because it's non consistent and easily defeatable.  Another one of those feel good buzz phrases.
He added that 80 percent of gun owners support extending the Brady Bill
Only in his dreams.
the gun lobby does not represent the American population,”
Well there are over 4 million members of the NRA alone and more members of my state affiliate than there are Brady Campaign members. The only ones the BC 'represents' are the die hard, foaming at the mouth anti-gun fanatics and the mouth-breathing ignorant.  Like the author of this article.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst

My “Bug Out Bag” has been shattered into a thousand pieces. Ravaged by time, convenience and just the late night hunger for a quick snack. It started out as a mental experiment…you know the drill…if my creature comforts were denied to me…how long would I endure?

I started with the philosophy of how I built a pack for a simple camping trip, which I defined as 2 weeks in the middle of nowhere…a few decades ago, as a child. Since then, my disposable income has…uh…increased a bit. I have much better toys than I did back then, but the underlying philosophy was the same.

If I need to grab-n-go, I want a kit, a bundle, a security blanket with TEETH to endure everything I expect and everything I don’t expect…with a handle I can lug on one… sore… shoulder.

I spent months building my B.O.B. I’m not much of a braggart, but it oozed awesomeness every time I unzipped a side pocket. If I were to describe the celestial events which unfolded when I opened the body of the B.O.B., you simply would not believe me.

It had everything…in triplicate.

One for me, one back-up and one for bartering purposes.

As a mental exercise, I tried to account for all variables and then added trade material for the stuff I missed.

The antis will stumble across this and crap their knickers, but this really was just a “what if” exercise. It was fun and it took me somewhere I needed to go. I’m not talking about being “comfortable” while “camping,” I’m talking about sheer survival and the limits of human ingenuity and endurance.

What is the least you can possess and control and still thrive?

I was all proud of my B.O.B. when my buddy asked one very simple question…”Where are you going to bug out to that’s better than where you are right now?”


My back yard is a river, full of trout, crawdads and endless other edible bits. If I wanted, I can bag deer and elk without ever putting on pants or leaving my living room. Just opening the window would present the challenging shot of…oh…5 meters.

I’ve already “bugged out.”

There’s no reason to pick and choose what I take with me versus what I leave behind. There’s no reason to leave what I have already built. I was focused on creating a mini-world that I could pick up and take with me as the powers that be destroyed everything else I’ve worked so hard to maintain.

I realized that I’ve been building my “kit” my whole life. The very spot I type out this post from is my sanctuary…my foxhole…my life.

When the Zombie apocalypse comes to fruition, my castle will stand its ground because as I look at my garden, my fruit trees, my river and my place…I would rather stay and defend all this than scratch a living out of some random hillside with a gym bag and a sore shoulder.

We should never hide.

Our strength is most potent when we show our faces and say, “Hello, this is me and I’m not going anywhere.”          No trespassing, please.

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OGRE: Nihon Empire Update #6: LOCKDOWN!!!

 The Nihon Empire: Flag

 It's been a month since the last update but the last few days have been very productive on the OGRE front.
SJ and I have been messaging and the final unit numbers are officially and formally locked down for the Nihon Empire: American Divisions custom sheet.  I've been shown a proof of the final sheet and hopefully can get that up for oogling w/i the next few weeks. It's based off of the 'A1'  counter sheet though.

As an extra plus for all the faithful, after some (friendly) discussion w/ involved parties, the HW Inf. became a GO and I included two of them on the full 18"x11" sheet.
 Based off of the initial poll results, I also pulled ALL of the trucks/hovertrucks and put them into GEV's and GEV-PC's making the force almost entirely mobile. The only other change is pulling one Msl Tank for an additional LGEV to make even numbers.

So here are the vehicle numbers for each 18"x11" sheet.

GEV 10
Light GEV 8

Superheavy Tank 4
Hvy Tank 6
Missile Tank 4
Light Tank 6

Howitzer 4
Mobile Howitzer 2

Infantry  8  (4-3/2, 4-2/1)
Marines 8 (4-3/2, 4-2/1)
Hvy Weapon Inf- 2

Missile Crawler 2,
Crawler (w/o missile) 2
Missile 2

Ogre Mk III-B/Mk V on reverse 2
Ogre Mk I/ Mk III on Reverse -2
Ogre Mk I/ Mk II on Reverse-2
(note all Ogres are flat one hex counters)

This was a good B-day in my opinion.

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Fortress America 1986 v 2012

What a difference 25 years makes. I decided to add to my new FA game by picking up a set of the original sets. While most of the new game is near identical to original 1986 version, they've definitely updated the pieces. The molding is much sharper and the designs are newer. Not necessarily better, but newer.

  The Hovertanks.Longer gun and clear, ducted fans.

The Helicoptors. The original was a traditional gunship looking similar to an Apache. The new one is a definite imitation of a Scorpion from Avatar.

The 'Mobile Units'.  IFV's.  The 1986 version closely resembles a Spanish BMR-600 Pegaso while the updated version is something like a M1131 Striker .

The Bombers. The original seems to be based on a XB-70 Valkyrie while the new version is a B-2 Spirit.

The Infantry.  The original was basically a human shaped blob w/ some generic gear and a gun. The new one is laden w/ pouches, gear, a huge backpack, radio helmet and what looks like an M41A Pulse Rifle.

My favorite though are the 'Partisans', representing the average American taking up arms against the invaders.

The original is one of the most highly detailed of the set.  You can make out an old style cap w/ fold up sides, a pistol holster, canteen, small backpack w/ blanket roll, hunting knife in the boot and a scoped rifle.

The new partisan has a turned around baseball cap, 8 ammo pouches, bunches of other pouches attached to his arms and other places, knee, shoulder and elbow pads, sundry other gear (but no canteen or backpack) and an M-4gery. Note the proper finger placement on the trigger.

I'ld say that's a statement on the changing firearms culture in the US.

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@CSGV's Selective Outrage

Josh 'Oompa Loompa' Horwitz puts out another Huffpo screed declaring that opposing Obamacare will cause NRA members to go around shooting politicians and blowing up Synagogues.

No mention, however, of the threats made against those who oppose it like Mitt Romney or Jane Pitt or after the second election of Gov of Wisconsin Scott Walker.

Are these actions acceptable to the employees of the CSGV or are they, like the SPLC, just 'not set up to cover the extreme left'? 

We all know the reality. The CSGV doesn't care about 'violence', firearm or otherwise, and only uses it to push a political agenda and to attempt to smear anyone who opposes that agenda through false associations, libel and intimidation.

Update:  And Ladd's response?  Not any type of justification but another strawman:

Are the pro-gunners pulling out the "Two Wrongs Make a Right" argument yet AGAIN at HuffPo?

Note that he doesn't provide any evidence of said claims. Shock.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Destroying History

First it was the Buddha statues in 2001. Currently it's the desecration of graves and other historical sites in Timbuktu. Tomorrow it will be the Pyramids of Egypt, the last of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

And the UN will no nothing but squawk. Or more likely put a representative of one of these groups on a commission to maintain historical artifacts.

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NRA News

Some links and other goings on from the NRA I've been sent the last few days:

Wayne LaPierre Fights for the Second Amendment Before the United Nations

Oral Arguments Heard Today in NRA's Fifth Circuit Appeal for the Second Amendment Rights of Young Adults

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Hard(ly) Research

Anti-gun activists latest 'study': 
To gather data for the study, Wintemute and his colleagues used Google and Yahoo! news alerting services and the news archives of to track stories published between March 2008 and February 2009 that contained the phrase "stray bullet." 
 That's right. Professional level statistics can be obtained through Google. Not the first time he's followed this methodology either but that grant money just keeps on a rollin' in which shows the decrepit level of academia.

But we can at least smile that this is what he's reduced to after we hamstrung his efforts to smear the firearm industry.

 More at Weer'ds.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Oh Good, I'm Not the Only One Who's Noticed

But the sign should really say 'Right Wing'

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I Be Famous-ish

For some reason Paul Lathrop who runs the Politics and Guns Podcast decided that he wanted to talk w/ me along w/real names like Sebastian TBFKASIH and Charles Heller of the JPFO (whom I got to meet at the GRPC '11).

Here's the interview. My bit starts about 2/3rds through at the 1:12:30 mark through about 1:30:00.

The posts that are discussed are here and here.

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Monday, July 9, 2012


I was listening to my local Public Radio station and they were interviewing an author about his latest crime novel. Blah, blah and more blah.

Regardless of the question asked, his central theme was that he made every effort to visit the actual locations he was writing about, talk to real people who did the jobs his characters did and basically just do some honest research to lend some credibility to the stories he wrote.

He gave a few examples of receiving letters/emails/tweets from his readers about some detail he got wrong about a particular building or whatever and then he chuckled and said...

"But nothing generates more critiques from my readers than when I get something wrong about guns."

We've all had great fun pointing out "movie mistakes" on all things firearm related and I thought it interesting that people would take the time to write this guy about incorrect gun info more than any other topic.

Although he didn't mention it outright, I could hear in his voice that he wasn't a gunny but knew he had to take a few trips to the range before writing his next book.

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