Saturday, January 16, 2010

Some People Just Can't Learn

In a classic examples of how internet myths survive and how we can be our own worst enemies, I found a comment in response to Dave Workman's Seattle GRE column on how the 2009 tax forms don't have a place to list your guns. You know, the SB2099 thing.
The bill was out there in Congress. Enough people became aware of it that it failed to clear committee. ....
Sure. Ten years ago. And HR45 never even saw the light of day. Now here's the funny part:
I can confidently suggest that both he and his article be ignored, just as he and Zumbo ignore the hard work that went into making sure that the IRS isn't counting guns this year.

Yeah. It's hard work to forward an e-mail for a non-existent threat. So I asked him to show me the bill. One would think he would be proud to show how it was defeated and would brag about it a little. Here's the response:
Google is your friend. I am not.

No real surprise there, eh?

It's bad enough that we have "I'm a gun owner but" type people and the AHSA who do everything they can to elect Brady endorsed candidates, we don't need gun owners remaining willfully ignorant and defending myths and nonsense when a minute or two of research will show the truth while at the same time attacking others who have done the relevant research on the real threats out there.

Leave that kind of nonsense for the gun banners. Don't do their work for them.

Update: And sometimes people surprise you:
I apologize for my rude answer. I am just so tired of people demanding "someone else' do the work that they can do with a few keystrokes. I've had a running battle with a couple of idiots who demand just that with every post while failing to provide any backing for their own statements. Again, sorry.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Signature challenge

One of the problems with dealing with the antis is that so much of what they think is true just isn't so. We are forced to break down these walls first, before we get to the actual meat on the bone.

So let's have some fun.

Most people I have met on Al Gores’ interweb tubes have signature arguments, unique writing styles and even individually identifiable punctuation/grammar structure. This applies to the pro and anti crowd alike. I feel confident that I could correctly identify both pro and anti commenters that I follow, even if their monikers were hidden to me. The most notable example is Joe Huffman’s “Just One Question.” When I see that, I know it’s Joe.

Well, I thought I would share my signature “argument” in the hopes that others will use it. I only frequent a few anti blogs and I would very much appreciate it if others would adopt my signature and spread it like Lyme disease.

Goes like this.

1. Engage an anti. The more elitist the better.
2. Tell them that if they can prove that poisonous snakes exist on planet Earth, you will videotape yourself cutting one of your guns(handgun, assault weapon, .50 cal…your choice) in half with a blow torch, post that video on youtube and then return to the thread and post a direct link to the video.
3.This is optional…make the condition that if they fail to prove that poisonous snakes exist on planet Earth, they must make a donation(I always say $1.00) to the NRA, GOA, JPFO, 2AA, CCRKBA, 2AS or whatever org you wish.

I have been offering this challenge for close to 3 years now and I have never even gotten a nibble.

Maybe you’ll have better luck than I.

Here’s why you can’t lose.

There is no such thing as a poisonous snake on planet Earth. Some snakes are venomous, but none are poisonous. Huge difference.

If something is poisonous(flora, fauna or fungi), it means that eating it will have ill consequences. It means that the toxins are more or less evenly distributed throughout the flesh of said flora, fauna or fungi.

Speaking from personal experience, you can eat any damn snake you want and have a right tasty meal. Pan fry a Diamondback Rattler and you have a cross between chicken and duck and fish oil. Roll that bad boy in honey and cornmeal before it hits the pan and you got yourself some eats.

For those who rely on the MSM to inform them about firearms and gun laws, they simply open their gullets and swallow like a baby bird. In a sick and twisted sorta way, this can work to our advantage.

Challenge what they think they know to be true.

Shatter their reality with a polite refute.

Show them that what they think to be true with every fiber of their being… is actually false.

Yeah yeah, I know I'm preaching to the choir, but that resulting melody always gets my ass shaking.

‘Like the Redneck NRA Supporters They Are’

Via View From the Porch et al. comes a quote of a cut scene from the officially released screenplay of James Cameron's film Avatar.
TROOPERS issue automatic weapons and magazines to a long line of mine workers. The miners lock and load like the redblooded redneck NRA supporters they are.
If that's what Hollywood types think, then we're doing it right.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dangerous Terrorist..

This is the kind of person White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanual, NY Mayor Bloomberg and numerous anti-gun groups want stripped of their constitutional rights because of his name:

Don't you feel safer?

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

On The UN Gun Ban Thing

I've gotten about a half-dozen e-mails and messages from people on this 'alert' over the UN Arms Treaty thing.

This is a rehashed e-mail over the fact that the US is going to sit down at the conference which doesn't even start for over 2 years. The vote for this occurred back in October of '09.

That's it. There is no gun ban or fleets of black helicopters prepping as we type.

Just vote the idiots out who support this in the next two elections.

Here's the draft resolution.

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Down the Memory Hole: Rob Russell edition

What do you do when you're an aspiring politico and you threaten to assault someone (then defend that claim) on an internet forum?

Why delete the entire blog along with the offending posts on his wife's blog and hope that no-one took screencaps.

Whoops. They did. Sorry Rob Russell.

Get the full story at 3 Boxes of BS, Walls of the City, Weerd Beard, and Sarahandmom.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fun with anagrams

Sometimes when I'm bored, I play with an online anagram generator.

Well, I'm bored.

Paul Helmke = make up hell
Peter hamm = harem temp
Doug Pennington = 1. Opting no gun end
2. Neon tip gun dong
3. I not pen-gun dong
Josh Sugarmann = 1. jug horn ass man
2. ass horn gun jam
Dennis Henigan = 1. hanged ninnies
2. insane ding hen
3. he's in an ending
Brady Campaign = 1. Baa Cramp Dying
2. racy pig badman
3. A Canard By Gimp
4. i'd ban gay cramp
Violence Policy
= 1. one live eccentric ploy
2. Evil En Loopy eccentric
3. colonic receive plenty
4. yep, evil colonic center

And the winner is...

gun control = colon grunt

Interesting enough...

second amendment = 1. mad men consented
2. most men end dance
3. canned demons met
4. Ascend End Moment
5. tense end command
6. Mad Conmen Nested

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Cat TV

'Socialism' in Action....

(CNN) -- In the wake of his decision to devalue Venezuela's currency, President Hugo Chavez on Sunday said he would put the military on the streets to ensure that business owners don't raise prices....

The president blamed such lines on "teleterror," saying that opposition media outlets were fueling a panic.

He encouraged people to publicly denounce businesses where prices increase and threatened to expropriate businesses that do.

The government would transfer ownership of such businesses to the workers, Chavez said.

Defacto Martial Law, more reason to restrict non-gov't approved media, and confiscate businesses that try to not go bankrupt all in one swoop.

The man's a genius.

Hat tip to Mike W. of Another Gun Blog

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