Friday, August 1, 2008

Chicago Tribune takes a stand against rights..

They can no longer claim in any way to be impartial in their news reporting on firearms.

We share Daley's anger at the 5-4 ruling of the Supreme Court. It was based on flawed legal reasoning, ignored precedent and will lead to years of litigation about the constitutionality of various firearms restrictions.

And yet even they say Daley should drop the ban.


Mike W. said...

Why must the media continue to cling to the whole "Heller ignored 70 years of precedent" argument?

Even a cursory reading of Miller exposes that argument as a fraud. Yet the media keeps parroting it out when they've quite clearly never read a word of the Miller decision.

Thirdpower said...

remember though, this is the same paper that classified 2500 people demanding their rights in Springfield as "not newsworthy" yet gave Rev. Jackson front page coverage for busing 200 people to an anti-gun protest.

This is the same paper that ignored over 500 people in downtown Chicago calling for their rights yet (again) gave front page coverage to about 200 people protesting "gun violence" a few days later.

This is the 4th estate in the US.