Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm not lazy, really.

I have so many thoughts about guns, gun control and the crap fest that encircles it that I wish I was more disciplined to post more often. But it’s not my style to post the details of every excited neuron. I like to digest things for awhile and try to look at the big picture and then tell a story, something my Grandfather was a master at.

Not that it’s my goal in any way whatsoever, but I can’t even get a scoop on Thirdpower on a story that said it was loaded 6 minutes ago. I’m down with that. I read a lot of different blogs for a lot of different reasons. DOOT is an obvious one; SIH is good for the inner workings of the NRA and say uncle because “everybody reads says uncle.” There’s the obligatory breda, wallsofthecity, anothergunblog, weer’d beard is like a long lost brother and many many more.

So what does the big picture look like now?

I’ve been reading through the amicus briefs for McDonald vs. Chicago at a faster rate than during the Heller case and I can’t really see how the SCOTUS can rule against incorporation. With the whole combo of the 2A and Slaughterhouse, Dred Scott, the Black Codes, Jim Crow, Cruikshank. Presser etc., and in light of the recently ruled Heller case, I would be surprised at anything less than an 8-to-1 ruling.

The Brady Bunch has already admitted defeat by filing a brief in defense of neither party. They know they’re going to lose and are trying to mitigate damage preemptively. Even the NAACP filed a brief(again for neither party) that argued that the birth pangs of gun control was rooted in open blatant racism. I ain’t a legal lawyer type but when you got the NRA and NAACP saying virtually the same thing, the make up of the current SCOTUS is gonna have some ‘spaining’ to do for any dissent opinions.

So here we are.

The Heller decision stung the antis quite a bit. They latched on to the one thing they could; that the Heller ruling permitted the RKBA inside one’s home. The VPC then comes out with an ongoing updated list of cop killers who had at one point in time a CCW permit. All the other antis link to it. Registration and licensing are a pavlovian response as well.

This is their plan.

They know that they’re now forced to work within the framework of Heller. Their attacks have been and will continue to be against CCW, whether it be in National parks, establishments that serve alcohol, or some arbitrary boundary outside “gun-free zones.”

The big push is on right now before McDonald is decided. That’s why they wanted the Messiah to act within his first year in office. Gun show loophole, registration, making the AWB permanent and the infamous “terror gap.” Their main drive is to slow down the push for freedom.

If these laws are passed before McDonald is decided, then it will slow our advancement.

Personally, I think the Messiah has enough on his plate to take us on at the moment.

But if I’m wrong, I can tell you some stories from my GrandFather that will get your ass off the couch and into the Fight.

Unorganized Militia Gear

No "Bones" About It

TV writers like the whole 'Extremist' angle for their plots.

I was watching that crime drama 'Bones' last night w/ the wife and saw some scenes direct from the Joyce funded EIC with a little help from the DHS/SPLC for flavor.

A disgruntled former soldier who runs a 'pirate radio station' whose sole purpose is ranting about government and his 'rights' shows remorse for his 'hate' even though he had nothing to do w/ the featured crime and swears off broadcasting forever.

Convicted and released bomber runs a website listing details on how he built bombs.

One would almost think that the writers of these shows rifle through copies of these reports in order to find ideas.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

D@mn That Due Process!!!!!

So in order to get rid of that whole 'right to trial' thing and those pointless warrants, Paul thinks it will help to spew a bunch of the usual PSH, half-truths, and some outright lies.

"After 9/11, law enforcement is still prohibited from preventing individuals on the "Terrorist Watch List" from buying guns as long as they don't have some disqualifying record in the system, such as a felony or domestic violence restraining order."

-Paul Helmke
(or more likely Doug P.)

What's really funny is the NICS background check, which the Brady's touted just a 10 days ago as "A Public Safety Success Story" stopping millions of criminals along w/ demands it apply to all sales everywhere, is now referred to as "a minimal computer background check".

All of this is in response to those nitwits who crashed the White House party last week and that the Secret Service sometimes drops the ball. Because we all know that someone threatening the president is going to call ahead to the police to inform them they will be openly carrying at a protest.


This is why the Brady's have been effectively reduced to a state level organization.

Books, Books, and More Books

To go along w/ David Kopel's "Aiming for Liberty" and Steve Wright's "Off Road", I received an e-mail from David E. Young regarding special offers on some of his fine pieces of writing:

In observance of Bill of Rights Day, December 15, 2009, David E. Young's Second Amendment publications are on sale by Golden Oak Books for a limited time only at Paperback copies of The Origin of the Second Amendment and hardbound copies of The Founders' View of the Right to Bear Arms are available for $15.00 each, half of the normal list price of $30.00 each. Descriptions, ordering information links, and time limits are posted at On Second Opinion Blog:

Direct links to ordering pages are as follows:

The Origin of the Second Amendment (paperback):

The Founders' View of the Right to Bear Arms:

For a picture of the author holding citation tagged copies of both books at the NRA event recognizing those who contributed to the Heller victory, go to Sebastian's September 13, 2008 Thank You post (click pictures to enlarge):

Thank you,

David Young

After buying your loved one a new firearm this X-mas, any of these would make excellent 'stocking stuffers' for reading by the fireplace after a day of shooting.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Another 'Parolee' murderer

On the PA officer murdered:
"Police were able to locate Robinson, of Pittsburgh, because he was on parole and wearing an electronic ankle bracelet, Moffatt said. He has an arrest record for drug and firearms charges and was paroled after in August 2007 after serving time for carrying an unlicensed firearm."

"Morton has a criminal record dating to 1991, including two prison terms for burglary, records show."
But instead, inaccurate information will be presented in order to try and ban more guns.
Robinson used "some kind of assault rifle" — possibly an AK-47 — judging by shell casings found at the scene, Moffatt said.

Good thing we have "Authorized Journalists" to give us the strait goods, eh?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weekend Wildlife

Another use for Thanksgiving leftovers. Bait for photos.

Possums like them to.

But here's the best shot I've gotten so far.

Unfortunately most of the photos were of our pack of stupid dogs who also like leftovers.