Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Church of G.O.D. (Gun Owning Disciples) is let loose upon the earth

For those who saw the original G.O.D. post, I apologize that it has taken me this long to launch, but work has had me mad busy lately and my evening time is usually taken up with another project of mine.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, a brief recap.

First off, I made a boo-boo when I stated that the SCOTUS ruled that peyote use by Native Americans was protected by the 1st Amendment. The case(Employment Division v. Smith) originated in Oregon, my home state, and details can be found on Wiki. The Oregon supreme court ruled that it was protected but was overturned by the SCOTUS in 1990. The jist of it is that individual states can place restrictions on religious actions, not religious beliefs, and that since peyote was ALREADY prohibited for all Americans, Constitutional muster is okie-dokie.

But, no matter for our purposes.

The concept is simple. The true defenders know that the 2A is the last check and the last balance after all others have failed or have been unjustly removed from the chess board. I can’t take your king, defended by your queen, with a lone castle, knight or bishop. But give me 10,000 pawns, and I will own you.

If the possession of firearms is legal today, which it is, then adopting their use in a religious/spiritual context should be protected against future encroachment under the 1st Amendment. I have no doubt that when the antis get wind of this movement, they will falsely claim that we worship guns, death, dead babies, insert whatever other insanity you wish. The Church of G.O.D. is not about worshiping any form of weaponry; we worship freedom and liberty and merely hold sacred the natural right to self-defense.

The 2A has stood alone for long enough, isn’t it about time the 1st Amendment repaid its debts? Let us protect the 2nd by exercising our 1st just as we protect the 1st and all the others by exercising our 2nd. Attacking the 2nd Amendment has been an easy whipping boy for far too long. Let us see what the antis do when forced to disparage the 1st Amendment as well.

So here goes… You can contact me at and join the Church of G.O.D. Send me an email and I will reply with my home address. Then send $12.00 and your address and the church will send you a certificate of membership. The only requirements for church membership is that you obey the 4 basic rules of gun safety and act as an ambassador for all law-abiding gun owners wherever you travel. This $12.00 investment is a lifetime membership. Eventually, I will have my own blog dedicated to matters of the church, but any orders generated through DOOT will be evenly split between myself, my buddy here in Oregon and Thirdpower for his generosity in allowing me to launch on an established forum. My only other request is that you help spread the word in whatever fashion you deem fit.

Certificate is 8.5” X 11” and is on high quality matte paper and is high quality ink. I should know, I made it.

Brady Oops.

Via Kaveman, it appears the Brady's saw the words "bloodbath" and "Paul Helmke" in the same article and assumed the usual media bias. So they linked it:

But what does the article actually say?

But I've learned since: Guns — all 280 million of them in this country — are not the problem.

Whatever the issue is — and even if there are all these people lying dead from gunshot wounds — guns are not the problem.

It took me years to grasp this concept. And in the past few weeks, when gun-toting mass murderers have raged across the land, I'll admit the lessons came particularly hard.


Is this an official Brady position now? Or perhaps they have their own Mary McFate working w/ them.

The author has taken a tongue in cheek tone so far as to make all the arguments against gun control for us while belittling his own cause.

Ignorance is Brady Bliss

A comment on the Brady Bunch Facebook page:
Legislation to deal with gun manufacturers' negligent oversupply to the market... have to hit both supply and demand side of this problem.
Now assuming she meant legislation 'is needed', one then wonders how the industry is 'oversupplying' the market when ammo manufacturers are running 24-7 and still can't keep up while backorders for ebil black rifles are counted in months.

Obviously someone either doesn't understand grade-school supply and demand or they are remaining willfully ignorant. However this is a Brady supporter so they're not mutually exclusive.

As is Brady SOP, pro-gun comments get deleted allowing the hoplophobes their own echo chamber to ramble on about guns getting up by themselves and shooting people and how we need to ban machineguns.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Not as good as they hoped..


We Win, They Lose. Now, Let's Get To Work
-Paul Helmke, Nov 18, 2008

Last year at this time, I said that America was turning a corner on the gun issue, and the watershed events of 2008 confirmed that prediction.
-Paul Helmke, Jan 9, 2009


Poll: Fewer Americans support stricter gun control laws

-CNN: Apr. 8, 2009

"The National Rifle Association essentially has a stranglehold on the congress."
-Senator Dianne Feinstein

Hee Hee

But we're keeping the leg....*

US: Saddam's chrome AK-47 being returned to Iraq
NEW YORK – Federal customs agents say a pearl-handled AK-47 that belonged to Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and was in the hands of the U.S. Army is being sent back to Iraq.

*Free patch to the first one who correctly names the reference.

We have a winner.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

And Nobody Noticed?

Dad smashes daughters phone after $4,700 phone bill arrives.

What gets me is this girl sent over 300 text messages a day during school hours. 37 an hour for two months. And not a single one of her teachers noticed.

Her grades went from A's/B's to F's during the same amount of time yet the parents apparently weren't called, no conferences scheduled to find out why, etc.

Was her school really that oblivious?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Public Opposition to Guns

Is so high that the Missouri House just voted 106-41 to add a Campus Carry Amendment to HB668, the expansion of Castle Doctrine.

Brady Campaign Vs Gallup

Paul Helmke states that Gallup polls are biased and unreliable.

Instead he feels we should rely on polls conducted by anti-gun groups showing overwhelming support for gun control that has shown to have no bearing in actual voting trends or activism.

What they're really afraid of is not the fact that the poll was taken last October but that the trends over the last 15 years has shown a steady decrease is support for their cause.

They're really starting to slip in the blood of their Dance Macabre.

Kurt has more on Examiner. Digg it baby.


CNN just conducted a new poll and found similar results to Gallup. I guess they're biased now to.

"Now, a recent poll reveals a sudden drop -- only 39 percent of Americans now favor stricter gun laws, according to a new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll."

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

O-Day +76: Stimulating the Economy?

By threatening 90,000 tech jobs?

So prop up and/or take over failing businesses that haven't been able to keep up with modern society by spending hundreds of billions of dollars we don't have but at the same time push to make the defense of this nation stagnant while hostile nations across the globe are working feverishly to catch up and surpass us and put tens of thousands of additional workers out of their jobs.

We are so screwed.

Pointing Fingers...

The blame game continues....

911 worker didn't warn Pittsburgh police of guns

PITTSBURGH – The mother of a man charged with killing three Pittsburgh police officers told a 911 dispatcher he had weapons, but the dispatcher didn't relay that information to officers, the official in charge of county dispatchers told a newspaper.

Inexperienced 911 operator
possible prohibited person
'ebil gun lobby'

Wonder when they'll start looking at the clothes he wore.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The United Kingdom has officially sunk below the seas

UK launches massive, one-year program to archive every email

The data retention rules require the archival of all email traffic (the identities of the sender and receiver, but not the contents of the messages), records of VOIP telephone calls (traditional phone calls are already monitored), and information about every website visited by any computer user in the country. The rules are being pushed down "across the board to even the smallest company," as every ISP large or small will be required to collect and store the data. That data will then be accessible -- to fight "crime and terrorism," of course -- by "hundreds of public bodies" to investigate whatever crimes they see fit.
Good for them. They've gotten what they've asked for.

I'm sure it will all go swimmingly for them. What could possibly go wrong w/ a program like this? If it saves just one child it's all worth it.


Contradicting their own point.

Paul Helmke on the recent tragedy in PA:
an assault-weapon wielding man shooting 'hundreds of shots' who apparently believed the gun lobby propaganda that an Obama gun ban would lead to his 'rights being infringed upon.'
So what does Paul recommend?
At the very least, require Brady background checks for all gun sales; restrict military-style assault weapons to the military and law enforcement and help law enforcement crack down on corrupt gun sellers.
So we shouldn't believe the 'propaganda' about the Obama Administration wanting to ban guns and the Brady Campaign being a 'gun ban' organization but we should support the Brady Campaign in calling for the Obama Administration to ban guns.


2A Blogger Bash Drawing

Attendees of the 2A Blogger Bash in Phoenix will have a little extra bonus for their troubles. Days of Our Trailers in coordination w/ 2ABB is holding a drawing will be held this year for free DOOT-wear including the TWO NEW PATCHES that will be debuted at the convention.

1st Prize: A complete set of Patches, Stickers, and a Lapel Pin.

2nd Prize: A complete set of Patches

3rd Prize: A pair of the new DOOT patches.

The drawing will be held either during the "Happy Hour" Friday night w/ Michael Bane or Saturday Morning in the Media Room. Details on that are still being worked out.

Hope to see you there and good luck.