Saturday, November 17, 2007

If only I had 27 Grand to spend..

and didn't live in the Peoples Republic of Illinois:

1928A1 Thompson Historically documented as one of two guns used during Manhattan Project at MIT, Fully transferable on Form 3: $26,950

Friday, November 16, 2007

The kind of events Gonzo lives for...

Baby Paralyzed After Being Shot In Home

And the two guys w/ the gun take off and there had already been police intervention in the few months they lived there.

No, no illegal activity was going on. I'm sure none of them had priors. But the calls will go out for more restrictions on legal owners.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The "Only Ones" bashing gays enough...

Markham Police are accused of handcuffing an HIV positive gay man to a chair on his front porch and taunting and harassing him for hours in front of a crowd.

Protect & Serve my ass.

CA Castle Doctrine opposed by NAACP

So three black criminals break into a white family's house at 4am, ransack the place, and beat one of the residents to the point he is permanently crippled. The homeowner shoots two of them dead. The third is charged not only w/ robbery et al but also murder under the "Provocative Act". As is typical, the NAACP cries "racism" and calls for the homeowner to be charged.

Obviously they have no problems w/ the robbers breaking into people's homes and beating them if the criminals are black.

And of course the criminal was a "good boy" according to his mother:

Hughes' mother, San Francisco schoolteacher Judy Hughes, said she believes the group didn't intend to rob the family, just buy marijuana.

Sure they didn't Ma. They also didn't intend to beat the residents into pulp either.

In the same vein..

Proposals that have no bearing to an event = "Common Sense" according to Paul.

Surprise Surprise, the Brady Campaign supports more restrictions that wouldn't have stopped the VT shooting.

I guess he has to keep making posts to cover up the nonsense he posted from previous ones.

The mentality of hoplophobes..

In this Fox Chicago report * on the attempt to add an age limit to FOID cards, one woman who lost relatives to a 16 yr old w/ a gun, feels you shouldn't be allowed to own a gun till you're 21. Nevermind that you can't legally own one now when you're 16 so the ,most likely gang-banger, was already breaking the law. Proof that we need "Just One More".

Emotion v reason.

*Video file.

60 and counting..

Ford, Vermilion, Grundy, and Marion Counties all pass 2A resolutions.

But remember, the majority support gun control.

Forget Tupperware or Avon..

Smart women throw Tazer Parties. At least they recognize that the police are 2nd responders at best and their safety is their own responsibility.

Will CCW Parties be next?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Justice for the justice.

The dimwit judge who filed the $54m lawsuit over lost pants has not been reappointed to his position. Apparently there's a little common-sense in the DC administration after all.

The Donkey ate his homework.

Obama Has No Records From State Senate Days

But he's been harping on the harpy for her records.

Hypocrisy in action.

Righteous Shooting

Police: Woman Shoots Stalker To Death After Break-In

An accused stalker was shot to death Monday night by the object of his obsession after he broke into her Hessville home, police told the Northwest Indiana Times.Hammond resident Ryan Lee Bergner, 41, was pronounced dead from gunshot wounds to his abdomen shortly after 10:30 p.m. at a local hospital.According to the Times, Bergner went on a date with the 51-year-old woman last June, and his behavior became obsessive, offensive and violent...

And she should have relied on the police to protect her even though:

Bergner had not been charged in any of the half-dozen previous complaints made against him.

Remember, the Brady Bunch and their allies think it would be better had she been completely defenseless with their "reasonable restrictions" like complete handgun bans.

1984 Redux

Brown calls for arrest of Winston Smith

LONDON, England (CNN) -- Britain is to ramp up security at air and rail terminals as part of sweeping new anti-terror measures that will see buildings bomb-proofed and citizens placed under more surveillance, Prime Minister Gordon Brown said Wednesday.

Congratulations UK, You're now officially on the way to a police state. You already gave up your ability to defend yourselves , cameras are everywhere, and you're voluntarily lowjacking your children. Enjoy what freedoms you have left while you can.

And here's the difference...

between the "Assault Brush" and this shooting by police:

Rosenzweig said a weapon was recovered on the scene, but it was unknown whether the driver of the Cadillac used the weapon.

I'm going to add this to "Culture" as well in response to a quote from the GF of the shot rapper:

"They are trying to make him look bad because he has a criminal background," said Fedrick. "Well, what is a criminal background? Hell, we all got a criminal background."

Um, no. No we don't.

"Gun Free" Chicago keeping the mail on time.

In a twist on someone "going postal", a mail carrier in Chicago was shot in the leg for delivering the mail late. How could he have been shot? I thought handguns were banned?

Anyone want to put down money that the shooter is involved in a gang and/or has a record?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

But they're our friends. Really.

Here. Have an AquaDot. It will make you feel better.

Bureau warns on tainted discs

Portable hard discs sold locally and produced by US disk-drive manufacturer Seagate Technology have been found to carry Trojan horse viruses that automatically upload to Beijing Web sites anything the computer user saves on the hard disc, the Investigation Bureau said.

Around 1,800 of the portable Maxtor hard discs, produced in Thailand, carried two Trojan horse viruses: autorun.inf and ghost.pif, the bureau under the Ministry of Justice said.

The tainted portable hard disc uploads any information saved on the computer automatically and without the owner's knowledge to and, the bureau said.

The affected hard discs are Maxtor Basics 500G discs.

Tip to KimDuToit

"Assault Brush" results in 20 shots being fired.

But not by the brush. Instead by five officers against the mentally ill individual holding it. I wonder how many of the rounds actually hit?

Update: They've updated the page. It says he was struck 8 times. That means 12 rounds went flying in other directions to hit homes and other unsuspecting victims. A 40% hit rate. Pretty pathetic.

Update2: The recent reports are that the police are claiming they opened fire from a distance of 5-7 feet. Yet they couldn't tell that the brush wasn't a gun, didn't attempt to taze or mace him, and missed 12 out of 20 shots at less than 10 feet.

The Buzzards are circling..

And deciding if they'll land. If they do, will they land on the Second or on collective rights?

More by:

Armed Canadian

Update: Apparently they're teasing us.

Monday, November 12, 2007

It's all the US's fault..

as police say there are ties between the Finnish shooter and Dillon Cossey, the 14yr old who allegedly was planning a shooting.

Yes, I'm exaggerating a bit. But I also called it on groups demanding Finland tighten it's gun laws before the bodies were even cold.

And they want their own country?

6 dead after Hamas fires on Arafat rally

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Hamas security forces opened fire Monday at a rally by the rival Fatah movement commemorating Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. Six people were killed in the bloodiest day of intra-Palestinian fighting since Hamas seized control of the Gaza Strip in June.

Some 250,000 Fatah supporters joined Monday's rally in a major square of Gaza City, carrying pictures of Arafat, yellow Fatah flags and wearing trademark black-and-white Arab headdresses. It was the biggest outpouring of support for Fatah since Hamas' violent takeover of the territory.

The crowd scattered as masked Hamas security men ran through the city streets, firing weapons. Two hours later, hundreds of Hamas gunmen controlled the protest site and were arresting protesters as they tried to flee.

At least some leaders have balls...

Spain's king tells Venezuela's Chavez to "shut up"

SANTIAGO (Reuters) - Spain's King Juan Carlos told Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Saturday to "shut up" during closing speeches by leaders from the Latin world that brought the Ibero-American summit to an acrimonious end.

"Why don't you shut up?" the king shouted at Chavez, pointing a finger at the president when he tried to interrupt a speech by Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

Zapatero was in the middle of a speech at the summit of mostly leftist leaders from Latin America, Portugal, Spain and and was criticizing Chavez for calling former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar a fascist.

AWB: The Next Generation

ArmedandSafe notes that Sen. Biden's crime bill has a cosponsor. Before clicking on the link, guess who it is?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Democrats in the pocket of the "Music Lobby"

As they sponsor legislation cutting off all federal student aid to universities who don't take measures to combat music/movie downloading.

So much for the Dumbocrat leadership caring about the education of youth.