Saturday, August 6, 2016

@SimonsCat :The Card Game #GenCon @SJGames

One of the perks of getting a Press Badge from GenCon is the chance to preview and demo games.  One game I got to see and really loved is the recently released 'Simons Cat: Card Game by Steve Jackson Games.

Presented by Phil Reed.
 Play is fast and fun.  3-6 players shuffle out all the pink cards in various suits.  Cats, kittens, gnomes, hedgehogs, puppies....The one with the Cat 3 card starts off.  Play is similar to Uno except that you make the sound of the animal on the card when you put it down.  Still trying to figure out the hedgehog sound.

If you don't have one to put down, you get the stack of cards in the middle. Keep playing until all cards are gone from your hands. Those with three stacks of get a Simon card. Reshuffle and keep playing. The first person to get three Simon cards loses. 

 Head on by booth 1401 or go to Warehouse23 to pick a set.  Pay w/ exact change and they'll do a dance for you.

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