Saturday, March 15, 2008

She relied on a piece of paper to protect her..

Just like the authorities tell us to. Like so many other examples, it failed when her ex decided he didn't feel like abiding by it.

The law didn't save her
She tried a court order. She had him arrested. She took all the legal steps she could right up to the day her ex-boyfriend shot her dead in a parking lot.

When will these organizations stop taking a passive approach to personal safety?

Breach of Contract?

The SOS of Montana thinks so:

There was no assertion in 1889 that the Second Amendment was susceptible to a collective rights interpretation, and the parties to the contract understood the Second Amendment to be consistent with the declared Montana constitutional right of “any person” to bear arms.

As a bedrock principle of law, a contract must be honored so as to give effect to the intent of the contracting parties. A collective rights decision by the court in Heller would invoke an era of unilaterally revisable contracts by violating the statehood contract between the United States and Montana, and many other states.

Clement to "amend his position" on Heller?

That's according to Robert Novak of the Chicago Sun Times:

That has not lessened puzzlement over Clement, who has tried to explain his course to the White House by claiming he feared Justice Anthony Kennedy, the Supreme Court's current swing vote, would join a liberal majority on gun rights if forced to rule on Silberman's opinion. The more plausible explanation for Clement's stance is that he could not resist opposition to individual gun rights by career lawyers in the Justice Department's Criminal Division (who clashed with the Office of Legal Counsel in a heated internal struggle). Newly installed Attorney General Michael Mukasey, a neophyte at Justice, was unaware of the conflict and learned about Clement's position only after it had been locked in.

The cause needs help from Clement in his 15 minute oral argument, but not if he reiterates his written brief. The word was passed in government circles this week that Clement would amend his position when he actually faces the justices -- an odd ending to bizarre behavior by the Justice Department.

I'll believe it Tuesday when/if I hear it.

Women Bearing Firearms Increasing

Even a broken clock is correct twice a day. So goes the New York slime. I came across this article. Women Bearing Firearms Increasing. This is an older article but is good reading. It points out the myths that the VPC, Brady, and Ceasefire attempt to pass off as fact.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Brady Campaign: Help Defend Gun Bans

U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Second Amendment Case Next Week!
We need your help to defend America's gun laws

Dear Thirdpower
Brady Gun Law Defense Fund [image]

This Tuesday, March 18, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear what could be the most significant Second Amendment case in our country's history — and your Brady Center will be there.

Thanks to your support and the support of members like you, we will be in the courtroom on Tuesday — and then speaking to the press on the steps of the Supreme Court immediately afterwards. We've already contacted ABC, CNN, and Fox News and have done advance interviews with other media outlets.

The Brady Center's team of lawyers have been hard at work preparing our arguments and providing in-depth expertise to those involved with the case over the past twelve months since a U.S. Court of Appeals struck down a gun law as violating the Second Amendment for the first time in American history.

And in November, when the Supreme Court decided to take the case, thanks to your support, we put together an amicus brief that was co-signed by nine national law enforcement groups. In addition, the Brady team helped to coordinate and support other friend-of-the-court briefs that were filed by doctors and nurses, law professors, historians, and others who believe in sensible gun laws.

In the past few weeks, a barrage of national and regional media requests have come in to the Brady Center. These will continue — beyond when the Supreme Court's decision is announced later this spring. And our goal is to use the media's coverage of the case to educate the public on what the Second Amendment means for gun laws in our country.

The U.S. Supreme Court has the opportunity to reverse a clearly erroneous decision and make it clear that the Constitution does not prevent communities from having the gun laws they believe are needed to protect public safety. The Brady Center will be there — for you — to defend America's gun laws.

We will keep you posted on what develops — and updates will be available Tuesday afternoon at, including links to the courtroom audio.

Sarah's Signature (100x43)
Sarah Brady, Chair

Translation: We will continue to lie and distort the issue using the media and every other method at our disposal because, if we lose, this could be our death knell.

Send us money.

VPC still an FFL

Renewed till 2011


You should contact 911 if you're in trouble..

Anti-gunners and IGOLD

It wasn't only the MMM and BC who weren't to be seen, apparently Emil Jones, President of the IL Senate, was also difficult to locate, just like last year. After "not being available" for scheduled appointments, he was apparently seen hiding out in the cafeteria w/ several other anti-gun legislators after closing time.

In 4 days


In 4 days the US Supreme Court justices will hear arguments. March 18 is the day a ruling is likely by the end of June.

Fact is three out of four Americans — 73% — believe the Second Amendment spells out an individual right to own a firearm, this is according to a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll of 1,016 adults taken Feb. 8-10.

Couple of things, when interacting with our anti Freedom friends they are forgetting that the right to arms is a Right, not a privilege at the pleasure of the government. Crime control is a proven effective method. Gun control is and has always been a failure.

Ask them, are you willing to give up the freedom of speech? Freedom of the Press? Or, Freedom of religion? How about the right to a trial?

Remind them, regardless of what some seemingly well meaning people will tell them, giving up your any of your rights as a citizen never is a good. I would point out history in the last 150 years an what gun control has produced...

I am keeping my fingers crossed, for a good verdict.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Only One Housecleaning

Top cop replaces 21 of city's 25 district commanders

Now the question is, is this an actual housecleaning to bring in fresh ideas and eliminate some corruption or is the 'new boss same as the old boss' and these are the ones that had the clout?

The first part begs the question then that if we're supposed to rely on the "Only Ones" for our protection because they are screened, highly trained, and more qualified to do so, why would they need to clean house?

The second part needs no qualifying question. This is Chicago.


A common PuSH'er meme is "Look at any industrialized nation that has gun control and we see lower homicide rates."

Is this universally true? Is Russia not industrialized? They have a homicide rate 4X that of the US. Mexico? 3X. South Africa? 10X. All three have strict gun control and are considered industrialized.

Perhaps they use a different definition to determine whether a country is "industrialized" or not? Is there a list of objective qualifications out there that they use?

Why do they have to include the qualifier "industrialized" at all? Does that make them "more like us"? Does "industrialization" somehow instill improved moral values? What about the countries that aren't industrialized? Are the citizens of these somehow less developed morally and ethically than the others?

That sure seems like a discriminatory way to defend ones ideology.

Len Savage on Lou Dobbs 3/13/08

Lou Dobbs Tonight is featuring him in two segments. Per show producer Chris Murphey:
We will possibly split this story into a two part event…either way we’ll be running something tonight in the show…airs 7P-8p EST on CNN…unsure of the hit time for this piece, but expect it in the first half-hour.

So it may be one segment tonight and another segment tomorrow. Anyway, plan on watching this, or else program your recorder if you can't. Expect legal and technical issues to be explored that you have not seen on "mainstream" television before. At this point, we have every reason to believe the coverage will be fair and comprehensive.

IACP endorses denying due process

Joining Sen. Lautenberg in pissing on the 5th Amendment.

The Lautenberg-King bill seeks to close the "terror gap" in federal gun laws by giving the Attorney General the power to block gun sales to those on the federal government’s terror watch list.

The same list "riddled w/ errors" .

The Lautenberg-King measure specifically:

• Provides the Attorney General with discretionary authority to deny the transfer of a firearm or the issuance of a firearm or explosives license or permit when a background check reveals that the purchaser is a known or suspected terrorist and the Attorney General reasonably believes that the person may use a firearm or explosives in connection with terrorism;

Translation: Whomever he/she feels like denying.

• Includes due process safeguards that afford an affected person an opportunity to challenge a denial by the Attorney General; and

Translation: As long as they choose to fund said "safeguard".

• Protects the sensitive information upon which terrorist watch lists are based.

Translation: We're going to keep it secret so you don't know if you're on the list or not, then, when you try to buy a gun and are denied, we're going to arrest you for committing a felony permanently denying your ability to own. Unless you can afford to resurrect and hire Johnnie Cochran.

Nothing surprising from a group funded by the Joyce Foundation.

Hattip to SIH.


ID thief arrested because person he was claiming to be had an outstanding warrant.

I don't care who you are, that's funny right there.

Uncle gets more Reuters attention.

On the AHSA.

Ne'er we forget that John Rosenthal also has his own Brady subsidiary blogs on HuffPo. You remember him? The guy that put up the big anti-NRA sign in Boston? Board member of AHSA?

Being in the middle..

From a post on the Forum:

If you think you believe that there is an individual right to keep and bear arms, but see nothing wrong with Chicago or DC imposing an absolute ban, you're not in the middle. When you tell the gun nuts you do, you're either lying to them or you're lying to yourself, and either way they won't listen to you.

If you think that we should require licenses for gun owners, and see nothing wrong with jurisdictions in which the officials in charge of issuing carry permits have full discretion as to who they will and will not issue to, with no objective standards, and no consequences, then you're never going to get the gun nuts to listen to you.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Blogger Milestone

Since I started keeping stats shortly after I started this blog, I have logged over 30,000 visits as of today.

Page Loads Unique Visitors First Time Visitors Returning Visitors
Total 40,940 30,265 18,995 11,270
Average 234 173 109 64

Ammo accountability

According to IL Rep. Burke's office, HB4259 went before the Exec committee today and failed.

One down. More to go. Including at least two more serializing bills.


NBC report on it.

Voting card via IllinoisCarry.

The Numbers Game.

Anti-gunners claim public support of at least 2-1 in favor of "Gun Control". If that were true, where were the 5000-6000 counter protesters in Springfield?

Where were the ICHV, BC/MMM, Jesse Jackson, Rev. Pfleger, et al. ?

Photo blatantly stolen from IllinoisCarry.

More Photos.

Media bias..

The IGOLD attendence is being estimated as over 2,000 individuals. The reaction by the major media? Effectively Nil. Some local stations ran blurbs as well as some local papers. What were the reactions in the big Chicago papers? Sun-Times: Nothing. Chicago Tribune: An anti-gun editorial and a Daley rant.

Why would they ignore this? It isn't because they didn't know about it. Press releases were sent out as well as letters sent by individuals. It must be something else. What could it be?

Update: Apparently they did do a short cutnpaste from the AP. The same one that's been published in the small papers adn about 1/4 the space of the anti-gun articles on the same day.

A great idea from Mayor Bloomberg

State Legislators Against Illegal Guns

No more worries about group rankings and endorsements. Just a nice simple list of people to campaign and vote against in the elections. Thanks Bloomie.

Apparently the new "Coalition" of six individuals includes Illinois Rep. Elizabeth Coulson.

I sent her an e-mail regarding their use of trace data to justify their position. Will she respond? I've also put a post up on Illinois Carry and contacted the ISRA.

This Communication Revolution thing is great.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Jersey .22cal "Assault Gun"

Bryan Miller's most feared nightmare.

A man we knew as "Solitude"

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I would like to take a moment to remember “Solitude” we knew him well. We all must remember his laugh and charm, in a way “Solitude” was a part of many of us. Perhaps he will show himself one more time at the big pancake house in the sky.

Bow your heads……..OK then don’t


Another Amendment..

Why do most gun owners oppose registration and mandatory "Safe Storage"? Because then the authorities can walk into your home anytime they like to see if you're following the law. Just like they're doing in Australia. Now boys and girls, which amendment does that violate? But that could never happen here, right? There's no slippery-slope, is there?

Hint: 2+2

Thanks to War on Guns for the link.


I wasn't able attend due to work issues but here are some photos.

#1, #2, #3

Once again, more people showed up in support of state gun rights than showed up for the national protests organized by the Brady Bunch and Rev. Jackson. Last year we had between 1,200 and 1,500 people.

To put things in perspective, I've had as many or more visitors on this blog today (174), a day I didn't even post anything till evening, than Rev. Jackson had followers at his Aug 28th non-event.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Backing a loser..

Seems to be Philly mayor Nutter's strong suit. First highly illegal gun bills and now increasingly unpopular presidential contenders.

Hillary for DNC !! She's got my support.

Want to hear about the other amendments?

Anti's are regularly harping on how we as "gunnuts" don't as vigorously defend the rest of the amendments on our gun blogs as we do the Second. Well Duh. So here you go, a DOJ official trying to intimidate into silence what would be most closely attributed to a very thick and abrasive brick wall.

The Second Amendment. Defender of the rest.

Spitzer playin' w/ his gun too much?

Elliot Spitzer, current Gov. of NY and the AG who started the lawsuits against firearms, has been connected to prostitution rings in his fine state according to the NYT and AP. Scheduled announcement this afternoon.

Update: Yep. The same guy that prosecuted prostitutes and their houses was at the same time frequenting them while probably telling his wife and kids he was "working". Hypocrite. Maybe he should sue himself as a public nuisance.

We need more Gov't created lists.

Because they handle the ones they have now so efficiently.

Not even going into the "Terrorist Watchlist" or BATFE fiascos, here's my recent experience w/ bureaucracy and lists. We're on state insurance. I need to go for an outpatient procedure so my wife called our family Doc. Doc says they don't do it there so we need to get referred through the state. Wife calls the state office. After being transferred several times, she finally is connected to the right office and is given a list of area Doctors who do said procedure and accept the insurance.


So instead she talks to a relative who had the same procedure done and calls that Doctor. He accepts the insurance and is local but his name wasn't even on the list given.

But they'll be able to accurately keep registration, medical, and suspect lists on millions of individuals.

Sure. Pull the other one.

WE'RE #1, WE'RE #1!!!

Gun 'Blobbers" have over taken Corrupt Gun Dealers on the Triangle of Death. I knew we could do it.

Reasoned Discourse

Q: What do you call an up and coming historian who cites a fraudulent paper then tries to claim he didn't really cite it?

A: A fry cook.

More here, here, here, here, and here.

Update: Cramer et al. v. Kozuskanich

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Reasoned Discourse

Q: What do you call someone who blatantly misrepresents (ie lies) about what someone else said and then has what was actually said rubbed in his face for all to see?

A: A Ceasefire Board member.

Classic Political Cartoons

Armed and Safe brought it to my attention that he had never seen several political cartoons that I remember as being one of the first things I found when I got into advocacy. This is my personal favorite:

They were originally done for Keep and Bear Arms and archived here w/ his other works also available. Clicking on the Cartoon link at the top of the KABA page has more from other artists.

Every Day can be BAG day...

Why wait?

Bulgarian 9mm Makarov

Update: Yes DOJ, I bought it legally through a licensed dealer.