Saturday, December 15, 2007

Just playing around... Redux

By special request, I present Multicam in glorious NightVision Gen1+:

And a daylight uniform to uniform comparison:

We also have:

Marine Corps Woodland and Desert:

Day v Night

German Flectar and East German Rain Camo:

Day v Night

The Joys of Parenthood

Heard this afternoon:

"Daddy, the toilet's in trouble!!!"


Reasoned Discourse and Authorized Journalists.

As was noted earlier by PGP, Marc McDonald and JadeGold have become fast friends over on LeftRudder. As an "award winning journalist", it must be perfectly acceptable for him to recognize as more legitimate an individual who has not only been caught deleting posts but now has been caught changing them:

Before: (Jon Sullivan is what he changed my handle to thinking it's me.)


Your done Jade.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Isn't there medication for this?

Paul Helmke
uses the tried and true method of the VPC claiming that the weapons used in the latest shootings are the same ones that are being used by terrorists and the military in Iraq. He quotes some typical "authorized journalists" who either don't know the difference (ignorant) or are intentionally misrepresenting it to make headlines (liars).

We know Paul knows the difference so what category does that put him in?

He goes on about how dangerous the 7.62 x 39 round is. I guess he would prefer them chambered in .30 then to increase the chance of death.

Note the calls for restrictions on the number of guns and ammunition you can own.

And why does he follow his tradition of posting this nonsense late Friday? Because the blogs are traditionally slower on the weekends so he hopes his resident sycophant can get a few words in before we demolish the post with assault facts typed from the hip.

A point in Kucinich's favor...

He actually has a bit on his site directly saying what gun control he wants unlike Hillary , Edwards*, or Obama albeit though not on the first page. Of course he also has to throw in the usual bits about "Assault Weapons" and "Gun Industry Immunity" mixed in with the usual "I support hunters and the 2A" BS.

Sorry Dennis. If you're quoting the CSGV and the BC, you don't support RKBA or hunters.

Try again.

* Edwards has some but you have to dig for it.

Yeah, this sums up my feelings on the holidays..

From KimDuToit.

Slipping it through the cracks..

is the only way the anti's can get laws passed anymore. Armed and Safe notes that the text of the proposed Cook County Gun Ban includes suspension of the requirement to inform the public of the measure:
In accordance with Cook County Code Section 2-108(z)(1) Amendment or suspension of rules, Commissioner Suffredin, seconded by Commissioner Collins, moved to suspend Section 2-108(h)(1) Prior notice to public; agendas. The motion carried unanimously.

In accordance with Cook County Code Section 2-108(z)(1) Amendment or suspension of rules, Commissioner Suffredin, seconded by Commissioner Collins, moved to suspend Section 2-108(g)(1) Order of business. The motion carried unanimously.
What does that mean? Let's see.
First, a motion was passed to suspend the rule that the public be notified of this ordinance proposal....(h) Prior notice to public; agendas .
(1) No less than three full business days before any meeting of the Board or of a committee or subcommittee, notice and an agenda for such meeting shall be provided to the President, all Commissioners and all news media that have requested notice of meetings, shall be posted in the Office of the County Clerk and at the location where the meeting is to be held, and shall be made available to the public in the office of the Secretary. In addition, notices and agendas of all meetings shall be posted on the County's website.

Second, a motion was passed to suspend the rule that the board meeting proceed on a standard plan of events....
(g) Order of business.
(1) At each regular meeting of the Board, the order of business (unless otherwise directed by the Board) is as follows:
a. Approval and correction of minutes of previous meetings.
b. Old business.
c. New business.
d. Consent calendar.
e. Committee reports:
1. The first section of the committee report as set forth in Section 2-105(h) of this division.
2. The second section of the committee report as set forth in Section 2-105(h) of this division.

Why would the possibly do this? Oh, right, in order to deceive the public and push their unpopular measures without comment or attention. Both things they need in order to get it passed and as many firearms confiscated as they can before the courts slap it down.

No Slippery-Slope?

Just ask people in the UK.

Banning samurai swords

Soon legislation will be passed requiring all people to be permanently encased in bubble-wrap.

This has whats become of what was once one of the greatest nations on earth. Sad. Pathetic really.

Ahab has more.

How many lies can Paul Helmke tell in a minute and a half?

The world may never know.

Larry Pratt hands Paul Helmke his derrier on Fox.

Apparently Paul now supports those w/ military or police training to have CCW while at the same time dodging around the fact that the Brady Bunch supports "Criminal Empowerment Zones" calling it a private decision. I guess someone got word to him about that whole potential liability issue.

The usual "selling AK-47's" meme is repeated over and over along w/ "they were all banned" outright lies.

The best line:

Pratt laughed at Helmke's suggestion. "If Paul wants to have another policy, maybe he can put a sign up at his house that says, 'No guns in this house,'" he said. "I'd like to see how that works."

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Like rats leaving a sinking ship.

Mitt Romney then: Supported Brady Bill. Passed state AWB. ""I don't line up with the NRA." (Edit: Falsely claimed credit for passing the state AWB and supported the Federal AWB)

Mitt Romney now: Joined NRA as a "life member in Aug '06" and a "Life long hunter" twice.

Rudy Guiliani then: Started frivolous NY lawsuits. 2A is about hunting. NRA "Extremists"

Rudy Guiliani now: Fellating every NRA member he meats. Opposes lawsuits.

Hillary Clinton then: Never met an anti-gun bill she didn't like.

Hillary Clinton now: Attacking Obama for his anti-gun stance.

Barack Obama then: Supports handgun and all semi-auto bans. Supported lawsuits.

Barack Obama now: No complete bans. Individual right. OK for "rural folk"

The quote on SIH says it all:

If I was Brady Campaign, and had any hair, I’d be pulling it out just now.

ABC News stalkers creating victims

Yep, they did it. ABC news followed people who purchased firearms outside of Chicago, followed them home, then published their names. All of this in an effort to point the fingers at the gun shops for crime instead of criminals.

Anyone want to place bets on the Cook County Board members using this to push their gun bans and efforts to close all the shops?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Stupid legislation.

More on the Cook County gun ban legislation. Reading through it more carefully, the definitions they give certain items read like they were made by Rep. McCarthy. For Example:

Assault ammunition means any ammunition magazine having a capacity of more than twelve (12) rounds of ammunition.

They expand the definition of "antique firearms" to those only having unavailable ammo or are rendered inoperable:

Antique firearms means any firearm, including, but not limited to, any firearm with matchlock, flintlock, percussion cap or similar type of ignition system, which is incapable of being fired or discharged; or any firearm manufactured before 1898 for which cartridge ammunition is not commercially available and is possessed as a curiosity or ornament or for its historical significance or value.

Assault weapon is anything they say it is:

(3) Any weapon that the President, the Board, or the Sheriff defines by regulation as an assault weapon because the design or operation of such weapon is inappropriate for lawful use.

Has the potential to ban laser pointers:

Laser sight accessory means a laser sighting device which is either integrated into a firearm or capable of being attached to a firearm.

AP ammo is anything that can penetrate Class I:

Metal piercing bullet means any bullet that is manufactured with other than a lead or lead alloy core, or ammunition of which the bullet itself is wholly composed of, or machined from, a metal or metal alloy other than lead, or any other bullet that is manufactured to defeat or penetrate bullet resistant properties of soft body armor or any other type of bullet resistant clothing which meets the minimum requirements of the current National Institute for Justice Standards for "Ballistic Resistance of Police Body Armor".

And then absolute nonsense:

Solenoid use-limitation device means a device which precludes, by use of solenoid, the firing of the handgun unless a magnet of the appropriate strength is placed in proximity to the handle of the weapon.

Let's see if the Brady's support this one.

Cook County legislates to increase crime

In an attempt to follow in Chicago's footsteps of high crime levels, Cook County IL Commissioner William Beavers has introduced legislation to register all firearms.


Sec. 58-132.5. Unregisterable firearms.

No registration certificate shall be issued for any of the following types of firearms:

(a) Sawed-off shotgun, machine gun, or short-barreled rifle;

(b) Firearms other than handguns, owned or possessed by any person in the County prior to the effective date of this Ordinance which are not validly registered prior to the effective date of this Ordinance;

(c) Handguns, except:

(1) Those validly registered to a current owner in the County prior to the effective date of this Ordinance, and which contain each of the following:

(i) A safety mechanism to hinder the use of the handgun by unauthorized users. Such devices shall include, but shall not be limited to, trigger locks, combination handle locks, and solenoid use-limitation devices; and,

(ii) A load indicator device that provides reasonable warning to potential users such that even users unfamiliar with the weapon would be forewarned and would understand the nature of the warning;

(2) Those owned by peace officers who are residents of the County,

(3) Those owned by security personnel,

(4) Those owned by private detective agencies licensed by the State of Illinois;

So since the only registered handguns in Cook County are in Chicago prior to '81, they've just introduced an all out firearms ban except for "Only Ones". I'm sure this will pass in the People's Soviet.

So, along w/ Commissioner Suffredin's attempt to ban all gun shops, are "authorized journalists" from ABC complicit in this to stir up support?

Selective Response from the Brady Bunch

Shootings in Colorado and Nebraska Reminds Us of the Cost of Assault Weapons in Civilian Hands

"We are saddened by the recent shootings that left four people murdered and four more wounded at a missionary training center and a church in Arvada and Colorado Springs, Colorado. This follows on the heels of the shooting in the Omaha, Nebraska mall where eight people were murdered and five wounded. Our sympathy and prayers go out to all of the family and friends who are grieving.

Having a military-style assault rifle with high-capacity ammunition clips, enabled two troubled young men to kill and injure innocent people quickly and efficiently. Allowing the easy acquisition and possession of military-style weapons like this is foolhardy and the results are tragic."

Of course they neglect to mention how one shooter was stopped while the other continued, the fact that the Omaha shooting involved a non-AWB covered firearm (not an "Assault Rifle"), nor that no concrete information has been released on the CO shooters weapons. Cho was not armed w/ an "Assault Weapon" and managed to kill many more people. Why? A "Gun Free Zone" and a slow response time by the authorities.

Disingenuous to the last.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Santa protects kids from Paul Helmke..

In a Xmas card from John M. Snyder to our favorite hoplophobe:

“Helmke and his crew could use a good dose of common sense,” Snyder stated, “and maybe the card will help to wake them up to reality. The Brady gang’s attempt to blame firearms for last week’s murderous Omaha rampage was truly inane. It was like blaming matches or gasoline for arson. What’s really at fault is public policy preventing law-abiding citizens from being able to defend themselves against mad killers. At the Westroads Mall in Omaha, where the eight murders occurred, posted signs inform people, even those with state-issued permits to carry concealed firearms, that they cannot legally carry guns on the property. That leaves them defenseless in the face of aggressive criminals.”

Hattip to Armedandsafe

Reasoned Discourse:The Next Generation

ProGunProgressive reports that Mr. McDonald has now become fast friends with our old buddy JadeGold who is now censoring and deleting comments in the true tradition of anti-gun fanatics everywhere.

Such fine company they keep.

High Quality "Authorized Journalism"

When they stick their fingers in their ears and go LALALALALA when confronted with the facts on firearms .

SCARBOROUGH: One person with a gun can make a big difference.

BRZEZINSKI: Oh gosh, no! No, no, no.

SCARBOROUGH: Know what I mean? Know what I mean, Willie [Geist]?

WILLIE GEIST: They were quick to point that out yesterday.

BRZEZINSKI: No, no, no, no, no. Camera stays here.

SCARBOROUGH: One person with a gun in the right place can make a big difference.

GEIST [ever the conciliator]: For good and for bad.

SCARBOROUGH: For good and for bad.

BRZEZINSKI: You know, that is the most inane statement I have ever heard.

Brady Campaign takes on NTRA

Recognizing that the actual NRA is too much for them to deal with, Tim Heyne, a member of the Brady Campaign, sets his sights on the much smaller and less organized National Toy Rifle Association, mostly made up of 8-10 year old boys. In his yearly letter to Santa (BC members still believe in myths unsurprisingly), he pleads to keep these deadly weapons out of the hands of potential future sociopaths as playing with toys has been long associated to later massacres:

But it just seems too horribly logical that, as children become desensitized from the deadly reality/awareness of what a handgun is by playing with one, it may make it that much easier for them to pick up and "play" with a real gun, being involved in a situation that could escalate horribly as the pellet gun might be mistaken as real, or may help make for an easy transition to a real handgun as the child becomes older.

Obviously the concept of education has escaped another member of the Brady Campaign. Perhaps it's a membership requirement.

A comment by 45Superman on Huffpo:

" . . . or may help make for an easy transition to a real handgun as the child becomes older."

That, I submit, is closer to the real reason for such a campaign--removing toy guns from the equation, because they interfere with indoctrinating kids into the rabidly anti-gun mindset that the citizen disarmament lobby so cherishes. Do that for long enough, and there will be no one left to fight for gun rights.

Monday, December 10, 2007

YAY! Free advertising.

Our Anonymous troll from the other day has started up his own little parody blog. I guess acting like a fool on other people's blogs got boring.

A piece of advice AT. Contact the Brady Campaign or Joyce Foundation. They're known for bankrolling nonsense.

I wonder what Bucknell University would think of their students using their computers for this?

Thanks to Armed and Safe for the link.

Update: Oh, look, (s)he's home now. Enjoying the visit? That's about two more rounds for me.

So many jokes...So little bandwidth...

Clinton says Hillary was always the one.

*mumble* "of many" *mumble*

"She laughed and said, 'First I love you and, second, I'm not going to run for anything, I'm too hardheaded.'"


Proof that she was a liar even back in the day and he still hasn't inhaled.

Chicago "Only Ones" shoot, rape, and torture..

And Mayor Daley raises taxes to cover it while CYOA.

$20 million police brutality settlement advances in Chicago City Hall

Sergeant convicted of rape

City settles with family of paralyzed man

Yep, that's about par for the course in Chicago.

Spinning like a top..

Our ever favorite Brady sycophant Kelli provides evidence that she really was a journalist in a former life with this piece in response to the fact that it was an armed volunteer who took down the church shooter:

However, I must add that the example of the brave security officer in Colorado, is what Paul & Necron99 & many others have been talking about all along!

This is an acceptable (I personally feel) example of a security officer's appropriate gun use, in the face of a very dangerous situation ~ which was handled with merit because it was someone who was very stable, well-trained, & experienced as an armed civilian guard. However, not all civilians w/ firearms & weaponry fall into this class ... as you all should know & accept by now.

Sad ~ but that's the reality.

Outta here for now,


Obviously she's been taking lessons from Bryan Miller. Yes, they really are that delusional.

CCW saved lives.

Ahab found the CNN story stating that the security guard was an unpaid member of the congregation.

Wonder if Paul will blog this?

Washed up actors and their politics

Ryan Horsley points out that Sylvester Stallone, a long time supporter of the Brady Bunch and gun control laws is making another movie based on violence and firearms.

From a Stallone quote:

"I know we use guns in films," but insisted the time has come "to be a little more accountable and realize that this is an escalating problem that’s eventually going to lead to, I think, urban warfare."

From the movie:

John J. Rambo: You bringing any weapons?
Burnett: Of course not.
John J. Rambo: Then you ain't changin' nothin'.

Hypocritical ass. He's in good company.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Want your 15 minutes?

Just shoot up a place. The media will accommodate you.

Inadvertant gun rights activists.

or: They can 'scare white people' too.

Anti-rights activists like Alex, JadeGold, and 'Anonymous' are , in my opinion, doing us all a favor. Their profanity laden, hate-filled diatribes do one thing besides waste bandwidth. They make any 'fence-sitters', those with no strong opinions on the matter, think "If these people are this incoherent, maybe the other side has a point." In other words, it encourages them to look at those that our resident venom-spitters are directing their hate towards with a more positive view. I've gotten linked to by several sites that have nothing to do with firearms, their ownership, or rights for the mere fact that these sites have also been the object of similar hate attacks by said individuals. Who do you think the readers of these sites will look more favorably on?

And for Ms. "Anonymous" Lewisburg, PA. Every time you load a page on this site, I get a little money. So, not only are you helping us out with your words, but your actions as well. Thanks to you, I'm well on my way towards another box of ammo.

Thank you all for supporting the cause.

Apparently Sharp as a Marble posted something similar.