Friday, June 13, 2008

A pattern is forming.

Via Breda

a super dangerous class of weapons

like assault weapons

According to the Brady Campaign.

Rights? Wot? Wot?

Armed and Safe points to a UK article claiming that a written Constitution is a bad idea.

Guess what Georgie. We thought your method of Gov't was bad over 200 years ago. Under another George as a matter of fact. You might recall what happened then. That thought hasn't changed.

So sod off.

Twisting the knife

David Hardy, via Arms and the Law and Armed and Safe, says that even the admission by Paul Helmke that the Bradys are losing is going to be hell on their fundraising.

If they lose enough funds, will they become another front group for the Joyce Foundation? They seem to be prepping for it as they've turned their blog into a copy of the Gun Guys.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Release the hounds"

The Obamaniacs over at HuffPo are apparently afraid that McCain might do something intelligent and name Bobby Jindal as his VP as they've already started a smear campaign against him.

I don't know why they should be concerned. He's only young, intelligent, charismatic, highly conservative, and a minority to boot. He shouldn't present any problem for Obama's deification.

Yeah, they know it.

Paul cries out "Circle the Wagons!!!"

Gun Control Group Braces for Court Loss
'We've Lost the Battle on What the 2nd Amendment Means,' Brady Campaign Head Says

"We've lost the battle on what the Second Amendment means," campaign president Paul Helmke told ABC News. "Seventy-five percent of the public thinks it's an individual right. Why are we arguing a theory anymore? We are concerned about what we can do practically."

"We're expecting D.C. to lose the case," Helmke said. "But this could be good from the standpoint of the political-legislative side."

If the Supreme Court strikes down the D.C. gun ban, the Brady Campaign is hoping that it will reorient gun control groups around more limited measures that will be harder to cast as infringements of the Second Amendment.

"The NRA [National Rifle Association] won't have this fear factor," Helmke said.

If this comes to pass like even they expect, their only reason for existence will be to try and keep as many laws on the books as they can.

Update: Yes Brady Bunch. We're talking about you again. Glad you could visit. Maybe you'll learn something.

Kaveman notes that we should start grabbing screen caps of the Brady site before their pages ranting about how inane an individual rights view is go down the memory hole.

SIH and Armed and Safe have more.

Re-Affirming the use of Trace Data

A Maryland specific paper by the NCJRS states clearly what we've saying all along :

Trace Data in and of itself means nothing.

Taken with other, multiple, high risk indicators it may indicate further investigation is necessary.

That's it.

Apparently the concept is too difficult for Bryan Miller, Paul Helmke, et al. to grasp.

Unless of course they have an ulterior motive.

Obama recognizes using his gun record is not a "smear"

Unlike what some of his supporters are claiming.

Otherwise why wouldn't he clear the air about the NRA linked and cited Factsheet on his new webpage "Fight the Smears"?

The truth hurts.

Why shouldn't the BATFE release trace data to the public?

Because anti-gun groups have a pathological need to misuse it:

But ATF and gun proponents found flaws in the Brady Center’s calculations.

ATF supervisor Todd Reichert in Washington noted that the agency’s data included some gun sales that were originally made as much as 10 years ago, which is much longer than the two-year “time to crime” ATF considers an indicator of a possible illegal gun sale.

Reichert also said not all law enforcement agencies report recovered crime guns for tracing. And, he said, spikes in the numbers come after ATF help police agencies clear backlogs as those departments begin reporting recovered crime guns to the federal agency.

So even though there's a full page disclaimer on every single report, the Brady's IT guy must have developed a way to have that page show up blank when they review it. Otherwise they're intentionally lying.

I personally like this little bit:

The Brady Center said that number represented 75.8 percent of all guns recovered at Georgia crime scenes.

If they want to use trace data as statistics, then perhaps they should mention California, their #1 state, has the same recovery rate.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pick Bloomie and I'm done.

Kevin has some reports that Bloomie's on McCain's short list.

If Bloomberg does get the nod, Barr gets another couple of votes.

Josh Horowitz would support a US dictatorship

Because he feels that opposition to a tyrannical gov't is equivalent to terrorism.

Out of all the hysterical PSH and poor grasp of history, what I find most ironic is his claim that the Mexican Mafia love the FN FiveSeven pistol because it's a "cop killer". Guess which organization(s) led them to believe that? Even though it's not true?

Armed and Safe has more

CCW in Illinois?

Maybe. Just Maybe. But it will be county by county and not the whole state.

Video of the Forum

As it was mentioned on Cam's show last night and via Illinois Carry, Winnebago County, IL has a proposal for CCW. Here are some stats from individuals who attended :

-of the 40 people that spoke, only 2, yes 2 were against us!!!

-We were able to turn 2 board members to our cause! They are: Dorothy Redd and Bob Hastings!

-We were able to get about a hundred to sign our petition and blew through the buttons ASAP.

-The Sheriff, Dick Meyers, was the last speaker and brought us to a standing ovation! He was brilliant and I'd like to see the media edit that!!!

-Outside of this, we were able to give interviews to local news stations and I will be doing an interview on WNTA on wednesday.

It was a great time and everyone was on board.

After speaking with some of the Board members, we have confirmed that THIS WILL PASS! It should no longer be an issue passing it. Now the Sheriff has to issue a CCW permit and the state government will immediately sue!

There are links to several news articles as well.

So where is all the Anti supporters? Will the Brady Campaign condemn a lawsuit against it as it is the will of the people as they condemned the Heller lawsuit?

Great job to all involved. This is the way to do it.

Here's a link to the petition.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

From my warm, latte-soaked hands

Seattle Mayor takes a lesson from Nutty Nutter thinking he can pass laws under pre-emption.

After a shooting at the Northwest Folklife festival injured three people, Mayor Greg Nickels will prohibit guns at Seattle Center, parks, community centers and city-run buildings.

The city does not have the authority to arrest or fine people for bringing a gun onto city property. Only the state can enact laws governing firearms, and the mayor acknowledged the city could face a legal challenge.

More at The Real Gun Guys

Header blatantly stolen from Slappy on IllinoisCarry.

Quote of the Day

People don't think. I don't think it's at all alarmist to see we are giving away basic liberties at every turn -- because somehow, people have ceased to recognize the intrinsic value of such liberties.

There's just too much stupid.

-Ashley Varner on sheeple having no problems to the new airport scanners that image through your clothes.

Got a budget deficit?

Spend tens of thousands of dollars to pimp your kids out to call for more money and gun bans. That'll fix the problem.

CHICAGO - Thousands of Chicago Public Schools students are expected to fill Soldier Field today in a rally demanding more funding for education.

The students are also expected to push for more anti-violence programs.

Students from all over Chicago will be bused to Soldier Field for the "Shout-Out for Schools" rally. Mayor Richard Daley and public schools CEO Arne Duncan are expected to attend.

As we've seen, every time they call for more "anti-violence programs", it usually has more to do w/ banning guns that trying to sway kids away from actually committing violence. If they were, situations like this:

A 15-year-old boy was killed and a man critically wounded in a shooting Monday night on Chicago's Northwest Side, police said. The teen is the 26th Chicago Public Schools student killed since the beginning of last school year.

No one was in custody, and police described the motive for the shooting as possibly gang-related.

Would be a lot less common in a city that effectively bans all guns yet has 5x the murder rate of the rest of the state.

Armed and Safe has more.

Impeach Bush!!

Rep. Kucinich is showing that he's just as disjointed from reality on impeachment as he is on firearms.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Rep. Dennis Kucinich, a former Democratic presidential contender, said Monday he wants the House to consider a resolution to impeach President Bush.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi consistently has said impeachment was "off the table."

Monday, June 9, 2008

Not like I have a chance but..

Dear Gun Blogger,

We at Para appreciate your support of the NRA and were glad to see you at the Second Amendment Blog Bash. Your name has been entered into a contest, and the 10 winners will get an invitation to attend a summer camp at Blackwater USA's North Carolina facility with world class shooter and instructor Todd Jarrett.

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We also invite you to browse our new Para USA website at where you can view all of Para's new pistols, and the latest reviews by all the top gunwriters.

Safe shooting and best regards,

Para USA, Inc.

Obama supports hunters...

Which is why he gave money to the VPC to lobby against bolt action rifles and voted to ban rifle ammunition in the Senate.

Maybe I'm just a clingy, bitter, gun owner.

How long till the images hit the web?

The TSA has started instituting a legal equivalent to "up-skirt" cameras in US airports. It looks through your clothes but blurs your face and allegedly deletes it right after.

Not only is this a voyeurs' or pedophiles' dream job but I'll give it less than 6 months before they start getting leaked to the web. And most people have no problem w/ it.

Hat tip to Walls of the City.

Hi-Point in .380 ACP

Hi-Point in .380 ACP $165

For more information or to purchase, contact:

Bryan Headrick
Arcola Guns and Ammo Gunsmithing
220 North Pine St. Arcola, IL 61910.

Who's got the grill ?

Squeeky links to a PETA protest where they weren't smart enough to get out of the sun.

Man, what I wouldn't give to have been there with a lit grill and some steak seasonings.

The First Lesson

Remember my acquaintance who, along with the other elders of his church, were establishing a security force? Well here's the result of his first Safety Class to get his CCW:

He said" Just finished my first class tonight. I shot some 50 – 60 rounds with about 10 each of the following calibers: .22, 9mm, .357, .38 and .45. Glock, Smith & Wesson, Kahr and 1 or 2 others. That top 6 bunch are all from the .357 revolver when I couldn’t really tell where I was hitting or I’d have adjusted down but no excuses… ;-)

Ruger RedHawk

Ruger Red Hawk in .44 Magnum SOLD

For more information or to purchase, contact:

Bryan Headrick
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Justice, Zimbabwe style

Hand Picked Judges who coach the prosecutors? Check

Said judge making the ruling in lieu of a jury? Check

Claiming there is no appeal? Check

Oh, wait. This isn't in Zimbabwe under dictator Mugabe, this is in New York City, under dictator Mayor Bloomberg.

This is the world under Brady style gun control.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Just a couple of neat photos

St. Sabina's Trick Candle

Apparently the snuffing of Snuffy twern't permanent.

Pfleger To Return To St. Sabina June 16

CHICAGO (CBS) ― Father Michael Pfleger will return to the pulpit at St. Sabina Catholic Church on June 16, after Cardinal Francis George forced him to take a leave of absence over controversial comments about U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Now let's see if he's able to keep his mouth shut.

Thanks to 45Superman for the heads-up.

The view from my porch..

Well, not quite, but not far away:

This is about 3 feet lower than it was last night. The creek that goes through our property was up about 8 feet at its highest. The current was strong enough that it changed some of the geography. Since it was low enough for me to get back on the property, I wasn't able to get photos of it that high. Scruffy, my 3-D coyote target, almost got washed away. The underground stream that we tap for our well was so full that air bubbles were being pushed through the ground to the surface. That was neat to watch.

More on the way. We'll see if I can get to work tomorrow.

Patches for Sale

The Unorganized Militia Propaganda Corps patches have been fairly popular with those who have gotten them so I am offering the remainder for sale to the general blogosphere.

Cost is $5.00 each for one or two or $4.00 each for three or more. That includes S&H and all applicable fees. Please specify full color, tan or green subdued, or combination.

Hot Chicks w/ guns wear these patches:

Picture of Breda's hat w/ patch attached.

For more information or to purchase, contact me at :

or use Paypal w/ the above address.

Taurus PT-25

Taurus PT-25 in .25ACP SOLD

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Ban Ownership

It's only "reasonable".

  • Mandatory waiting periods to purchase a gun
That have never been shown to reduce gun violence.

  • Requiring citizens to actually register their firearms
So the Gov't knows where they are when they decide to ban them (CA, NY, NJ, DC, Chicago, Etc.)

  • Mandatory micro stamping of guns to aid tracing weapons
A process that has been found to be useless in solving crimes.

  • Banning inexpensive handguns that make it easier for criminals to acquire
So only wealthy people can own firearms? They never commit crimes, do they?

  • Limit gun purchases to one gun a month
So you can end collecting.

  • Require training for gun owners
So only the Gov't can decide to make training so onerous, no-one, including police, could pass.

  • Restrict gun ownership to citizens 21 and older
So you can vote, join the military, drive, etc. , but not protect your family?

  • Eliminate right to carry concealed weapons
So restrict people who don't commit crimes?

  • Ban gun shops from operating within 5 miles of a school
Why, if they can't own guns anyway? Are "gun shops" dangerous?

  • Ban resale of police firearms which include high powered assault weapons
Why? What is a "high powered assault weapon"? Can you provide a definition?

  • Ban high capacity ammunition magazines that are often used by gang members in drive by shootings and not needed to kill a deer
You mean like in the Henry Varmint express? They're "often used by gang members"? How many rounds are actually fired?

Read the rest. The usual histrionics and outright nonsense.

Via ArmsandtheLaw.