Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wall fly

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes?

I have exclusive video of a recent meeting between Paul Helmke and the light-bringer.


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The Mentality of Gun Control Legislators

Elizabeth Tisdahl, in her official position as Mayor of Evanston, IL, is a member of Bloomberg's Mayors Against Illegal Guns. This is an organization that is pushing gun control at a national level including bans of private sales, bans on semi-auto's, fishing expeditions for date, etc. Yet her city attorney claims:
“Chicago ( add: whose Mayor is a founding member of MAIG) and Evanston as municipalities are opposed to national regulations,” he said.

“They are for the right to locally regulate the possession of firearms and are not in favor of a national standard.
Seems the two positions are contradicting, doesn't it?

And when Dennis "What People?" Henigan of the Brady Campaign, states:
" The core of the gun lobby's strategy is to use fear tactics to keep gun owners in a constant state of agitation so that they can be activated to oppose even modest gun law reforms."
He's not talking about statements like this, right?

"Despite Evanston’s repeal of the ban, Tisdahl supports keeping guns out of the hands of citizens.

“Evanston is very interested in limiting handguns and banning handguns,” she said.

...we need to get guns out of the hands of young people and all citizens.”

“The Heller decision was rather murky,” she said. “Hopefully there will be several avenues for gun control advocates to chip away at the decision and manage to regain some local control of weapons.”

But, remember, when the NRA and other pro-rights groups talk about gun control advocates wanting to ban and/or confiscate guns as their ultimate goal, it's just using 'fear' and 'paranoia'.

H/T to Illinois Carry

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Brady Campaign PSH: Concealed Carry Holders will Shoot You

The Brady Campaign trots out the old meme that the police are the 'Only Ones' safe enough to carry firearms.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Dick Durbin "Nullify Voters' Decision"

Dick Durbin, D Senator from Illinois and US Rep Jan Schakowski (D-IL) have decided they know better what the voters want than the voters themselves. They stated that "people didn't really pay attention" and that the winner of the Dem. primary for Lt Governor, Cohen, should drop out even though he won by an even greater majority (30,000) than Quinn for governor.

Durbin issued the ominous statement "He's not going to be lieutenant governor". Is that because Durbin thinks there's more support for the Republican candidate Plummer or that the DNC is going to sabotage the campaign of a person who wasn't personally chosen to win the primary? From the way Durbin talks, it sounds like the latter to me.

(I pulled the video because it kept automatically playing. Still available here)

Isn't it comforting to know what our 'leaders' think of the common citizen?

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Back From the Dead

In Illinois, anti's (many Brady Campaign endorsed) keep trying to pass a "Handgun Dealers Licensing Act" to make transactions even more onerous and expensive. It has failed each time.

This year they tried a new trick. They let it sit in committee for nearly a year and are now trying to slip it onto the floor for a vote.

This bill (HB0180)not only just generically states 'concealable firearms' (whatever that means), but also includes 'concealable firearm ammunition' and the ever present government database. It has 25 Co-Sponsors, all the usual suspects, which should tell you the mentality of gun control advocates and their supporting legislators.

But when Dennis "What People" Henigan, Brady Campaign lawyer states:
" The core of the gun lobby's strategy is to use fear tactics to keep gun owners in a constant state of agitation so that they can be activated to oppose even modest gun law reforms."
He's not talking about stunts like this, right?

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Quote of the Day

Via Robb Allen on Sharp As A Marble:

...discomfort is not a valid reason to trample other people's rights.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Charges So Good they filed 'em Twice

Just in case of a ruling by SCOTUS on 'Honest Services' that could hinder it, the DOJ tweaked their case against Rod "The Hair" Blagojevich and re-indicted him on charges including racketeering, attempted extortion, bribery, conspiracy to commit bribery and conspiracy to commit extortion.

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Tight Races in Illinois

The Illinois Primaries the other night were certainly interesting. From what I've read, there was about a 30% turnout.

Kirk, unfortunately, won the R Senate confirmation handily. He'll be going up agains D contender Giannoulis in the general.

The Gubernatorial race was tight for both parties. Quinn (D) and Hynes were only about a % apart the whole time. As of now, Quinn leads by about 8K votes and I'm guessing there won't be enough mail-in, etc. votes to change that.

McKenna and Ryan led handily on the R side at the beginning of the evening. As results started coming from South of I-80 though, Ryan dropped to 4th and McKenna's lead steadily eroded dropping him to 3rd. Dillard and Ryan ran in the lead neck and neck for most of the late evening. As it stands now, Ryan Brady leads w/ only 400 votes. That could potentially change w/ spot checks and other ballots being counted over the next few weeks.

Illinois doesn't have an auto recount system so it would need to be called for in court by one of the candidates.

More results here.

Update: Oops. Names fixed.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Losing It" or Desperate Attempt at Relevancy?

Sebastian questions whether the Brady Bunch have fried the last of their few remaining brain cells as they attack musicians at the Grammy Awards, Basketball stars, and TV commercials for using gun references common in American vernacular .

I don't think so. I think this is a desperate attempt to regain the attention of an influential demographic that has, like most politicians and the public in general, stopped paying attention to them or sending them money.

Gone are the days when 'Stars Flocked to get on the NRA Blacklist'. Current mentions of it are met w/ amusement and/or scorn. Hollywood isn't lining up to make anti-gun movies nor are the actors who claim to support gun control doing much about it. Instead, their own spokespersons make movies w/ quotes such as:

John J. Rambo: You bringing any weapons?
Burnett: Of course not.
John J. Rambo: Then you ain't changin' nothin'.

The Brady Campaign has gone from a National organization to a barely functioning state level one where their endorsements aren't even given the time of day. I have no doubt their current attempt to shame these once supporters into again picking up the banner will have little to no effect at least as it pertains to the Brady Bunch.

I hereby nominate them for the Razzie Award for Worst Death Scene on the political stage.

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Paul Helmke Responds to Tiahrt Renewal


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Sunday, January 31, 2010

"Literally" they need a dictionary to define Literally

Kristen Rand of the Violence Policy Center shows none of that fund money they receive has been spent on one.

“If you remove the background check requirement, you’re literally writing a death sentence for law enforcement officers, family members, just people in the street.”

In the famous words of Inigo Montoya:
You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
Maybe they should also look up the word 'Hysterics'.

H/T to Illinois Carry. Donate what you can.

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