Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Gun Control Time Machine

Chi-Town celebrates Memorial Day in its traditional way:
3 dead, 8 hurt in shootings since Friday night
The Joyce Puppet Illinois Council to Prevent Handgun Ownership puts up this post on FB:
3 people dead and 8 injured overnight and how do Illinois House members respond? They pass a dangerous concealed carry bill?!?!? We must stop this bill in the Illinois Senate. Please call this weekend and tell them to vote NO on SB2193 we need a measure that will help save lives! The violence needs to stop! Please like and share
So since Friday NIGHT, 3 killed/8 injured and the IL House 'Responds' (note that word) by passing a bill Friday MORNING.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a prime example of anti-rights groups dancing in the blood of the dead to push their agenda.

I left a comment. Let's see how long it lasts.
Update:  And Reasoned Discourse strikes after about 14 hrs.  Deleted and banned.. Along, I'm sure, w/ the people who 'liked' my comment. Almost as many as 'liked' the post.

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Tears of Some Clowns

Still waiting for how they're going to screw us on SB2193 but the PSH by the Anti's is entertaining.
Illinois House passes bill that would override local gun laws like Chicago’s assault weapons ban. Yet Chicago loses $2.5 a year treating gun homicides-Elliot Fineman NGAC
A dangerous concealed carry bill passed out of the Illinois House of Representatives today! We must stop the bill in the Senate - call your Senator TODAY and tell them to vote NO on SB2193!--ICHV
Mix those tears into my tea. I like it sweet.

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IL CCW Drama Continues

Update :85 yes 30 no in the House 

The crap sandwich that is SB2193 is expected to be voted on in the House today.   Unsurprisingly people are pissed and are willing to sacrifice the forest for a few trees. Unfortunately that pissy-ness has translated into angry phone calls to the point that it may be causing problems on some of the votes needed for it to pass veto-proof.

Yeah, I hate the CCW portion of the bill but it's better (marginally) than the Kwame turd w/o bread that we'll get if 2193 doesn't pass.

Update:  Watching live.

Most of the pro-bill discussions seem scripted, detailing some of the wording.

Then the anti, Rep Cassidy, stands up and makes an ass out of herself.  She uses stats from the VPC but can't even get the name of them right.  She states the ISP is opposed but they officially changed their position to 'Neutral' yesterday.  She's also unable to distinguish the difference between a 'bar' and a restaurant that happens to serve alcohol.

Rep Williams stand up and calls for New York style discrimination because Chicago is 'diverse'. IOW, keep those brown people disarmed. She also doesn't know the difference between a bar and a restaurant. Claiming you can get drunk and carry.

Rep Bost then calls out the previous two for their ignorant statements.

Rep Mitchell compares carrying in a prohibited place to drunk driving. Basically gets pissed that all Chicago's gun bans are gone. Then he ups the BS by claiming the bill allows school/workplace shootings and gun smuggling. What an ass. 

Rep Ford.  "Are there increased penalties?"   Phelps: There can't be 'increased penalties' because we don't have CCW now. Ford:  "Does this bill provide support for areas where gun crime is high?"  Phelps: Yes, it allows people to protect themselves.  And then Ford adds w/ the 'increased guns on the street' bit and something about how many guns a police officer can carry.  While it shouldn't, it still surprises me how absolutely stupid some of these elected reps are.

Rep Drury uses Pulp Fiction as his reference for CCW "It's fiction but reality" and license holders possibly shooting up kids playing w/ cap guns. See statement above.

Line of the Day:  Rep. Cloonen "I cannot imaging going to college for 4 years and having them 'may' issue a diploma"

Rep Acevedo says dueling will become commonplace and calls out some 'net commenter to 'come find him'.  BLOOD IN THE STREETS!!!

Rep Welch pulls the race card. "how many hispanic representatives have you spoken to?" "Only white people want concealed carry"

 Madigan says he changed his optionion because the anti-gunner bill got 31 votes , vs 997 which got 64 AFTER he worked against it, he says it had 75 votes before he worked against it.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

IL CCW Sh!t Sandwich

SB2193 Amend 1

Basically a 'No Carry Shall Issue' bill that strips Chicago/Cook County of their gun bans.

According to John Boch, GSL President:
 If we decline his offer, the Speaker is going to stuff a Kwame-endorsed may issue law up our rear ends, without any lube, and move on.   Madigan’s done “playing around” on the issue and will let the chips fall where they may as there are bigger issues among the low-information voters in Illinois.  No, not pensions.  Instead, gay marriage, gambling, legalizing marijuana, to name a few.
 From an ICHV Email:
This is not a “May” issue bill and there is no local control over who gets a permit.  SB 2193 Amendment #1 not only is a “shall” issue bill, but it would overturn every gun regulation that home rule communities already have in statute, including Cook County’s Assault Weapons Ban, Calumet Park, Chicago, Cicero and Highland Parks reporting of lost or stolen ordinances and the Chicago responsible Gun Owners Ordinance. Your community would have NO input on who can carry in public!
Basically everyone gets screwed.

I hate this f*cking state.

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Witness Slips and Bills in Illinois

More crap bills and amendments are flooding the IL legislature in last ditch efforts to create 'no carry', 'AWB's', mag bans, etc.

Here's the fun part. We always hear about how some exponential amount of people want gun restrictions etc. but when it comes down to actual involvement, those people are nowhere to be found.  Anti-gun rallies rarely get more than a few dozen attendees, message boards (unless they're echo chambers) tend to be pro-gun majorities.  Another example are 'witness slips' in Illinois.

Witness slips are a public record of support or opposition of bills in the Illinois Legislature.  You fill out a form and submit it electronically in most cases.

On the recent Mag Ban, opposition to the bill ran 753 to 8 against. The 8 were two ISP spokesheads, 2 paid anti-gun advocates, two Chicago/Cook County lawyers/lobbyists, and two private citizens.  The 753 were almost all private citizens.

Yet it still passed the (rigged) committee.

Kwama Raoul's 'lost and stolen' bill SB851currently sits at 953-5.  The five are the same two ISP spokesheads, two anti-gun lobbyists and a citizen.  The 953, almost all private citizens. 

The SB1002 crap bill's amend 3 1552-11.  2 ISP talkers, 2 MPAA lawyers and 7 private citizens.

This is normal. 

I fully expect any and all anti-gun bills to make it out of committee because these so called representatives of the people are representing the City of Chicago, not the people.  Outside of badly worded 'polls' and emotional rhetoric after a tragedy, there is no public support for 'gun control'.  This is just one more piece of proof of that and the broken political system.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

IL Repubs Play Games on Mag Ban

From Todd Vandermyde, IL NRA lobbyist:
Going into yesterday's hearing we knew we would lose as it is the Exec committee. And we knew the Sandy Hook parents would add an emotional element to it.
What we didn't know was that some republicans were looking to throw us under the bus. We have heard from some that the party needs to moderate in order to be competitive in Illinois. That to some, means going weak on the second amendment issue.
Two of those RINO's were Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno and Sen. Matt Murphy who, from what I've been told,  voted for the ban in committee.  

No. I don't think so.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Questions That Need To Be Asked

So today in a rigged IL State Senate Committee hearing, a Magazine Ban was introduced to a crappy CCW bill.  Trotted out as props for the ban were several Sandy Hook victim families.

So here's a few questions.

Why were non-Illinois residents allowed to testify in an Illinois committee regarding a bill effecting Illinois while actual Illinois residents are regularly extremely limited or denied?

Who paid for them to come to Illinois and who is paying for their expenses?

Are these lobbying expenses going to be on those tax forms?  (as if it matters to our IRS)

Update: And how did an amendment which received public opposition of near 100:1 against (753-8 exactly) still make it out of committee?

I'm sure none of these questions will ever get answered but they should be.

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Nazi's and Traitors and Perverts: Oh Myyyy

Josh Horwitz's most PSH filled Huffpo rant yet.

Even a fisking wouldn't do this mouth foaming piece of tripe justice.

And they call us dangerous.

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Humpty Dumpty Journalism

Words mean what they want them to.  Take a look at these choice phrases:
arms dealer
gun lobby’s agenda
military rifles
civilian market for military-style weapons
import of military-surplus weapons
more powerful class of firearms more readily available to civilian gun owners 
arms deal
gun merchants
semiautomatic assault rifles
military weapons marketed to the civilian population
surplus U.S. military weapons

Now while most of these words are technically true, what they're discussing is the import of M-1 Garands, firearms that are 70 yrs old and in no way fit ANY definition of 'Assault Weapon' except as invented in the mind of Josh Sugarmann and other anti-gun fanatics, which it pretty much is to begin w/.  Basically any gun they don't like.
"But Josh Sugarmann of the Washington-based Violence Policy Center says the 200,000 rifles imported by Blue Sky were “basically the first of the military weapons marketed to the civilian population. If you were going to draw an ‘assault weapons timeline,’ it would start with the M-1 and eventually end up where we are today.”
Never mind the fact that CMP has been selling surplus rifles for decades. There's a much simpler explanation for the exponential increase in semi-auto sporters.  The gov't and anti's said they didn't want us having them.  They are the ones that created what was once a niche market into the booming industry of today. 

But no, there's no agenda. None at all.

H/T to 45Superman

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Dark Dungeons: The Movie!

Make 8th Level
Learn to cast 'real' spells.
Join a coven.

Dark Dungeons the Movie Kickstarter.

Because Marcie really DID have to do that.

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PSH Alert: 'Two Bits = $23K?

Company makes a 'smart rifle' that helps even your avg. shooter more accurate using lots of expensive electronics and doo-dads

Starting cost?  $22,500. 

Anti-gun fanatics go into absolute hysterics over it.
this product gives shooters a better accuracy than, on average, most cops," Fineman said.
  this is a weapon designed to kill with precision."--David Chipman, a spokesman for Mayors Against Illegal Guns
 "This technology potentially enables any two bit criminal to operate with the skills of a highly trained sniper," Chipman said
 "This is an industry hell bent on making weapons more lethal and taking no measures to extend safety," Horwitz said.
Yep, because just like they said when Barrett came out w/ .50 cal rifles, every 'two bit criminal' is going to go and drop tens of thousands of dollars on a large rifle. 

Yeah, that makes sense.

These people have no concept of reality.  They will crap their pants over ANY improvement or modification of a firearm and claim that it's designed for 'criminals'.  This is a rifle designed for rich folks w/ extra cash and no desire to go the traditional route for accuracy. Joe Gangbanger isn't going to be anywhere near one of these. But that won't stop the anti's from having to change their shorts.

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