Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gun Show Weekend

The 'All American SHO Show' at the old Village Square Mall on Rt45 in Effingham, Illinois. Friday afternoon through Sunday.

The hippie-mobile is loaded and ready for the 4 tables I have reserved, the most I've attempted yet.

The last one of these I did in February, it was so busy that I didn't get a chance to eat a meal either day it was on. Lucky I always bring snacks. Come on by and say hello.

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..'Hasn't Been Mugged Yet..'

Most of us have heard this line, add 'liberal/conservative' 'gun owner/non-gun owner' or whatever your preferred pigeon-hole. Either way, it's what crossed my mind today while I was talking to a very liberal friend of mine (but we'll forgive him for that).

He's one of the types you can discuss politics w/ w/o getting into a heated argument. Not 'anti-gun' necessarily but he definitely leans in that direction.   He told me during our discussion that the other night he heard what he thought was someone breaking into his house and his first thought was 'I wish I had a gun'. 

He's not there yet but I re-enforced that if he ever wanted to even try out target shooting, I'll supply the range, gun and ammo.  It would make a nice family day.

Slowly but surely we move forward.

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Reality Bites

The CSGV and VPC tweeted and posted about a 'debate' on USNews that they posted articles on regarding open carry in OK. That's how I came to read about it as a matter of fact. Several hours later they stopped promoting it as the numbers unsurprisingly went against them.  See, the 'debate' had a up/down support thing on the side. 

After about 48 hours, the average is 362.4 to -360.75.  The average number of 'ups' for the anti's is 13 compared to 371.6 for the pro-rights.The 136 comments currently are near unanimous in support of open carry/firearm rights.

What that says is w/ all their hundreds of thousands of dollars in Joyce Foundation money, paid staff, blogs, facebook, twitter, etc they got their office staffs to vote in favor of their arguments and no-one else.

So no matter what polls they pull out or how they try and disparage 7k+ people marching on the IL State Capitol, this is the reality, something they have difficulty recognizing.  What little support they have is unmotivated beyond clicking 'like' or 'follow' one time whereas pro-rights advocates, unpaid and self-coordinating, ARE active and do everything we can to bring people into the fold. Just like at the NRA meeting where more bloggers were waiting for the 'protest' than protesters who showed up.

And that's how we win. 

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TSA Protects You

Taking a break from kiddy porn and picking out the hot chicks to be groped, TSA agents have a side line in drug dealing:
 Four current and former Transportation Security Administration screeners have been arrested and face charges of taking bribes and looking the other way while suitcases filled with cocaine, methamphetamine or marijuana passed through X-ray machines at Los Angeles International Airport, federal authorities announced Wednesday.
 This is the agency charged w/ keeping terrorists off of our airplanes and which is pushing for more power and authority.

Disband the TSA yesterday.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

@CSGV Defends Spousal Abuse

In response to me quoting the statement by the CSGV on FB that ANY violent use of a weapon is wrong and noting that includes defense of yourself or family as they acted apologist for a serial spousal abuser ,

Got that?  The VICTIM was in the wrong because she had a duty to retreat in her OWN HOME against a husband who was beating her according to Ladd Everitt. Seriously, they've got the gall to attack Nugent but defends a guy who says this:
“I got five baby mamas and I put my hand on every last one of them except one. The way I was with women, they was like they had to walk on eggshells around me. You know, they never knew what I was thinking … or what I might do … hit them, push them.”

They responded w/ this:

 So my reply:

Then the backpedaling begins:

So the woman was at fault for shooting at her serially abusive husband.  That's the equivalent of saying a woman raped was 'asking for it' by dressing provacatively.   The comment though is certainly a change from 'Any Context' so I asked them if they refuted that statement made under their official name.
That was mixed in w/ regular uses of my name in an effort to intimidate me and the usual ad hominems and character attacks to try and change the subject.  And as '45Superman' got a laugh out of, accusing me of taking their words 'Any Context',  out of context.

 Not sure what other meaning you can get out of 'Using armed violence in any context is flat out wrong..." there can be. Now had they added 'in response to.." That would have changed the entire meaning, but they didn't.  One of those Freudian things.

Then they stopped talking to me.  It's funny watching them dance when their real motives are revealed. The sad thing is they ARE paid to do this and you can see why they've been so successful at it. It also clearly shows the trend to revert back to trolling when they are out of their echo chambers. These people need some serious help.

Update:  The nearly crapped themselves responding when I posted this and tried to claim I want to arm spousal abusers in an attempt to divert the fact they clearly stated that the VICTIM had a duty to retreat, in her own home,  against her unarmed husband who was beating her. This was an interesting post:
 So after years of anti-gun advocates telling us to rely on restraining/protective orders and the police, Ladd Everitt of the CSGV admits they're ineffectual against domestic violence. His only suggestion for 'strong gun laws' is to continue to remove due process while scum like the husband above are put on probation by the 'Justice' system as he focuses on the instrument and not the abuser or victim.

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Open Carry for Okies: Yea or Nay?

Five and Four opinions on each side respectively. And there's a tally on the side. 

Note that three out of four of the 'No's' are funded by the Joyce Foundation.

Will 'GritsJr' or 'BayBeauty###' show up in the comments to tell Horwitz how wonderful he is?  

H/T to Josh Sugarmann.  

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The Woolrich Hate-Fest Begins

Not surprisingly, since the article came out about clothing manufacturer Woolrich cashing in on the millions of CCW holders (and rising) nationwide, the hate-fest by the PuSHer's has begun.

And if you think Mr. Smith is your average citizen outraged by the decision by a business to make some money, think again.  He's a long term anti-gun advocate who has been involved in (failed) lawsuits opposing self-defense:
“A loaded concealed weapon in a bar is a recognized hazard,” said David Randolph Smith, a lawyer who represents the waiter and is preparing to appeal the decision. “I have a right to go into a restaurant or bar and not have people armed. And of course, the waiter has a right to a safe workplace.”
I wonder how he thinks he has that 'right'? Even though crime has been dropping regularly and there hasn't been 'wild west shootouts' and 'blood in the streets', he continues w/ his case of clinical denial:
These gun laws + the absurd no retreat stand your ground law are a recipe for vigilantism & guerrilla warfare.
 This is in response to a case where a man walking his dogs was threatened and attacked by violent gang members. We see where his sympathies lie. 

So the Woolrich 'boycott' is, like the Starbucks boycott, only going to be endorsed by a fanatical fringe element of society while the company rakes in the money. 

H/T to Gunfreezone and NCGuns.

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Give Us This Day Our Daily Fudd-(ette)?

Well it looks like the Anti's have noticed the huge influx of women entering the shooting sports so they had to find a modern version of the AHSA, in other words, a lady-Fudd.  Enter Lily Raff McCaulou, a MD expat who lived in Manhattan for years and then moved to Oregon and discovered a love of hunting.  But that's it.

The op-ed reads just like every other one we've read from every other fudd over the years. 'NRA 'only' represents 4m people', 'does nothing for hunters', 'they won't come for my rifles/shotgun', etc.  The only difference is the gender.  She's perfectly willing to throw millions of other firearm owners under the bus as long as she can keep her 'huntin' guns'.

Obviously her 'research' missed the Wittington Center, the dozens of hunter specific booths at the NRA annual meetings, along w/ the numerous training programs and efforts to keep hunting lands etc. open.  Much more so than almost any other group out there. 

I wonder what she would have to say if she knew in Illinois we can't hunt w/ rifles? Or that the VPC (financially supported through the Joyce Foundation while Obama was a board member) has proposed adding rifles and all associated equipment under the category of machineguns. Or that Obama supported a bill that would have banned shotguns.

She doesn't seem to understand that 'hunters' are only one subset of 'sportsperson' involved in firearms. Most firearm owners don't hunt.  There are more target shooters and plinkers than there are hunters yet groups like PETA and HSUS are fighting tooth and nail (along w/ all their 'eco-friendly' allies) to end her sport for good or at least marginalize it to limited hunting clubs for the rich and connected.

Maybe is she would realize these things, she might realize the NRA represents her (at least in part) after all.

Weer'd has more.

UPDATE: And the Anti's have chimed in trying to create a wedge. Expect them to fawn all over her.

UPDATE II: She has a post up on her blog and the comments are rolling in.  I left mine detailing why she's being questioned.  Now we get to see how she reacts.  Will she brush aside the ruder comments and recognize that while the NRA may not be the organization for her, they do more than she thinks, and that she's being used as a puppet for gun control activists or will she prove to be another AHSA-hole like Ray Schoenke?

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Congo: A 'Victorious' Revolution

Taking a short break from the 2nd Gulf War, I delved once again into the Congo Civil War of the 1960's through Che Guevera's 'Congo Diary'.  Just the first few pages re-enforced the notion that reading Communist propaganda is like entering an alternate reality that is less believable than anything Harry Turtledove has written. 
pg 4- "After Tshombe was overthrown, the Congolese asked the Cubans to withdraw in order to facilitate the conclusion of an armistice.  Che left as he had come, without a sound."
No mention that between the 'asking' and the 'leaving', the communist rebels were smashed by a combination of Hoare's mercenary troops and the Congolese army causing the Cubans et al to flee across into Tanzania.

But it gets better. From a forward by his daughter Alaida Guevara March:
On the first anniversary of the victory of the Congolese revolution, I took part in the celebrations and had a chance to talk to some of the companeros who had fought alongside Che...
He makes specific mention of several leaders, including Laurent Kabila, who later became a key leader of that country...
...they are aware that his advice has been useful in the great task of unifying their country and ensuring that for the first time in many years the Congolese people benefit from their country's wealth.
 So to her, the 'revolution', 30 years later, was a remarkable success.  This was written in 2011.  Now let's take a look at the real Congo, one not from someone wearing red sunglasses.

Since 1998, over 5.4 million people have been killed in the various wars, uprisings, famine, crime and general unrest present, has the 2nd highest infant mortality rate in the world and a life expectancy of under 55 while warlords fight over the 'country's wealth'. 

Kabila , the 'key leader', was absent for most of the fighting during the civil war, living in luxury in Cairo.  He also fled to Tanzania and set up a camp of what were basically gangsters living off of smuggling, extortion and Chinese aid until he got involved w/ the overthrow of Mbutu, Congo's (Zaire's) dictator and set himself up as 'president' (just as corrupt/violent as before) only to be assassinated 3 years later.

The current average annual income from all this beneficial wealth is $210.

This is 'victory' to a born and bred communist.  Death, destruction, poverty and corruption on levels near unimaginable to anyone in the Western world. This is what people who fly Che Guevara flags and wear the shirts are trying to enable in the US even if they're to stupid/ignorant to know it. 

And when they try, I'll have no sympathy when someone goes Bolivian on their @sses.

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More Win

Think Ladd messed his shorts over the NRA CCW hoodie? Just wait'll he gets a load of this:  
Woolrich, a 182-year-old clothing company, describes its new chino pants as an elegant and sturdy fashion statement, with a clean profile and fabric that provides comfort and flexibility.

And they are great for hiding a handgun.
Yes, that's right, mainstream manufacturers are marketing clothing designed or modified for concealed carry of firearms.
 The clothing lines address a perceived need in the concealed-carry subculture. Gun owners say they want to practice “maximum uncertainty,” meaning that if a gun is sufficiently concealed, a potential criminal will be unsure whether to attack. Gun experts say the research is inconclusive about whether such tactics reduce crime. Regardless, the clothing makers are jumping on the line of thinking.
Obviously this is because they want to cash in on a 'dying industry'.  

H/T to 45Superman

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Monday, April 23, 2012

True Cook Plus. Huh?

Taking a break from guns and politics for a post.

 Picked up the new microwave after nearly a month of run-arounds w/ Sears' so-called customer service.  The manager at the store went out of his way to apologize, get me my new unit, and refund the money I shouldn't have had to pay in the first place. Anywhoo...

The new microwave has this 'True Cook Plus' feature on it which is supposed to cook your food to 'perfection' by entering a code.  I checked and didn't find one package of food w/ the code on it. Found a review stating you have to look most of them up online.

Has anyone had any experience w/ this 'feature'?  Is it of any use or as much of a waste of time as most things that are the 'latest technology' fads?  

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