Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mass Shooting in Chicago

2 dead, 18 wounded.

The difference?

Just another Friday night in the gun control capitol of the US and it's going to get worse as the weather stays nice. Now we hear about all the laws the PuSH'ers want in place to prevent 'gun violence' especially after the latest spate of media/gun control enabled shootings.  'Assault Weapon Bans', 'High Capacity Assault Clip Bans', Registration, Licensing, Training, Close the 'Gun Show Loophole'...All of these are in place in Chicago and/or Cook County and the city still has 5x the homicide rate of the rest of the state.

Since almost every one of these crimes are gang related either directly or indirectly, who are the ones that are being effected by these bureaucratic attempts at crime control?  Certainly not the criminals. It's the tens of thousands of people who own firearms who aren't hanging out in the streets at 1am flashing gang symbols and doing drugs.  It's also those same tens of thousands that the incompetent so-called 'leaders' of Chicago are blaming for their inability to maintain order.

So yeah, just another Friday night in Chi-town and what we can look forward to nationwide if 'gun control' has its way.

And Jesse Jackson convinces local Sikh leaders to march against 'Assault Weapons' even though none were used in the Temple attack and they are banned in Chicago. Yeah, that makes sense.

h/t to TexasFred

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Unintended consequences, Part 1

The interweb tubes are pretty cool, granted; but sometimes I just gotta kick it old school.


Hello, this is Senator Lautenberg’s office.
Me: I’d like to speak to Franky-poo.
One moment please, I’ll see if he’s awake.
Me: Thanks sweet-cheeks.

Frank: Huh…Huh…Hello? Where am I? Why are my legs wet?
Me: Good afternoon Sparky, my name is Boca LeDouche and I had a few questions about your gun control legislative efforts for your razor sharp mind and keen intellect.
Frank: Are your from the Brady Campaign?
Me: Well, let’s just say I’ve been there longer than most of their past employees.
Frank: Wow, it’s always an honor to speak to the survivors.

Me: So I understand your position to be that ammunition magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds should be banned, is that correct?
Frank: Absolutely, there’s no justifiable reason for civilians to own objects which serve only one purpose,,,mass murder
Me: I totally agree, but where will the money come from to pay for confiscating and destroying all the tens of millions already in circulation?
Frank: Wha?…No no no, even if my legislation passes, there won’t be any confiscations.
Me: So you believe that people who already own them can keep them?
Frank: Yes.
Me: For the sole purpose of mass murder?
Frank: Uh, no.
Me: OK, now I’m confused………….What I’m hearing you say is that the criteria for owning an object specifically designed for one reason and one reason only, that being mass murder, is the date on which it is purchased? That sound about right, Senator?
Frank: We have to do something.
Me: I agree, but your legislative effort, regardless of whether or not it’s passed into law, is to encourage people to go buy as many “Hi-cap” mags as their budget will allow as soon as possible. Not to mention encourage the gun manufactures to jack up the prices and send a chunk of their profits to the NRA. Is that what you intended?
Frank: My intention is to help save lives.
Me: Do you believe sending magazine manufactures into overdrive and telling consumers to buy those products in bulk will accomplish that?
Frank: We have to start somewhere. You’re not really with the Brady Campaign are you?

Me: Like I said Senator, razor sharp mind and keen intellect.

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Shovel ready project

Writer’s block sucks donkey balls.

But few people appreciate the situation of having too much to say without the crystallization needed to make it worth reading. If I had a USB port in my head and could simply jam a cable in my ear to download my thoughts, I’d have new content more often then I farted after Cinco De Mayo.  I’ve never been an impulsive person prone to rash decisions and that feeds my reluctance to post about things that sound fantastic at first but lose something in translation. I know myself well enough that my raw thoughts can be easily misunderstood.

In short, I’m a sarcastic smart-ass because sarcasm, which is rooted in irony, is the back door to simple ultimate truth. If you head for the main entrance of any debate, be it gun control or any other controversial issue, you’re met with brain dead guards who are “just following orders” and will not let you pass. There’s always multiple side doors available which allow you slip in under the radar and feast on the cheese tray while doing some serious smack-down with your free hand…

We often see it as “I’m a gun owner, but…” or “I support the 2A, but…” or “it’s just common sense” or “we should compromise” and a whole gaggle of other BS ya’ll are well aware of.

I spend most of my time on Huffington Post which provides me with endless entertainment, I think, but I get tired of the cycle.

1. New guy
2. Debate begins
3. Any historical facts, SCOTUS precedent or basic logic is met with ad hom attacks, strawmen. non sequitors and the obligatory dick jokes.
4. The race card is also prominent at any debate regarding the 2A.

We need to encourage this.

They dig their own hole; lets hand them a bigger shovel.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

@CSGV's Double Standards

Politically motivated shooting in DC?  Politics ignored or minimized:

Non-politically related shooting in LA?  Made political:

And it's this type of violence enabling rhetoric that shows why groups like the CSGV cannot be reasoned with in any form of public discourse. Will they accept responsibility when one of their supporters commits an assault on an NRA board member or at the NRA offices? Of course not because they put out a 'disclaimer'.

Now watch, they'll start calling me a 'traitor' and 'insurrectionist' while trying intimidate me into silence by using my name and state of residence.

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Righteous Bigotry

Got a response on Twitter to my *crickets* post attacking me for not giving the Anti's much time to respond and going after 'liberal media' of which I said nothing about. Took him most of a day to get off that tangent and then he tried to limit the conversation down to 'left wing shooters'.  Well since I didn't limit down to that topic either being that the CSGV runs their 'Insurrectionist Timeline' (aka 'Conservatives we don't'), he again changed the topic while blaming me for being 'confused':
So I asked who was doing this 'encouraging'? What 'culture'?  etc. Here was the response:

And that's the reality. He's a bigot.  He stereotypes a particular group and then blames that group for cultural/social problems. Sound familiar?  Well that connection REALLY got him upset so he played the race card:

Nah, not gonna fall for that one.  Apparently he believes bigotry can only be against skin tone. So he decided to declare victory and walk away in a slurry of self-righteousness.

He certainly fits the pattern of a 'Gun Bigot'.
"Respondents suggested that maintaining a cognitive separation between how they viewed themselves and what the NRA stood for was important to their self-image."

Update: He's got a like mind in his buddy 'Cliff Schecter' (who has blocked me) w/ more righteous indignation.  
Despised by the despicable. I've done my job.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Listen To The Experts

From the head of the UK 'NRA' while sitting in a private club, effectively the only place you can own anything other than a shotgun:
 “They are fanatical,” says Mabbott. “Their main aim is to lobby for the protection of the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms. I once had to sit through a diatribe from their CEO and it made me physically ill.”
 The British NRA, which is not linked to the American organisation, adopts a much less inflammatory approach. People here use guns for three main things: hunting, pest control on farms and target or clay pigeon shooting, and Mabbott says his job is simply to ensure they can use their weapons safely, without hassle and within the law.
 And how'ld that work out for you sport? You had the majority of the personally owned firearms in the nation confiscated. 
But, on the other hand, the strict regulations have done nothing to stop the trade in illegal guns. The weapon Reeve used was, after all, a handgun, which no one has been allowed to own in this country since 1997 – not even the British Olympic pistol shooting team, which has to train in Switzerland.
And, a cruel irony this, gun crime has doubled since then...
 No mention that UK crime has always been historically low and they're on a frickin' ISLAND nation.

So yeah, let's listen to the 'experts' in the UK and follow their advice. It's been a wonderful experience for them. 

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Clinical Denial

According to their latest tweets Fast and Furious was an NRA inspired occurrence and any connections to BATFE are inventions of Mike Vanderbough.

So they resort to their usual high level activism:

You can't make this stuff up.

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FRC Shooting. *Crickets* From Anti-Gun Groups

In almost every case of highly publisized shooting or attempted act of terrorism, anti-gun advocates immediately blame the 'right wing', NRA and 'inflammatory rhetoric'. When the story comes out differently, they get real quiet or ignore it entirely. I'm expecting the same here:
 A security guard at the Family Research Council headquarters in Washington, D.C., was shot in the arm by a gunman who sources said expressed disagreement with the conservative group's policy positions.
When we see antigun groups supporting violence and hate against firearm owners (who they associate w/ 'conservatives'), we see who the enablers are here.

Update: After several hours of calling their opponents 'right wing hacks', traitors, mentally unstable and sick, they finally comment on the FRC shooting.  It's the NRA's fault.

and then they change the subject instead of flooding their FB and twitter pages as they usually do.

UPDATE II:  And now that it's been confirmed it was against the FRC's political stance, not another mention.  If this were even rumored to be NRA involved or 'right wing', they would be tweeting up a storm demanding gun bans and action. But that doesn't fit the narrative.

Update III:  The benefit of doubt for motive is given.  
You won't see 'if' when it comes to claims against the other side of the fence. This is called CYOA as the blame shifts to the NRA which is apparently now a 'left-wing' organization. 
Funny since the CSGV calls for their political opponents to be tried and executed as 'traitors' and 'insurrectionists'.

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CSGV: Elections = 'Insurrection'

and 'threats'.

Can they get any more inane?  Take a look at the comments, the answer is 'Yes'. Playing the race card, calling for removal of Freedom of Speech, and their favorite word, 'Sick', often repeating it multiple times for extra effect.

They're pushing to get 12k 'likes'. All they've managed to get are the hard-core anti-Republican flame warriors like what you see on Huffpo or other far left message boards. Outside of the direct political topics, the responses to their posts still don't get more than a handful of 'likes' or comments. Even their own people are seeing it:

 And they don't get it, being mesmerized by thinking lots of 'likes' is equivalent to effective activism. Well, never interrupt your enemy when they're making a mistake.

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