Saturday, March 8, 2014

Keep Honking, I'm reloading

Well I’m off and running now with the whole reloading adventure.  I went to the local range and picked up a bunch of brass which I assume is .308 but it might be 7.62X54 but it’s close enough to use in my 30.06 M1 Garand. Some old coot at the shooting bench next to the scrap bucket was blathering on about something that those cases were Berdan primed, old military brass or something. I told him that even if I knew what that meant, I still wouldn’t care since I don’t take “advice” from old fogies.

First thing I did was clean up that old brass. I ran out of kindling wood for the stove so I used the crushed walnut media I had bought to start a fire yesterday; it was a bit chilly. I just loaded up the tumbler with hot soapy water, some shredded sandpaper scraps, two handfuls of rock salt and some loose S.O.S. pads to get into all the nooks and crannies.

I broke some random piece off my decapping die on the first case and it wouldn’t pop out the old primers anymore so I did the rest with a hammer and screw driver while the case was clamped in a vise.

Weighing out the powder was taking too long as the scale arm was bobbing up and down for like forever so I weighed out the first charge, filled the case and then just eye-balled the rest.

Then jamming the bullet in and crimping the neck with some pliers was relatively easy.

Well, I’m off to the range now, I feel sorry for all you fools who actually pay store prices for ammo. This went pretty smooth so far.

I think I’ll bring the hammer, screwdriver and pliers with me and see if I can reload these cases and fire them again within 30 seconds just to challenge myself.

Just gotta stop by the liquor store first.

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Armor & Revetments

To add a bit to my OGRE DE game, I asked the intersphere about finding good 'revetments' to use in 1/285th scale (which would also fit nicely on the ODE board).  I was pointed to CinC miniatures, specifically their 'Tank Hull Down' and their 'Sandbagged Gun Position' for infantry. Got them in the mail today (PE Hvy Tank for comparison):
To get free shipping, I added to the order some sets of some of my favorite Soviet era armor, the T-72 and ZSU23-4

Going to have the revetments painted up....well.... revetment-y  and the armor in standard OD green.  They'll be used not only as shelf decorations but in scenarios using 'archaic armor'.

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Florida Carry Doing It Right

When they get an PuSH'er into a mouth foaming tizzy, you know they're on the right track:

a Deadwood-like mind-set that one must be fully armed 24 hours a day
 Agenda 21 crowd descends from the black helicopters
 frothing gun rights groups across the state that won't be satisfied until all newborns from Panama City to Key West are issued a TEC-9 in their bassinet.
 where anyone could pack heat in their vehicles
 the fighting body bags of Cross Hair U.
 shoot people just for the heck of it. 
 while the Second Amendment is all very nice
  gun-toting poltroons
Thank you Danny.  Articles like this get groups like Florida Carry and the NRA dozens of more supporters every time you publish them.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

IGOLD 2014: We Are Not Going Away

Getting ready to head out to Springfield, IL for our annual march on the capitol. Updates throughout the day.

Met up w/ David (also an OGRE player) and Colleen Lawson of McDonald et al v Chicago. They are now the proprietors of Lawson Handgun Institute in Chicago.

More IGOLD insurrectionists:
Mike Neely introducing the panel:

ISRA 2nd VP reciting the pledge.
Singer Ronnie Lee and ISRA 2nd vp Weisman singing the natl anthem.

ISRA ED Richard Pearson:  We are NOT going away. We've won 10 lawsuits for gun rights w/ 4 or 5 more in the works.
My State Sen Dale Righter: If you care, Quinn has got to go.
 State Treas/Gov Candidate Rutherford:

 State Sen/Gov Candidate Bill Brady:

 State Sen/ /Gov Candidate Kirk Dillard:

Rutherford's talk wasn't bad. He emphasized he's been coming to IGOLD for the last 8 years and was the only state officer (Treasurer) that has showed. Brady and Dillard spent most of their time at the podium sniping at the other gov. candidates guaranteeing I won't vote for either one in the primary on the 18th.  I don't know why Rauner wasn't there. 

State Rep Brandon Phelps who got us CCW:  Not a great bill but better than what they pushed and we're working to get it better.
 Valinda Rowe of Illinois Carry:  I've retired my comb and tongue depressor and replaced them w/ a CCW license and a 9mm.
Todd Vandermyde: Lobbyist
No blood in the street, only snow and salt after CCW
Get out and vote
It's only about registration until it's about confiscation
1.million to 1.67 million FOID card increase

 John Boch: GSL Pres.  If you see a Mom Demanding Action, don't remind them their family tree probably resembles a wreath. 
More updates after the march/when I get home.

Prepping for the march at the Prairie Capitol Convention Center.

 The march.

 GSL Youth Corps. 
 Not everyone is happy about the CCW bill.

 Attendance was about 40% of previous years.  Not surprising being that the primary incentive, CCW was achieved last session.  Some more prominent figures were unable to attend due to inescapable work conflicts or health issue yet still the number of volunteers and workers alone outnumbered anti-gun 'protests' 10-1 (post on that maybe tomorrow). I didn't get to talk to any of my reps/senators due to them doing what we pay them for.  They know who I am and know I will contact them when I need to.  I did get to spend a lot of quality time w/ friends and other gun nuts from across the state.

Random thoughts that went through my head.  If gun owners were really as violent as anti-gun fanatics need to believe we are, you'ld think that a regiment sized group of people marching towards one state capitol would end up in some sort of violence.  I mean hell, the Soviets, I mean Russians, invaded the entire Crimea region w/ 15K or so troops. 

Livestreaming of some of the speeches here

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Monday, March 3, 2014

IL State Rep 110th Dist. Candidate Highlight: Reggie Phillips

I've sent a series of 2A questions to the various candidates for State rep for my district. Primary is 3/18.  This is from Reggie Phillips who I met at a 'Meet-n-Greet' he held:

Which, if any, pro-firearm groups do you belong to? (NRA, ISRA, SAF, etc)

 Are you a hunter? Target shooter? Collector?
Collector. Was a hunter
 If you’re willing to divulge, what is your favorite firearm in your collection or what is your ‘dream’ gun that you really want to own?
I have many.
Will you be attending IGOLD this year?
 Illinois recently passed a concealed carry bill under duress from the courts. How do you feel about the arguments used by both sides during debates and/or the entire process it took to get the law passed? What do you think of the bill itself? What would you change in it? 
 What is your opinion on semi-auto firearms often labeled as ‘assault weapons’? Magazine capacity limits?

(Combined/condensed answers) I think we should get rid of the FOID card, the 2nd Amend. is the only license we need. The entire process to get concealed carry passed was a joke.

  Would you support a youth safety program such as the NRA’s Eddie Eagle to be presented in more Illinois schools? (No Answer)

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

What have I begun?

After a long time of internal debate, I’m now starting to reload my own ammo. Prices aren’t coming down fast enough if at all and this will allow me to dig deeper into my hobby of choice and save some coin to boot.

To date, the following has been amassed…

1. Reloading bench                 11. Powder trickler            
2. Hand press                         12. 30.06, .308 & .223 dies
3. Priming tool                        13. Tumbler
4. Powder measure                 14. Case trimmer
5. Lube pad                            15. Calipers
6. Neck brushes                     16. Walnut shell media
7. Scale                                  17. Bullet puller
8. De-burring tool                   18. Shell holders
9. Powder funnel                    19. Components: primers, brass, powder & bullets
10. Case loading block           20. Spec manual

I still need to get some more component bits when I go back to the gun show tomorrow but I should be set up completely with all brand spanking new equipment for less money than I would have spent on one case of 7.62 X 51 or two cases of .223.

I’ll probably start making .223 which I should be able to make for…

Primer = 3 pennies each
Case = 4 pennies each
55gr bullet = 12 pennies each
Powder = 14 pennies each

Hmmm…so basically if I buy all the components and consider my time/labor worthless, it still costs me 35 cents per round.


Reclaiming the cases on the ammo I’ve already bought will save a few cents but not much. But then again, I’m trying to duplicate factory ammo so I can always buy a lighter bullet and use a different powder with a reduced load just to plink with and save my Zombie ammo for actual Zombies. I need to do some more homework before I start slinging lead down range.

Nobody said the shooting sports was a cheap hobby

UPDATE: I just found online the same powder I bought today at the gun show for almost half what I paid so future .223 builds are doable for 26.7 cents per round; then shave off 4 more cents for the reclaimed brass so 22.7 cents per round or $227 per 1000 rounds.


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