Friday, May 9, 2008

Silly "Assault Weapon" Definitions

It's well documented that NJ bans the Marlin 60 and the JCHiggins 29 as "High Capacity Assault Weapons". Apparently Il Senator Dan Kotowski, in his magazine ban amendment conveniently attached to a blank child exploitation bill, wants to join in the stupidity by banning this:

The Henry Varmint Express in .17HMR. Why does this fall under the ban? Because the ban only exempts tubular magazined firearms chambered in .22 or ammo no longer available.

And this is why trying to define an "assault weapon" will be a never ending chore as the people doing the defining don't know what they're talking about. Right Sen McCarthy?

Paul celebrates Mothers Day...

from eight years ago. The last time they did anything relevant.

On Mother's Day, May 14, 2000, approximately 750,000 individuals, led by mothers concerned about gun violence, gathered on the National Mall in Washington, DC to demand sensible gun laws. Across the country, an additional 150,000 to 200,000 people marched in their own communities.

The problem? The MMM had listed itself as a non-political 501(c)(3)organization. Over the next year, numerous complaints were filed with the IRS and they were forced to relocate from their offices.

Mothers Day, 2001:

Barely 200 area women, men and children turned up in downtown Washington amid brilliant skies and crisp spring breezes for a Mothers Day rally to promote "sensible gun laws," an event organizers also planned in 33 other states." ABC News online, 5/13/01
A decrease of 99.974% BTW if we go by Paul's inflated numbers.

October 1, 2001: MMM liquidates its assets and combines w/ the Brady Campaign.

Since then the number of "Shall Issue" states has increased to 40, "Castle Doctrine" bills have passed in over a dozen states, and nearly every one of their frivolous lawsuits have been dismissed.

Almost makes you feel sorry for them.

If "almost" is defined as "never".

3 days, 15 more sponsors.

Armed and Safe notes in comments that the BATFE Reform Bill is now up to 180 co-sponsors plus the sponsor himself as of 5/8.

Let's keep that momentum going. Only 37 non-sponsors need to vote yea for it to pass but let's make sure we don't have to count on that.

I'm going to be calling my Rep again Monday. He still isn't on the list.

Anti Math

The US accounts for approximately 40% of civilian firearm ownership in the world. Since it's regularly claimed that guns cause crime, one would then expect the US to have 40% of the worlds firearm homicides or deaths.

IANSA states that there are about 1000 firearm deaths/day, 250 of which are of a military nature. The remainder are homicides (560), suicides (140), and unintentional (50).

So let's do some crunching.

US firearm homicides/day (34)/World firearm homicides/day (560)= 6.1%

A discrepancy of 33.9% if guns cause crime.

US firearm suicides/day (~46.5)/World firearm suicides (140) = 33.3%

A discrepancy of 6.7% if guns cause suicide.

US firearm unintentional and unknown deaths/day (2.77)/ World unintentional firearm deaths/day (50) = 5.5%

A discrepancy of 34.5%.

So the US is missing about 190 homicides, 10 suicides, and 17 unintentional deaths by firearm/ day according to the anti's own numbers. So while the US does have a higher number of suicides by firearm than many nations, it does not have higher suicides overall nor does it equal the percentage of ownership. The US also only accounts for about 1/20th of the firearm homicides and accidents when the anti logic says it should be 8x higher.

So since the private ownership of firearms isn't 'causing' firearm crime or deaths, isn't 'causing' crime of any sort, and industrialization isn't a common factor, perhaps there are other factors involved.

But that would involve groups like IANSA, Brady Campaign, and the VPC taking off their blinders.

Sign me up...

Uncle posts to the Miss Russian Army Contest.

Send your wishes.

Mrs. Sailorcurt goes in for spinal surgery today.

IL Senators claiming poverty at $75K+/year

In the middle of Garrett talking to reporters, Senate President Emil Jones Jr., a Chicago Democrat who supports the raises, walked past and loudly quipped that he needed to get some food stamps.

So just a year after a 10% raise and a $750M budget deficit, they think they need more. Hendon, who chairs the committee the bill goes through, won't even let it come up for a vote but has the gall to blame everyone else:

"They want to use the Senate and pimp us, and they keep taking the money," Hendon said of the House.

At least one Senator gets it:

"Let me just say that some of the legislators have missed the point if they think that they need the raise because they're not making $150,000 a year," Garrett said. "We are here as public servants. We're not here to assume that we should be entitled to be receiving major increases every year when the rest of the state and other state employees are suffering."

Guns "Easily Available" in Gun-Free Chicago

Criminologists say there's no clear reason Chicago's murder rate is so much higher, but believe there may be more guns here.

Hmmm, maybe the murder rate has something to do w/ this:

Since the beginning of the year through March, 70 percent of the murder victims had prior arrests records and 97 percent of the offenders had prior arrest records.

So a 97% recidivism rate yet most Daleycrats think the answer is to blame everyone else for Chicago's crime problem. If the easy availability of guns is the problem, you would expect to see higher crime and murder rates in the rest of the state where legal ownership is common. Yet Chicago accounts for 60% of the murders and 35% of overall crime but only has less than 1/4 of the state population.

One interesting bit of mixed-PSH came out though:

And FBI Special Agent in Charge Bill Monroe says despite talk to the contrary, assault rifles aren't the criminals' weapon of choice.


"Most of our murders that are occurring out there are not occurring with assault rifles. It's the smaller handguns that are causing a lot of these murders," Monroe said.

No, the handguns are 'causing' them, that would be the criminals.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Prepping for the Heller decision..

Atty interested in talking to private investigators in Chicago

Fear Mongering.

The Anti's say we exist on it and they are innocent. Their own mailings show that's disingenuous.

More at IllinoisCarry.


Dozens of illegal guns seized in raid

No details. No charges as of yet. Just vague implications.

Maybe they're needing more funds for office redecoration.

Update: They added that he didn't have a FOID card along w/ a charge of domestic battery.

Sugarmann responds to Chapman

And still can't tell the truth:

Steve Chapman's column ("City misfires on gun violence," Commentary, April 24) leaves the impression that the Violence Policy Center agrees with his opinion that bans on assault weapons can't work. In fact, the VPC strongly believes that an effective, enforceable federal assault weapons ban would prevent future tragedies such as that which befell Starkesia Reed, the 14-year-old Chicago girl who was killed by a spray of gunfire from a Romanian AK-47. The assault rifle used to kill Starkesia Reed was purchased in Indiana in a successful effort to evade Chicago's stronger laws, the clearest reason why we need a strong and effective national ban.

At least he shows he's consistent w/ VPC policies of misleading the public by providing false information on "Assault Weapons".

The next mass killing by guns...

Will occur at the '08 NRA convention in KY next weekend.


Because CCW holders make the streets run red w/ blood and create Wild West shootouts.

Silly, didn't you know that?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Some Sense Pt I

The IL house rejected 94-8-6 the automatic pay raise.

Next it goes to the Senate who also have to reject it in order for it NOT to take effect.

$750 million deficit and the Senate President, Emil Jones, opines:

"I need a pay raise."

I guess it's hard to cover all those bribes and payoffs when most of your Chicago buddies are on trial for corruption.

Good thing it's illegal..

Because otherwise more kids might do drugs.

Police: 11-year-old was dealing marijuana at his school

Reality struck..

From the NRA-ILA:

The House Administration of Criminal Justice Committee was scheduled to hear arguments for House Bill 68 and House Bill 78, both sponsored by State Representative Cedric Richmond (D-New Orleans). Earlier today, Representative Richmond decided to pull both bills out of the committee and it is anticipated that they won’t be heard this session.

HB 68 would ban pump-action firearms as well as semi-automatics, and millions more firearms than the Clinton "assault weapons" ban of 1994-2004.

But they're not after your hunting guns. Really.

Rodney King Redux?

More than a dozen police officers will be taken off the street as authorities investigate a video showing three suspects being kicked, punched and beaten after they were pulled out of a car during a traffic stop, the mayor's office said.

I hope not. I hope that one of these three was the last shooter and the officers let their emotions take over. I hope that more information comes out and justice is served one way or another.

Either way, it has the potential to be bad.

Nutter shows that he needs to hire better spokespersons:

"At a glance it does appear to be a bit beyond the pale," said Doug Oliver, a spokesman for Mayor Michael Nutter.

More anti logic.

According to Leifrakur on Huffpo, in order to overthrow a tyrannical despotic Gov't that has abandoned the founding principles of the Constitution, we need to wait for said gov't to call us up into militia service and arm us.

The collective rights mentality in a nutshell.

Forgetting to wipe their shoes again..

While Sebastian has noted that both sides do it, the walking in the blood of the victims by the anti's is getting out of hand.

Nutter, who has clashed with the National Rifle Association over his support for local gun-control legislation, called on the NRA to apologize to the slain officer's family. The NRA has opposed expanded controls on guns.

Yet, if you read the article:

The SKS that police say was used to kill Liczbinski was originally purchased in North Carolina in 1996, according to the District Attorney's Office.

So the SKS was purchased legally DURING the Clinton "Assault Weapon Ban". Did it suddenly morph into an "Assault Weapon"? Did it's characteristics change making it a "bullet hose"? Does it use a different cartridge now than then?

The anti's ignore the fact that these three scum were career criminals :

"All three of them are career criminals," Ramsey said. "These guys aren't going to be rehabilitated. They need to be locked up – period."

Bryan Miller, however, shows he cares less about the death of the slain officer( as much as he claims he shed tears over) than using it to push his agenda:

If nothing else, the assassination of Sgt. Liczbinski may hasten us towards that end.

The only criminals Bryan endorses locking up are those made criminals by vague anti-gun laws. The kind he likes.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Why the AHSA supports Obama

He didn't vote to confiscate firearms. Apparently an F+ is better than a C-. Of course Obama is fully in line with their policies of "Assault Weapon" and 50 cal bans along w/ frivolous lawsuits.

The Brady Bunch said it best. Their goals are complimentary.

BATFE Reform

Armed and Safe notes that the BATFE reform bill, HR 4900 has 165 co-sponsors and links to the list.

If your Reps not on the list, it's time for calls and e-mails.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Of course it was...

Paul crows about desperately needed new laws "for the children". Only ones exempt. And the study he uses to justify his ravings?

The National Firearms Study 2004 was supported by a grant from the Joyce Foundation to the Harvard Injury Control Research Center.

Of course both of Paul's proposals (mandated safe storage and 'authorized user' sensors) are either A. complete violations of the 4th amendment and/or B. so reliable that neither the police nor military want them.

But it's for the children (tm) so obviously we must pass these laws, no matter how inane or ineffective.

Preemption or No Preemption. That is the question..

The Brady's can't keep their agenda straight. Back in November, they supported a Cook County bill that preempts local gov'ts laws.

Now they're opposing a bill that would preempt local gov'ts laws:

Dear Illinois Brady Campaign Member,

As early as tomorrow, the Illinois House of Representatives could vote on a terrible bill that will strip local governments of the right to pass local gun laws. The bill, HB 5506, would eliminate the ability of local governments to enact common sense measures to better protect their communities. The vote will be close and we need your help!

So we see where the hypocrisy is. Support a bill if it's in an area supporting "gun control" but oppose it when 3/4's of the state supports firearm rights.

Here's a link to the bill.

So get another hobby..

Remember those words from Rebecca Peters in the NRA/IANSA debate in regards to UK sportsmen (selectively deleted from their partial transcript)? Remember how all the US anti-gun groups and politicians are always saying they're "not after hunting rifles" and "respect the rights of hunters/sportsmen"?

Well, Alphecca shows just how little truth there is to that as the IANSA supported UK groups are opposing allowing the highly dangerous UK Olympic Pistol team to practice in country:

Gill Marshall-Andrews of the Gun Control Network hit back: “We oppose any kind of change, even for training. Why should we put society at risk for the sake of a few sportspeople?”

Think that's not the ultimate goal here in the states? Take a look at some of the North American Members. Not only the Brady Bunch, but several Joyce Foundation funded groups as well.

Let the Fudds be fooled. I'm not.

Pot meet Kettle

Miller uses the deaths of individuals to stump for laws while attacking people who use the deaths of individuals to stump for laws.

SIH has his say.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

25 Square Kilometers. 90,000 bodies

No, this isn't a dumping ground for one of the Nazi concentration camps, Soviet Gulags, or Cambodian Re-education camps. This is the number of UK and Commonwealth soldiers still listed as "Missing" in the Ypres Salient from WWI.

This goes along w/ the phenomenon known as the Iron Harvest where shells, cartridges, barbed-wire, tools, firearms, and all sorts of other materials from the "War to End all Wars" are unearthed each year in France and Belgium to this very day.

This quote sums up my feelings on it:

"I honestly believe politicians ought to be brought to places like these to see what happens when wars are fought. We need history. It helps shape the future."

Gun Free Chicago

You'ld think with all the "strong gun laws" that the Brady Campaign recommends in place, headlines like these would be rare:

Man fatally shot on S. Side porch

A 19-year-old woman was shot dead

Parents charged in 5-year-old's self-inflicted shooting

Woman killed, 2 men hurt in separate drive-by attacks

But they're 5 times more common in Chicago than in the rest of the state where legal ownership is more common. Obviously it's the fault of everyone else.