Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Unorganized Militia Patches

Debuted at the NRA 2009 Convention. The first is an upgrade from the UM Infantry and UM Marksman patches. Now available is the UM Sniper:

Also new, with thanks to Kent McManigal, is the Time's Up patch based on the flag of his design.

As always, patches are $5 ea for 1 or 2, $4 ea for 3 or more in any combination. Instructions for ordering can be found here.

Blogger Bash 2009 Day 3: My Finale

Scheduling conflicts are causing me to leave today instead of staying for the rest of the events. So here's my final post from the convention. I'll have a roundup and final thoughts/thanks in a few days after I've recovered from the drive home.

This morning attended a 2ABB discussion w/ NRA-ILA National Hunting Policy Manager Darren LaSorte.

Discussion involved how the NRA is attempting to counter the anti-hunting activities of the HSUS and their (NRA's) focus in increasing the number of hunters across the nation. He will be getting me some information regarding my question on centerfire hunting restrictions in Illinois.

The DOOT drawing went well. The new patches were well received. Many stickers were handed out.

Noticed numerous reenactors present. Don't know why.

Headed down to the floor for a final walk through.

Filled out a survey for Marlin Firearms, said goodbye to Cam Edwards, and entered a couple of drawings for stuff. Not like I'll win.

Headed back up to the Press Room to give my final farewells to the NRA folks there. Handed out a few copies of the "Art of War" to those who didn't have them as well as a few UMPC patches. Rachel apparently didn't realize I was the one who sent a bunch last year after Ashley Varner told me she had never read it. Obviously I needed to fix that and will continue to do so.

That's all for now. Posting will be light the next few days.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Blogger Bash 2009 Day 2B: Floor Show

Lunch at Hooters with SandCastle Scrolls and Mike from Another Gun Blog.

Then back to the convention hall for the floor show. Aerial view thanks to the folks at FNH.

Marlin Firearms displayed their 981T and 915Y bolt action .22's. I have a soft spot for them since my first firearm was my dad's Model 81. The 981T is it's modern equivalent. The 915Y is a youth gun that I will be picking up for my kids in a few years.

Finally got to meet Tom King, President of NYSRPA in front of the 50 Caliber Shooters Assoc. booth.

Visits to the Wolf and Glaser booths were profitable in swag and possible advertising deals in the future. Had a company called Ogre Mfg. clean my carry piece to demonstrate their cleaner. They gave a sample so I'll play more w/ it and see how well it works. I also met Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation where I had a few books autographed.

Saw the Gunnie signing autographs for Team Glock (which I wasn't going to wait in line for today, maybe tomorrow)

Then back up to the Press Room for a talk on the future of NRAnews w/ Cam Edwards.

Not sure if I'll make the get together tonight w/ Michael Bane. More tomorrow.

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Blogger Bash 2009 Day 2A: Grassroots Workshop

After a restful night's sleep I got up this morning to attend the Grassroots workshop. Dick Heller was introduced by Glen Caroline.

A good speech. His main talking point was that the anti's and their gov't sycophants try to push "Gov't by whim" using examples of the denied handgun permit because it was green, denials for names, etc. I also got to meet NRA President John Sigler:

Exec VP: Wayne LaPierre:

And NRA-ILA Exec. Director Chris Cox:

Seated at my table was ISRA President Richard Pearson:

He pulled me aside to discuss some initiatives that the ISRA is working on and future cooperation w/ Illinois bloggers in order to spread the word. Some interesting factoids he told me about:

Jessie Jackson, when he was arrested at Chuck's Gun Shop, had nearly $26,000 in cash on him. I'm sure it was all obtained legally and being used for moral purposes.

The ISRA spend $309K on legislative activities in 2008.

I also spoke at length w/ Glen Caroline and Andrew Dysart on Blogger relations and coordinating activities in Illinois. Glen stated that he feels that the NRA working w/ bloggers has definitely been advantageous in getting out the message and hopes to continue and expand the relationship.

After I get some food, I'm going to hit the floor assuming I can beat my way through the crowds.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blogger Bash 2009 Day 1:Arrival

After nearly 14 hours on the road, I finally arrived in Phoenix. After checking in and running into Traction Control in the lobby, I headed over to the convention center.

There, Rachel Parson of NRA-ILA checked me in and I conversed w/ other bloggers from around the U.S.

Following the Check in, we wandered over to Chase Field for a get together at "Friday's Front Row" Bar & Grill.

Present were Dick Heller and Robert Levy of DC v Heller fame.

I'm tired. Going to bed. More here and here.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

On the Road to AZ

Currently in the western end of OK and have stopped for the night. Will be in Phoenix sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Repressing the Oppressed.

What is the common reaction to uncontrolled violence and an incompetent, corrupt gov't?

Taking matters into your own hands.

What is the reaction to this by said incompetent, corrupt gov't?

Punish the desperate people who had no choice but to resort to said actions.

— Police found the bullet-riddled body of a man in this Mexican border city Tuesday alongside a sign accusing him of being a thief. It was the second such killing this month

And we all know the Mexican authorities will spend much more to find and punish these 'vigilantes' than they will the cartels that line the pockets of said authorities.

'High Risk' Sales

At gun shows? Nope.

Private transactions? No, not that either.

What are we talking about then?

Sales to police departments direct from the manufacturer.

No. I'm not kidding. That was the claim made by the now dismissed lawsuit against Glock.

The suit said Glock Inc., maker of the 9mm pistol allegedly used to shoot Ileto, sold many guns to police that were unsafe to civilians and ignored government warnings about high-risk distribution channels - in this case, from a police department in Washington state through several owners to an unlicensed trader, who sold it to Furrow.

Of course there is no surprise that the Brady Campaign and the Joyce Foundation fully endorses this mentality:

However, advocates with the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence in Washington, D.C., say courts are increasingly interested in holding gun sellers accountable.

"Civil suits like this are a very important supplement to our laws because they give gun sellers a very important financial incentive to act responsibly," said Dennis Henigan, who directs the center's legal action project....

Attorney Juliet Leftwich of Legal Community Against Violence, a San Francisco gun-control organization that filed arguments in the case, said it was unfair to dismiss the case based on "blatant special-interest legislation ... protection that no other industry gets."

In this case I fully agree with them. We need to close the 'Police Gun Loophole' and stop selling firearms to police departments.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Targeting repeat and violent offenders reduces crime.

Nationwide, the Marshals helped take 109,000 violent fugitives off the street last year and cleared more than 760,000 felony warrants in federal, state and local cases in the last decade, according to federal crime statistics compiled by the U.S. Marshals Service. And since 2003, the Marshals and police in the Atlanta area alone have cut the murder rate by 22 percent and overall violent crime by more than one-third.

Ergas said that the "vast majority" of suspects his unit chases are wanted for a violent crime. "More than 85 [percent to] 95 percent of the cases," he said. "And again, about 70 [percent to] 80 percent repeat violent offenders. So you go out with that mind-set."

What an amazing concept. Who woulda thunk it?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Full Victim Package

The Brady Campaign, not intent on eliminating the ability to actively defend yourself with a firearm, also wants to prevent any form of passive defense by preventing people from owning bullet or stab resistant vests.
"There are no background checks, no federal regulations unless you are a violent offender—and even then you can buy them at gun shows or online," says Daniel Vice, senior attorney at the Brady Center To Prevent Gun Violence.

Yep, that damn 'body armor loophole'.

Remember the Brady mantra:
"Give them what they want and they won't hurt you"

And to show the limited mentality of anti-gun legislators?

"Why do you need it if you're not going to commit a crime?" asks New York State Assemblyman David Koon,"

Hear that Sebastian PGP? It's not that you've had your life threatened by drug dealers and psychopaths, you just want to commit crimes.

Where have I heard similar statements like that recently?

Unorganized Militia Gear

Patience and Preemption

"Just wait.

Be patient.

Preemption will come.

All you have to do is wait for the Chicago Handgun case to get to the Supreme Court, hope for a win, wait for legislation to pass, then hope that the resulting litigation finishes and goes in your favor.

It shouldn't be long.

Just be patient. "

OK. I'll be patient. I'll wait the additional 10-20 years that this will take beyond the nearly 20 years we've already been bashing our heads against the wall in futility.

As soon as those recommending that while living in "Shall Issue" RTC states disarm in a show of solidarity until Illinois finally passes preemption.

Will you?