Saturday, February 14, 2015

Let's Ban Some AR Ammo

You can almost imagine a bunch of sloppy suited bureaucrats sitting around a table asking "How can we justify this?" and coming up w/ some of the most convoluted, weak, and hair-splitting explanations possible.  IOW, a classic example of the dangers of unelected government bureaucrats.

What am I talking about?

Why the BATFE is proposing removing exemptions for M855 ball ammo as 'armor piercing' because there are a couple of AR style 'handguns' out there.   The 'logic', if I'm able to follow it correctly, goes something like this.

FOPA says that AP ammo designed to be used in a handgun isn't 'sporting purpose'.
'Designed', doesn't really mean 'designed' but instead 'can be used in' because a court case said that stuff that can be used for drug use is 'drug paraphernalia' even if it wasn't intended for it.
AR's are sort of like M-16's and are therefore military guns.
Military guns aren't 'sporting' and we need to protect police.
Therefore ban commonly available ammo.

Or something like that.

And they wonder why people don't trust the Government or this administration.

TBFKASIH has more.

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Garbage Reporting: Cause & Effect

Perhaps headlines like this:

Sun-Times aims to cut 22 percent of newsroom staff 

 is caused in part because of headlines like this:

Keep guns out of Cook County forest preserves

They've completely ignored the dozens of reports that CCW has been a non-event crime-wise in Illinois and instead rely on nonsense VPC google searches.  And of course no comments on the article allowed and it's not up on their FB page.  Cowards.

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Chicago Crime Control

This is how one district commander thinks to reduce car thefts.... by ticketing the people who had their cars stolen
one of her early ideas because there is a spike in auto thefts, write the victim a ticket for unattended motor vehicle if their car is stolen while warming up in front of the house.
Makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

And one wonders (not really) why Chicago has the reputation it does.

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IL Anti-Gun Bills Up

Via IC and GSL:
Witness Slips Needed 

In our first Call to Action of the 99th General Assembly, we ask our members to voice their opposition to two bills scheduled to be heard in the House Judiciary – Criminal Committee 2/18/2015. To those who have already participated in filing witness slips, these bills will be familiar. We have opposed the intent behind both in prior General Assemblies and continue our opposition for many of the same reasons.
Instructions for completing witness slips can be found here.
Please take a moment to make your feelings known on the following bills today.
Log on to the ILGA Dashboard or Create a New Account
HB148 Lost & Stolen FirearmsOPPONENT
Illinois law has required FOID Card holders, but not persons illegally in possession of firearms, to report lost or stolen firearms since the Gun Safety and Responsibility Act became law effective 8/9/2013. HB148 seeks to deny otherwise law abiding citizens their right to own firearms via FOID revocation and felony conviction.
HB265 Firearm Protect OrderOPPONENT
There are many forms of protection order available to the courts in Illinois, from granting occupancy of the family home to giving custody of the family pet to one spouse or another. Of the tools available to a judge a firearm protection order, as it currently exists in law, is one of the most important when determined necessary by a court of competent jurisdiction.
HB265 proposes to subvert the judicial discretion so necessary to our system of governance by prohibiting the subject of an order of protection from purchasing or transporting a firearm, even when that order is simply in regard to animals, property, and a number of other orders unrelated to a physical threat against the petitioner.
While enough to oppose on its own merits, HB265 also creates a frightening potential synergy when taken in context with HB399 Protection Order Issuance. Though not the subject of the current call to action HB399 proposes to empower the States Attorney, and courts on their own motion, to impose an order of protection on behalf of a petitioner even against the petitioner’s wishes. This combination of ill conceived legislation, both bad in their own right, establishes an untenable system of potential rights denial under the most unusual of circumstances.
Info on more bills from ISRA

Bill # Sponsor Description Position Status
House Gun Bills
HB-148 Mayfield Lost & Stolen Firearms Oppose Rules
HB-265 Manley Firearm - Protection Order Support Rules
HB-319 Sullivan Concealed Carry - Parking Lot Support Rules
HB-349 Reis Crim. Code - Firearms - Federal Law Support Rules
HB-350 Reis Correctional Officer - Firearms Support Rules
HB-353 Zalewski/Andrade Crim Code & Corr - Weapons - Felons Support Rules
HB-359 Welch Firearm Concealed Carry Signs Oppose Rules
HB-367 Sullivan Concealed Carry - Public Transit Support Rules
HB-419 Drury Concealed Carry - Prohibit Place Oppose Rules
HB481 Phelps Concealed Carry - Rest Area Support Rules
HB-482 Phelps FOID & Crim Code - Concealed Carry Support Rules
HB-483 Phelps Crim Code - Firearm - Waiting Period Support Rules
HB-1343 Brown Crim Code-Poss Explosives No Position Rules
HB-1408 Bennett Crim Code - Firearm Transport Support Filed
HB-1409 Cavaletto Crim Code - Waiting Exempt Support Filed
HB-1411 Cavaletto FOID - Possess - Concealed Carry Lic Support Filed
HB-1412 Cavaletto Concealed Carry - Presumption Support Filed
HB-1427 Bennett Concealed Carry - Gathering Support Filed
HB-1428 Bennett Concealed Carry - DOT Resst Areas Support Filed
HB-1435 Franks Concealed Carry - Privacy Support Filed
HB-1442 Williams Firearm Concealed Carry - Bar Oppose Filed
HB-1443 Williams Firearm Owners ID - Inquiry Fee Oppose Filed
HB-1447 Harris, D FOID & Crim Code - Firearms & Ammo Support Filed
HB-1457 Morrison Concealed Carry - Cook Cty Forest Preserves Support Filed
HB-1467 Sims 3D Firearms - Prohibits Oppose Filed
HB-1553 Kay Concealed Carry - Fees - Training Support Filed   
House Wildlife Bills  
HB-109 Pritchard Transporting Injured Animals Support Rules
HB-128 Phelps Turkey Hunting Permits Support Rules
HB-346 Reis Hunting - Carrying Handguns Support Rules
HB-352 Verschoore/Davidsmeyer Wildlife - Bobcat Hunting Support Rules
HB-433 Phelps Wildlife - Use of Silencers Support Rules
HB-490 Davidsmeyer Wildlife - Bobcat Hunting Support Rules   
Senate Gun Bills
SB-685 McCarter Concealed Carry - Cook Cty Forest Preserves Support Assignments
SB-686 McCarter Concealed Carry - Gathering Support Assignments
SB-687 McCarter Concealed Carry - Public Transportation Support Assignments
SB-711 Bivins Crim Code - Stun Gun - Switchblade Support Assignments   
Senate Wildlife Bills
SB-44 Morrison Wildlife - Prohibit Drone Use Support Assignments
SB-48 Morrison Wildlife - Good Samaritan Support Assignments
SB-106 McCann Wildlife - Bobcat Hunting Support Assignments
SB-673 Sullivan Hunting Permits - Life Tenants Support Assignments
SB-803 Haine Wildlife - Use of Silencers Support Assignments  

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

RaceBaiters At It Again

Did you know that breaking clearly set rules for baseball isn't the fault of the coach or managers but instead the fault of the rules themselves because they're 'racist'?

Yeah. A little league team from Chicago uses players from outside their district, get caught and have their title pulled.  It's not the fault of the ones who recruited the kids, it's Little League's fault because they hate black people. 

And of course the usual suspects have to get their faces in front of the camera:
Rev. Jesse Jackson said the South Siders are also the victims of a “wholesale attack” on their integrity. “Is this about boundaries,” he asked, “or race?”
“Are you telling me that the same kind of obsession of stalking, going over this for months, would have happened — would have been done — if the Las Vegas team had won?” Pfleger said. “I’m sorry. I live in America. Maybe I’m tainted by that. But I believe that. And I believe that racism is in the midst of this thing.”
Sorry kids, your coaches cheated and you're getting punished for it. That's the long and short of it.  Instead though, all the enabling adults around you are telling you to hate white people and that you're a perpetual victim because you're black. 

Great life lesson there.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Well This Should Get Lively

Seems executive orders aren't all that popular w/ 'Progressives' when it's not in their favor.  IL Gov. Rauner signed on barring mandatory union dues in the state and the unions are throwing a fit.

I don't 100% like Rauner but this is a step in the right direction.  Probably won't last though w/ the courts and Cullerton/Madigan in Springfield. 

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