Saturday, September 20, 2008

Biden shoots skeet

So he won't let Obama take away his shotguns:

"I guarantee you Barack Obama ain't taking my shotguns, so don't buy that malarkey," Biden said Saturday at the United Mine Workers of America's annual fish fry in Castlewood, Virginia. "Don't buy that malarkey. They're going to start peddling that to you."

Yeah. Obama gave up on banning shotguns years ago so he could focus on handguns and all semi-auto's, and 'sniper rifles'.

I feel better now. Don't you?.

Weekend Funny

Ray Schoenke's taking the heat...

He knows that his history of anti-gun activities and support is making the AHSA look like chumps so they're working on a PR campaign to try and fool people some more. His current HuffPo piece is a prime example of half-truths and Dave Hardy destroys a similar attempt in New West.

Ok, let's assume for a moment that the leadership of the AHSA HAVE actually reversed their former opinions on firearms. I know, it's a stretch, but work with me.

Can anyone show anything, anything at all, that the AHSA has done to support 'hunters' and 'shooters'?

Friday, September 19, 2008

It's good to be rich and famous..

Nev. judge dismisses gun case against Jerry Lewis

LAS VEGAS A Las Vegas judge has dismissed a firearms charge against entertainer Jerry Lewis. Las Vegas Justice Court Judge Karen Bennett-Haron dismissed the case Friday after attorneys agreed to let the 82-year-old comedian off without fines.

Lewis was cited in July for attempting to carry an unloaded concealed weapon through McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas.

Mayor Daley refuses to enforce the law

By arresting and deporting illegal immigrants:

"That is not the role of the Chicago Police Department, your legal status. I mean, their role is to serve and protect the people of the city of Chicago. And immigrants do not commit the high percentage of crime."
And yet legal firearm owners "do not commit the high percentage of crime" yet Daley and his ilk seem obsessed w/ blaming them for Chicago's high crime rate.

The Cook County Police agree w/ him:
Cook County sheriff's office spokesman Steve Patterson said the office will not consider a program like 287(g) because Cook is a sanctuary county, meaning officials have directed police and other employees not to ask about Immigration status.
Officials have directed police to not enforce the law. Does anymore need to be said?

Hey, they have a blog too...

NRA Blog.

Lots of people training to be terrorist snipers according to the FBI.

Obama refuses to support DC Gun Bill

I think.

The canned response to Armed and Safe's letter is a textbook case of DoubleSpeak.

Lots of verbiage but no substance.

Just like Obama.

Factoids are fun

% of Cook Co, IL pop w/ FOID cards.......4.6%
% of IL firearms related homocides committed in Cook County = 76%

Thursday, September 18, 2008

CPD work slowdown?

CHICAGO — Serious crime is up but arrests are down in Chicago, and some police officers say they are working the streets less aggressively out of resentment toward their new chief and fear of being second-guessed by him.

"People are doing just what they need to get through" their shifts, said Lt. Robert Weisskopf, president of the Chicago police lieutenants union, "and not any extra."

In addition to making fewer arrests, police are seizing fewer guns and frisking gang members less often than they did before Superintendent Jody Weis was brought in to clean up a department embarrassed by a string of brutality cases, according to interviews, statistics provided by police and an internal document obtained by The Associated Press.

Crime up. Arrests down. Bad feelings in the department.


The future of shooting is in our hands

Darnall’s NRA Youth Shooting Camp 2008

Bloomington, IL (GSL/CCRA)
- Darnall’s Gun Works and Ranges hosted their fourteenth annual NRA
Youth Shooting Camp July 31-August 2, 2008 at their property west
of Bloomington. Approximately 75 campers were present, along with
dozens of volunteer staff to make the nation’s longest-running NRA
youth camp another big success.

Youths aged 8-16 camped for four
days and three nights at the range and explored several major shooting disciplines, including trap shooting, black powder rifles, small-bore rifles, pistols, cowboy action shooting as well as an archery program.
Certified instructors from around Illinois volunteered to offer their
services to teach safety and good technique. While time was limited
at each station, the opportunities to learn were not as instructors helped
set a good foundation for the campers to continue to learn and improve
as shooters.

Sunday afternoon, parents had an unscheduled opportunity to watch
the kids in action at the various ranges as the teaching modules
were pushed back by some thunderstorms earlier in the morning.
Excited campers delighted in showing off their targets and talents to
proud parents and grandparents.

Read the rest at the Sangamon County Rifle Assoc. website

This is what it takes. While we fight for our rights in the courts and legislators, we can't neglect bringing new faces into the fold. These kids will grow up without a fear of firearms and with the education to be safe even if they choose not to own them.

One and a half steps forward, one step back

Ohio's Supreme Court overturns local law against carrying in parks, US House passes DC gun bill , while some mayors in PA try to ignore preemption laws.

One step at a time.

Hypocrisy you can believe in.

AP has information on the hacking of Palin's private e-mail account. Yet they won't help.

Yep. Unbiased 'journalists' at their finest. We all know what would happen if it had been a (D) account that had been hacked into and published.

Did she really say that?

Old news, but it needs to be dusted off every once in awhile.

In the debate between Rebecca Peters of IANSA and Wayne Lapierre of the NRA, Wayne claimed that IANSA wanted to restrict longarms to one that could fire less than 100 meters.

Would someone really make such an inane statement?

civilians should not have sniper rifles, or rifles that they can kill someone at 100 meters distance, for example. -Rebecca Peters, CNN Oct. 23 2002

In the debate, she specifically says:

"I think Americans who hunt -- and who prove that they can hunt -- should have single shot rifles suitable for hunting whatever they"re hunting. I mean American citizens should be like any other citizens of the world. "

They also want to ban all semi-auto's and handguns (boy that sounds familiar). What's left?

BTW. The Brady Campaign, various Joyce Foundation puppets, and the CSGV are all members of IANSA.

Just to let you know where they really stand.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Even the anti's agree...

The AHSA doesn't support hunting or shooting.

When asked to show anything they've actually done, here is the response:

You're just sending people on more wild goose chases ...

So yes, even the most ardent hoplophobes recognize the AHSA is just a false-front group.

They are their own worst enemy.

Obama supports gun rights?

So says a letter to the Editor in Baker City, OR. Here are some of the 'facts' ( and I use the word loosely) that are presented:


Fact: It is demonstrably untrue to assert that Barack Obama wants to confiscate firearms, a blatant lie.

RealFact: Yes he does.

Good Fact: Obama, who received the endorsement of the American Hunters and Shooters Association, a non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting hunting and common-sense gun policy, is on record as affirming gun ownership rights.

RealFact: Oh don't even get me started.

Good Fact: At a press conference in Watertown South Dakota on May 16, 2008, Democratic candidate Barack Obama unequivocally makes clear his support for gun ownership in his clear and direct statement: "It is an individual right, the people have the right to lawfully bear arms" ... You can't make it much clearer than that.

RealFact: Unless you include his long history of opposing said right.

One should really try telling the truth before one starts calling others 'ignorant' or "just wanting to confuse voters' minds' when the very organization that Obama financially supported as a board member of the Joyce Foundation openly advocates using ignorance and confusion to attempt to ban guns.

To the Brady Campaign


That's gotta smart.

Stressin' in Chi-town

Maybe this is why crime is so high:

Forbes names Chicago the country's most stressful city

"With 7.3% unemployment and a gallon of gas going for just under four bucks, the Windy City has some economic headwinds that result in a perfect storm for stress. Chi-town’s pollution problems (it ranked No. 7 in terms poor air quality) and lack of breathing room (it's No. 2 in terms of population density) couple to create a Midwestern Molotov cocktail of stress."

Then mix in the fear of being shot in the middle of a gang war, one of the highest sales taxes in the nation, and the Cubs STILL not making it to the World Series and it's a wonder that Chicago doesn't have a higher suicide rate than Japan.

Required Reading?

My Struggle Change we can believe in by Barack Obama

It contains his Master Plan for the future of America.

Will it be given to newlyweds to read on their honeymoon?

Give us this day, our daily snark. I saw the worship inducing wording of this ad and the cover photo and this image flashed through my head:

Cheap shot, yeah, but I'm bored.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sarah is afraid of Sarah

From Sarah Brady:

Sarah Palin makes me nervous.

Just one more reason to vote for her.

AHSA changes the subject

Recognizing that they can't successfully defend Obama's record on firearms, Ray Schoenke tries to change the subject to taxes:
"It's important to me that our next President protects our Second Amendment rights to own guns and defend ourselves," says Schoenke. "Barack Obama and John McCain will both make sure we can keep our guns. But what about keeping our jobs?

Now why would he do that? Could it be that Obama has a horrible record on supporting firearm rights? Could it be that the AHSA really doesn't care about firearms?

These people really are a self-parody.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Not grasping the problem....

During a riot after claims of witchcraft..

soldiers had fired into the air to calm angry crowds. The shooting prompted panic instead, which became fatal "when the crowds all tried to leave at the same time."
Because people's first reaction to hearing gunfire is to relax. Right. And who thought this would be a good idea?

Nevermind that they were rioting over 'witchcraft'.


Another true "liberal":

Greenberg’s dislike for the GOP is not new. In 2004, she held an art exhibit in Los Angeles in which she displayed pictures of toddlers crying with the caption “Four More Years.” Greenberg admitted she intentionally made the toddlers cry so she could create a visual slam against President Bush.

BDS defined.

They didn't eat the hearts?

What are Satanist Cannibals coming to when they don't even eat the part that contains the soul? Everyone knows you're supposed to eat it while the sacrifice watches.

Kids these days.

Fearing results.

Assuming H.R.6691 gets passed out of the house (most likely if it comes up for a vote), it goes up before the Senate. That's where it will most likely stall.

Paul Helmke of the Brady Campaign, is still afraid of it. He doesn't even want to let it come up for a vote:

"We think we've got a better chance of defeating it in the Senate, or keeping it from coming to a vote," Helmke said.

So Paul admits that he's not above playing the same legislative games that he accuses the 'gun lobby' of. He's afraid that if it does come up for a vote, it could pass.

This is the personification of fear and the Orwellian concept of "Ignorance is Strength.

SIH has more.

Illinois Mini-Factoid 2007

Chicago dropped it's former percentage of 60% of Illinois murders for 2007.

It dropped to 59%

It's murders/100K went from 16.4 to 15.68.

It was still 5x higher than the rest of the state at 3.08 .

All of the drops for the city have been negated so far in 2008. As of the July Chicago crime report, it now sits at over 18 / 100K .

FBI UCR 2007 out



* Nationwide, an estimated 1,408,337 violent crimes occurred in 2007.
* There were an estimated 466.9 violent crimes per 100,000 inhabitants.
* When data for 2007 were compared with 2006 data, the estimated volume of violent crime declined 0.7 percent.
* Aggravated assault accounted for 60.8 percent of violent crimes, the highest number of violent crimes reported to law enforcement. Robbery comprised 31.6 percent and forcible rape accounted for 6.4 percent. Murder accounted for 1.2 percent of estimated violent crimes in 2007.
* In 2007, offenders used firearms in 68.0 percent of the Nation’s murders, 42.8 percent of robberies, and 21.4 percent of aggravated assaults. (Weapon data are not collected for forcible rape offenses.) (Based on Robbery Table 3, Aggravated Assault Table, and Expanded Homicide Data Table 6.)

D&D all over again.

Back in the 80's and early 90's, it was common to see lists of potential signs your teen might be nuts. Remember those? They almost always included common teenage angst, wearing black, and role-playing games like D&D. Most teenagers would fall under multiple items.

Uncle points to another FBI publication doing the same thing w/ firearm owners. If you own one, practice, or read, it 'may be indicators of potential terrorist planning efforts'.

I can go one farther than him. I don't "modify vehicles in a nontraditional manner" but I do read up on the history of terrorism and guerilla warfare. This involves primary source materials by the terrorists and guerillas themselves. I'm on a list.

Well, the wording is better than the classic pamphlet they put out calling people who "make numerous references to US constitution" terrorists.

But not much.

Changing his position

From an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times on April 25, 2008 (via the Brady Campaign):

Q: As a state legislator, you voted against a bill which would let people with orders of protection [against others] carry guns and another that would have barred municipalities from punishing people who kept guns in their homes. Why?

A: I felt that [the first one] was a precedent for conceal-and-carry laws. There has not been any evidence that allowing people to carry a concealed weapon is going to make anybody safer.

Yet just a few weeks earlier he claimed:

"I am not in favor of concealed weapons," Obama said. "I think that creates a potential atmosphere where more innocent people could (get shot during) altercations."

So in just a few weeks time, he went from "they can cause more deaths" to "they might not make things better".

I guess this shows that Barack"don't pay any attention to my handwriting on that paper" Obama is quicker on the ball than most anti's. It took them over a decade to make the same mental slide.


To complement SIH's post on gunrunning in NJ, I present this little nugget:

Of the offenders with prior felony records, the study found that at the time of the new crime 18 percent were on probation, 12 percent on release pending disposition of a prior case and 7 percent on parole.

Yep, 37% of the repeat offenders were on on probation, parole, or bail for another crime.

But the one thing that the gun banners refuse to discuss is actually keeping people in jail for violence. They would rather focus on the miniscule number of crimes committed w/ 'assault weapons'.