Friday, May 21, 2010

Hoplophobes Speak With Forked Tongues

Paul Helmke, President of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership:

Despite Palin's scare tactics, gun bans and confiscations are out of the picture...

Dennis Henigan, Head Lawyer for Brady Campaign:

President Calderon understands that it does no damage to the Second Amendment to protect police officers from assault weapons.

So while whatever intern is posting Helmke's blog is saying that talking about 'gun bans' is paranoid, the intern posting on Henigan's blog is endorsing gun bans.

They need to coordinate their lies better.

Unorganized Militia Gear

Unorganized Militia Gear

Quote of the Day

Ah, poor Josh (sugarmann) … show us on this doll where the big bad gun industry touched you.

From a comment on SayUncle

Unorganized Militia Gear

Unorganized Militia Gear

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why Are Anti-Gunners So Violent?

Chicago Mayor Daley hopes Supreme Court Judges are violently attacked so he can keep his gun ban.
"Maybe one of them will have an incident and they'll change their mind over night, going to and from work."
Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more?

Yet he does:
"It's been very effective," Daley said, picking up a gun from the dozens displayed on a nearby table. "If I put this up your butt, you'll find out how effective it is. Let me put a round up your, you know."

Stay classy Dick.

The ISRA responds.

Unorganized Militia Gear

Unorganized Militia Gear

More Wishful Thinking

Josh Sugarmann of the VPC is upset that semi-autos formerly known as 'sporters' are again being called 'sporters' and that his ability to confuse people in order to ban guns is being reduced.

So now he continues running around in circles yelling "THE INDUSTRY IS DYING!!! THE INDUSTRY IS DYING!!!" because the bubble is bursting during a recession.

Of course he has to repeat the 'Myth of the decreasing gun owners' and the myth that the industry has been decreasing for decades.

By that logic, the 'gun control' movement is dying as well. Oh, wait, it actually is.

Unorganized Militia Gear

Unorganized Militia Gear

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Weis: CPD Can't Stop Homicides

So his response is to change the way the numbers are kept.
Chicago’s rising homicide rate spiked on Tuesday with a murder-suicide that left three people dead and three more bodies found in a car.

Police Supt. Jody Weis knows that he will ultimately find himself on the hotseat for the surge. But, he’s got a new defense.

He's creating a new category of "indoor" homicides — and downplaying what police can do about them..

Not only is Weis making the distinction between indoor and outdoor homicides. He has asked the Chicago Police Department to keep those statistics in separate categories.
Just like the UK did. Now they can artificially reduce the numbers they announce and be even farther out of sync w/ the FBI UCR.

This is what Gov't officials do instead of something.

Unorganized Militia Gear

Unorganized Militia Gear

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

IL Democrats Splitting Their Votes

Unsuccessful Democrat Primary contenders for Illinois Governor William "Dock" Walls and Ed Scanlan have joined forces to split the Democrat votes for the General election by running as independents.

What we're now going to see are the Il Dem leadership pulling every rabbit out of their hat to keep them off the ballot just like they did when they forced Cohen, the winner of the Lt Gov. Primary to drop out.

Brady's chances are looking better and better.

Unorganized Militia Gear

Unorganized Militia Gear

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day at the Range

Since I couldn't make it to the NRA convention this year, I celebrated by putting a bunch of lead downrange with some friends, including a new shooter. Just look at that nervous anticipation:

Marlin 60SS

RIA 1911A1:

Fooling around a little.


Some more friends and family showed up after we took a break for lunch.

K98 Mauser:

Charles-Daly 12 Ga:


Colt AR-15:

And just a little more fun.

Group Shot of part of our 'Unorganized Militia':

It was a fun day despite the rain.

Unorganized Militia Gear

Unorganized Militia Gear