Saturday, October 25, 2008

Non-Partisans for Democrats?

The AHSA website states:

AHSA is a non-partisan organization that advocates and advances sensible public policies.

Yet Ray Schoenke says:
"I've always been amazed that Democrats have never had a gun rights organization," Schoenke said. "I always thought there must be millions of Democrats that owned guns, there must be liberals that own guns and moderates that own guns and independents."

So Ray started one.

New "Model Gun Law"

The 'Illinois Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence Ownership have put forward their latest plan to make firearm ownership so difficult and expensive that it amounts to a defacto ban:

Certificate of ownership, arbitrarily issued by whatever agency is in charge, requiring 5 hours of 'safety' training and 2 hours of range time for EACH firearm. An additional written test. (with fees).Renewed every two years. (with fees).

Registration. Arbitrarily decided firearms cannot be registered. Renewed Annually. With fees.

Safe Storage (lock or safe). But it's ok to take it out if someone's about to kill you.

'Lost or Stolen' reporting. W/ the words 'should have discovered'. Uh huh.

Proposal here. It contains links to their other 'Model Gun Bans' including 50 cals, "assault weapons", personalized handguns, etc. Details start about page 20. The rest is lots of citations by Kellerman, Cook, and other Joyce puppets on why gun ownership is 'Da Debill'.

Only Ones excepted in all cases of course.

Basically their plan is to canvass all the townships like Winnetka that have their gun bans overturned or in jeopardy with this as an 'alternative' that they think will pass muster.

H/T to Armed and Safe who has more.

Friday, October 24, 2008

FactCheck fails to check the Facts (Again)

Thanks to Tgirsch, we discover FactCheck continues to show its bias when attacking the NRA.

“(The NRA says he voted “four times” but we find record of only two votes.)”

Two words “Judiciary Committee”. An additional two votes from him against it.

Charges were initially filed against Demar but later dropped after public outcry. Not a word about that. Wonder why? Demar was fined $750 by the city and that’s not a ‘petty’ amount. Unless of course you also think $500 firearms are ‘disposable’. So Factchecks claim that 'nothing would have changed' is spurious at best.

So much for ‘factchecking’ on FactCheck.

These guys are so ticked off by the fact that the NRA decided to push back instead of meekly accepting "Factchecks" personal biases that they're not even really looking very hard and hoping people don't 'factcheck' them in their zeal to post as much against the NRA as they can.

It should be noted that the author of this latest hit piece , Mr. Brooks Jackson, as well as being co-author of the last one, is the Director of Annenberg Political Fact Check. Obviously we can not expect an individual who states :
“They are lying. This is what they do. This is how they make their money. Do these people have no shame? They are just making this up.

to show any sort of impartiality when it comes to the NRA. FactCheck must consider such to be "the best practices of both journalism and scholarship,"

Murder Capitol of the US

Chicago has bypassed LA and NYC for the number of homicides in the city:

As CBS 2's Mike Puccinelli reports, the Chicago Sun-Times pointed out on Friday that Chicago has seen 426 homicides this year through Tuesday, compared with 417 in New York and 302 in Los Angeles.
While the homicide increase is 1% lower than it was last month (down from 15.7% to 14.6%), it's still looking to break 500 for the first time in five years. The increase overall violent and property crime has gone up from 2.9% to 3.5% as compared to last year. 45% of murders are directly gang related.

Meanwhile, there's a 50% school drop out rate, students are being encouraged to ditch class, hundreds of police officer positions are being deleted (after promises of increases), and tax rates are the highest in the nation.

What a wonderful city.

Armed and Safe has more.

Paul Helmke's confused

On an interview on FoxNews, Paul claimed that Obama "only voted to keep 18 year olds from having Concealed Carry permits, he wanted to keep it at 21" (3:00 min in).

Well, that would have been pretty standard except for the fact that Illinois DOESN'T HAVE CONCEALED CARRY!!!* He even voted against people w/ restraining orders from being able to get them (he claimed a slippery-slope) and has stated he wants a federal law banning it. As one of only two states that doesn't have CCW, one would think Paul should be able to remember that. It also sort of negates Pauls claim that "Obama wants local controls to trump federal ones". It's true in part, but only if the 'control' is anti-gun.

The vote that Helmke 'probably' meant is the one where Obama voted against dropping the age for the FOID card (needed for ownership or purchasing) from 21 to 18. The FOID in no way authorized CCW. As one of only two states that don't have CCW, one would think Paul should be able to remember that.

So to paraphrase Tom King, was Helmke misinformed, confused, or lying?

Wayne Lapierre then proceeds to spank Paul's peepee.

Rustmeister has more

*Only Ones excepted

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dictator for Life Bloomberg

Mayor Bloomberg and his puppets on the city council have voted to allow themselves to run for office indefinitely circumventing multiple referendums.

So much for the "Will of The People".

Is anyone really surprised though?

Another Brady 'Paper'.


I love how they now claim that 59% support is 'not overwhelming' when they've previously claimed it was, but that was support for gun bans and not opposition to it. Then 67% becomes a 'solid majority'.

Words mean what they want them to.

They also show that 'FactCheck', even after 4 years, selectively chooses what it wants people to hear when it comes to the NRA by still only partially quoting Kennedy's speech calling for banning of various types of ammunition, notably where he calls civilian ownership of .223, 7.62 , and 30-30 'unconscionable'.

They also exclude the 'inconvenient fact' of the rest of the wording of the 2A "The right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed". But we all know that the Brady Legal Action Project director Dennis Henigan likes to forget the words "Of the People".

So much for being 'students of the Constitution and American History'.

Cheaper Ammo coming?

From an E-mail:

Apparently the Oregon State legislature is considering a plan to allow the Grande Ronde Indian tribe to open up an ammunition manufacturing plant on their reservation. I need to do some more checking but the scuttle is that they will be producing mainly NATO calibers to help ease the squeeze from other plants who are sending most of their wares to the middle east. Prediction is that prices will drop if this gets going as a portion of their production will be reserved for civillian buyers.

That and they'll be turning a tidy profit.

We might just be able to afford to go to the range again.


We can hope. We can hope.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Headline Polls are useless

Yesterdays headline screamer:

Obama opens double-digit lead over McCain

Todays headline:

Race tightens in final weeks

There's a difference of up to 14 points depending on which ones you choose to believe.

Yeah, that's accuracy for you.

Sebastian SIH has more.

Codrea in Cleveland Examiner

David's got a regular column.

Linky fixed

Raise Taxes, Raise Fees, Cut Jobs, Raise Prices

Chicago Mayor Daley's plan to drive people out of the city.

Slow police hiring to 200 in 2009, saving $10 million.

Install red-light cameras at 50 more intersections.

Increase gun registration fee from $20 to $60 per firearm.

And many many more.

H/T to 45Superman

2nd City Cop has his view on the increases

Brady Endorsed Dianne McGuire

Brady Campaign endorsed Dianne McGuire, Democratic candidate for the IL 96th District House seat, is distributing flyers promising a broadly worded semi-auto ban.

McGuire’s campaign personnel are also telling citizens that McGuire will, “Shut the Naperville Sportsmen’s Club down – once and for all.” according to the ISRA.

But the Brady Campaign is only concerned w/ 'gun crime'. All those Chicago gang-bangers go there every day to practice.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

DGU in Chicago

An individual carrying a handgun successfully defended himself against an armed robber in Chicago. The robber 'got the drop on him' yet the victim was able to shoot and kill him anyway.

Unfortunately this is not typical.

It's not typical in that this individual was an off duty police officer, the only ones allowed to legally possess and carry firearms in the city of Chicago. Had this been anyone else, they would have been at the mercy of the mugger.

48 other states have Concealed Carry in some form or another for 'regular' citizens. What makes the citizens subjects of Illinois less deserving?

Barack "I have lots of tax payer funded security" Obama thinks that ONLY police officers and other figures in authority should have the right to defend themselves nationwide.

Astroturf for Obama

Bitter and Peter did some digging on "Rednecks for Obama".

Turns out the group is run by longtime political donors (who claim they only got active last year) and whose offices are located in the same building as the PA Obama headquarters even though they claim they're run out of MO.

Nope. Not suspicious at all.

Details here

Smackdown on Laura Washington

At the LibertyZone.

Laura is back spouting her usual PC racism and blaming whitey for young Chicago gangbangers slaughtering eachother:

Black America should demand that Obama cease his shameless pandering to the People of the Gun and launch a full-throttle crusade for sensible gun control. While he has been out on the campaign trail, dozens of Chicago children have been slaughtered in the streets.

Does THIS sound like the guy is pandering to gun owners? SPARE ME! Obama is a gun banner. Laura just wants to ensure that he's loud and proud of it.

She doesn't care if Whitey is disarmed and vulnerable to disaffected urban youts. She just cares when they start gunning down one another. Screw anyone else who wants to protect their lives and those of their loved ones! BLACK children are being gunned down in the streets!

Read the rest.

Monday, October 20, 2008

New NRA ad


It's in reference to the Hale Demarr situation in IL where a homeowner who had an unregistered handgun in Wilmette, IL, where you had to register but couldn't , defended himself w/ said handgun against a home invasion and was then himself charged w/ possession. The IL legislature, in an amazing show of wisdom, overwhelmingly voted to modify the law making such an action an affirmative defense via SB2165, even overriding a veto by the Governor.

Obama voted against this bill in every form and at every time. Obviously he considers prosecuting someone who violated an unconstitutional law (which even the city recognizes now) was more important than considering the welfare of the actual victim.

They hate Sarah Palin...

with a passion normally reserved for the most ardent evangelists listening to a fire and brimstone sermon.

But they still want to see her in a swimsuit.

On Nov. 4 Vote against Brady Endorsed Candidates.

Instead vote for those who think you are capable of being a citizen, not a subject.

Here's the ones who think you should depend on the authorities for your well being. The ones who think you are responsible for the actions of criminals, drug dealers, and gang bangers:

Sen. John Cullerton, for Illinois State Senate, District 6
Sen. Heather Steans, for Illinois State Senate, District 7
Sen. Jeff Shoenberg, for Illinois State Senate, District 9
Sen. Terry Link, for Illinois State Senate, District 30
Rep. Dan Kotowski, for Illinois State Senate, District 33

Rep. Harry Osterman, for Illinois State House, District 14
Rep. Elizabeth Coulson, for Illinois State House, District 17
Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie, for Illinois State House, District 25
Will Burns, for Illinois State House, District 26
Rep. Fred Crespo, for Illinois State House, District 44
Gary Nowak, for Illinois State House, District 46
Amanda Howland, for Illinois State House, District 51
Rep. Elaine Nekritz, for Illinois State House, District 57
Rep. Karen May, for Illinois State House, District 58
Rep. Kathleen Ryg, for Illinois State House, District 59
Rep. Rosemary Mulligan, for Illinois State House, District 65
Mark Walker, for Illinois State House, District 66
Dianne McGuire, for Illinois State House, District 96

and other supports of draconian gun restrictions.

Kotowski's my favorite. He's the one that was caught lying to legislature on .50 cal rifles, attached an anti-gun bill to a bill labeled to reduce the sexual exploitation of children, and ban rifles chambered in .17WMR as 'military style assault weapons'.

Edge of the Wedge..

Ray Schoenke's trip through Ohio stumping for Obama shows clearly what the AHSA was created for. To be a false-front organization for anti-gun politicians and trick gun owners into supporting them. With the help of a clueless and partisan media, he's getting his word out:

Sportsmen for ... Obama?

That’s right. American Hunters and Shooters Association President Ray Schoenke conducted a two-day tour across Ohio Tuesday and Wednesday, stopping at the Gallia County Gun Club yesterday to confirm Democratic nominee Barack Obama’s support for the rights of hunters and sportsmen.

The AHSA is a non-partisan, gun rights organization and an alternative to the National Rifle Association. The organization aims to protect sporting heritage and hunting and fishing conservation, while promoting gun safety.
No mention of all the anti-gun legislation and activities that Obama's been involved in. Simply "He won't directly confiscate your guns so he's a good guy". That, according to Schoenke, is supporting 'hunters and shooters'.

Thankfully some people aren't falling for it and are trying to get the word out on both Obama and the AHSA:
As a past president of the Gun Club and chairman of the Gallia Area Friends of NRA, to my knowledge the Gun Club has never endorsed any candidate being local, state or national and certainly not Sen. Barack Obama, as was implied in the article...

This is the same organization that called the DC gun ban a 'laudable effort' and stated that laws mandating storage at 'gun clubs' or armories would pass muster.

That might be considered 'supporting hunters and shooters' in the UK, but not here.