Friday, March 31, 2017

No 'Compassion'? No Accountability? No Sympathy From Me.

The driver responsible for the death of three armed robbers who got shot by the home invasion victim says she has 'No Compassion' for the resident of the home.  He should have 'shot them boys in the leg'. 

The grandfather of one of the thugs blames the victim for shooting them after they broke into his home and threatened him.
“They knew they could be punished for it but they did not deserve to die," said Schumacher...“Brass knuckles against an AR-15, come on, who was afraid for their life,"
'Deserve's got nothin' to do w/ it' as the saying goes. His grandson made a monumentally stupid decision, a series of them in fact, not thinking he would have to face consequences except maybe a slap on the wrist from some judge. 

He was wrong. 

And I've got no sympathy. 

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

OGRE DE: Ceasefire Collapse 4-Way @SJGames

The next round.  This time we played w/ both the G1 and S1 maps.  CinC and 5th Power both joined us. 5th power has played the original OGRE several times but this was his first venture into running conventional pieces and on the GEV terrain boards.  CinC had never played before.  Instructions were given before game and while running.

We each chose a section of the map and selected our pieces.

Me. Nihon. NW portion of the S1 map.  I was asked by a friend to experiment w/ a SuperHeavy focused force.  Normally I split between an armored thrust and fast assault force. This time I went w/ a heavy armor exclusively.

5 Superheavies
3 Missile Tanks
6 Light Tanks
18 Infantry

4thpower Alpha.BlackRose Mercenaries. SE portion of the G1 map. He went with a powerhouse assault force with the howitzer battery as his primary defensive position behind the river w/ lots of infantry support.

2 Heavy Tanks
2 Light GEV's
2 GEV-PC's
2 Mobile Howitzers
3 SuperHeavy Tanks
1 Howitzer
18 Infantry

5th Power. NAC. NE portion of the G1 map.  A very mixed but light force.

1 Superheavy tank
1 Howitzer
4 Light GEV
1 Hvy Tank
3 Missile Tanks
2 Light Tanks
16 Infantry and 1 Marine unit.

CinC. Sons of Old Nassau.  SW Portion of the G1 map. Mixed force heavy on howitzers.
1 Howitzer
2 Mobile Howitzer
2 Heavy Tanks
2 Light Tanks
1 Superheavy Tank
2 Missile Tanks

Initial setup (North is down): 4PA made it clear he wanted to 'take down Mom'.  Turn order was CinC,5P, 4PA, Me.

First round was maneuvering. Adjusting forces and moving towards objectives:

2nd Round:  First blood was by CinC.  She took out one of 4PA's Superheavies w/ a '6'.  That was the start of the addiction. The rest of her forces began moving towards mine. 5P maneuvered towards my lines and 4PA retaliated against Mom.

3rd Round. The powers joined forces to attack my eastern lines and 4PA began moving his heavy units down the center road.  Nihon forces took out the advance GEV's of CinC.   CinC continue to move her forces towards my lines.

 4th Round: The beginning of the backstabs. Faced against the heavily defended and re-enforced town, 5P turned against his brother (4PA) and decimated fast assault force which was finished off by Nihon forces shortly after.   CinC's SoON forces hit hard against the Nihon defenses, losing a number of units.

Rnd 5&6.  Nihon and NAC forces move South (up), mixing back and forth w/ the SoON and BRM units.

 Rounds 7&8: Nearing endgame
A rush by Nihons Superheavies takes out the last of CinC's Howitzers, leaving the rest for mop-up.  The center of the map turns into a free-for-all as BRM, NAC, and Nihon units clash. The BRM units were eventually taken out.

At this point it was time for supper and my back/butt hurt from sitting at the table so long. I turned my remaining units over to 5P for a push to take out 4PA's city fortress.  Once 5P got over there, the struggle to get over the river took out a lot of his pieces but he managed to kill the howitzer and several infantry.  I called it a draw when it was down to 5p's lone howitzer and 4PA had 6 infantry left.

To answer the question asked, using the large number of SuperHeavies worked well especially in coordination w/ supporting units and taking best advantage of defensive terrain.

Both of my new players enjoyed themselves.  CinC said this on her FB: 
Learned to play Ogre today, at Hubby's urging. Drew first blood, and found that I enjoyed the sensation. Not sure that Hubby realizes what a monster he has created.
It is an addictive game.

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