Saturday, February 13, 2010


Year of the Metal Tiger.

Oh, and Happy Valentines day to.

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Why are Gun Control Laws Ineffective?

Because the laws that get get pushed have no bearing on the actions they are allegedly in response to.

On Feb 14th,2008, a former student went into a hall at N. Ill Univ and started shooting. He had a shotgun and several handguns on him that he purchased through FFL dealers. FOID card, background checks, etc.

In response, the Illinois Council on Handgun Violence (ICHV) a Joyce foundation puppet group and their own puppet the ICPGV (also Joyce funded) , a pushing to end the 'Private Sale Loophole', make FFL dealers acquire another license to sell handguns, and stop Concealed Carry.

As 45Superman put it:
I note that Thom didn't try to explain how any of those laws would have hindered, much less prevented, the NIU rampage. A rare bit of good sense on his part, since there is no way he could have pulled it off.

This is the same kind of thing that was promoted after the VT shooting. A bunch of laws/restrictions that had no relation to how the shooter got his guns or how the institution responded.

Not only that, but they continue to deliberately lie to their members and the public in order to get these laws passed.
Right now in Illinois, anyone - including gang members, people with severe mental illness, and domestic violence offenders - can buy a gun from a private seller with no questions asked.

As shown in the links, we've covered this fabrication several times yet they continue to push it.

So since none of these laws would have done ANYTHING to stop the NIU shooter, why are they associating them? Ah, right. They're following the advice of WH COS and fellow gun grabber, Rahm Emanual "Never let a serious crisis go to waste."

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Friday, February 12, 2010

New School Shooting Trend?

A few days ago a teacher walked into a TN school and attempted to murder the Principle and another administrator.

Today, a Professor walked into the biology Dept at the University of Alabama and started shooting faculty. She had been denied tenure.

Conjecture only, TN has a merit based pay/raise system for teachers. Connection?

Now to hear the continued calls about 'easy access to guns', 'must restrict guns' and 'keep guns (more) off campus)' from the PuSHer crowd no matter how relevant to the facts. Never let a good tragedy go to waste.

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Quote of the Day: PSH/Stupid Edition

On the "Gun in Parks" law becoming effective:
Prohibiting guns was a sort of deterrent. Now there is none. Now, if a meth user of psycho starts shooting at you it will be all legal.

And people like this vote.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm a Gun Owner But....

or " I think everyone else is as negligent as I am so....."

Guns shouldn't be allowed in 'places that serve alcohol'. That's according to former aide to gun grabber Jimme Cahtah, Sam Edwards.

Why does he think this? Because he got sh!t-faced drunk, loaded a handgun, and fired it in a negligent discharge.

At home.

Nevermind that his experience has nothing to do with carrying in public or in places that serve alcohol. Nor the ignored fact that drinking in said establishments while carrying is against the law.

He states he does not know " the arguments that were made to rationalize this idiocy", but "a moderately intelligent first grader can tell you why this is dumb..."

So, although he is (by his own admission) negligent with firearms and ignorant of the facts, we should consider his opinion relevant why?

No wonder Jimmy was a one termer.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

WWII Veteran

A friend of ours has an annual Groundhog's Day get-together. While there, he showed me his father's service pistol from WWII.

It's in very good condition having spent most of the time in a box. Only a little rust on the ejection port and the usual scrapes and wear. As good as finding a piece of firearm history in this good condition is that there's also personal history that's been preserved with it including personal photos and newspaper clippings.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Opinion Polls: Getting the Results you want..

In other words:

If you need to create the language to build support for legislation, we’ll find the right words. If you need to kill a bad bill, we’ll show you how. Either take control of the debate, or the debate will take control of you. It really is that simple.

-The Word Doctors, publishers of the MAIG "NRA Members Support Gun Control" Poll.

Any questions?

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