GEV at Sea*

* A highly unofficial list of rules for naval vessels in the world of OGRE.  I put this together years ago and in a bit of coincidence (or mutual genius), the rules/specs were very similar to the gunboats and frigate in Keith Johnson's 'Invasion of San Fransisco' scenario. I recall emailing him and discussing the size difference between frigates and destroyers which is what the scenario originally listed IIRC.

Ships are large enough to have individual weapon systems and structural points, in this case 'Hull Units'(I originally used 'SP' but Johnson's idea is better). Each ship can carry a certain number of weapons, either main or secondary, that can be varied/customized per ship.  Each is decided and listed at the beginning of the game similar to an OGRE record sheet. A ship is disabled when all weapons are destroyed and/or sunk when HU equals zero. A ship with all of its weapons destroyed will have an attack strength of '1' in the case of overruns only. Speed is reduced by destroying hull units similar to OGRE treads.  Divide the total number of HU's by speed for each MP reduced.

MWS: Main Weapon System
SWS: Secondary Weapon System
HU: Hull Unit

Ship Classes:

Corvette: Light coastal vessel
     2 SWS   21 HU  M3

Frigate: Light combat and escort vessel. Very fast.
     1 MWS   1 SWS  40 HU  M4

Destroyer: Escort and combat vessel.
     1 MWS   2 SWS  60 HU  M3  Carries 1 LGEV

Light Cruiser: Combat and escort vessel.
     1 MWS   3 SWS  81 HU  M3  Carries 1 LGEV

Cruiser: Combat vessel
     2 MWS  3 SWS  102 HU  M3  Carries 2 LGEV

Heavy Cruiser: Combat vessel
    2 MWS*   5 SWS  120 HU  M3  Carries 2 LGEV

Battleship: Heavy combat vessel.  Very rare.
PanEuropean/Nihon: 8 MWS* 19 SWS
NA Combine: 9 MWS* 17 SWS
201 HU  M3
Carries 4 LGEV or 2 GEV
*May be equivalent to Howitzer 6/8 D6

Landing Ship: Coastal assault
4 LSEV*  5 GEV  10 LGEV
can carry 60 pts of armor and 30 strength pts of Inf or equivalent depending on scenario
120 HU  M3
*See OGRE book.  D2 M6 carries 12 pts of armor and 3 strength points of Inf or equivalent

Main Weapon Systems:
Battery A: 4/3 D4
Battery B: 6/2 D6
Double Missile Rack w/ 10 Missiles: D8
Laser Turret: Same as ground based equivalent

Secondary Weapon Systems:
Battery: 3/2 D3
Missile Rack w/ 5 missiles: D4
Light Missile Rack: 3/4 D2

A disabled vessel (iow no guns) can be boarded and captured.  If the ship is manned, there will be 1 squad of militia per 20 HU remaining rounded in the defender's favor.  Use overrun rules w/ a city defense bonus for all units. If a cybership, a Combat Engineer or Marine Combat Engineer unit is needed to bypass the electronic defenses and cyberwalls.  Roll a 6 sided die.  On a roll of 6, the Engineers have bypassed security and taken control of the AI.  On a roll of 1, the ship has the option to scuttle/self-destruct w/ the engineers trapped inside.  Each CE/MCE squad may attempt once per turn. Self-destruct has same result as and OGRE.

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