Thursday, January 10, 2008

Another Win For the Freedom Side

The lawsuit was filed in January 2000, but according to the opinion written by Associate Judge Michael William Farrell, the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act of 2005 required the court to dismiss the case.

SAF founder Alan Gottlieb said the ruling was proper, and recalled that it was municipal lawsuits like this which led to passage of the federal legislation in the first place. At one time, several cities filed a string of junk lawsuits against gun makers, and SAF actually filed counter suits against big city mayors who launched the legal attack. SAF was not a participant in this litigation.

“We’re proud of the tenacity shown by American firearms makers, and their refusal to be bullied by this kind of legal harassment,” Gottlieb stated. “Such lawsuits threaten the gun rights of all law-abiding citizens by posing a threat to the very life of the nation’s firearms industry. It is no secret that such lawsuits have been launched not simply to blame gun companies for out-of-control crime, but to put them out of business through a financial and legal war of attrition.

“Historically,” he continued, “such lawsuits have not been successful, but defending against them has cost the industry considerable time, money and effort, all of which could have been far better spent on research and development of firearm safety education programs, or new, innovative gun safety devices and mechanisms resulting in genuine advances rather than symbolic ‘feel-good’ headlines and paychecks for litigious attorneys.

We need to ask Paullie and Bryan what they think...Link

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Response to Paullies new Rant

Paul let’s take a closer look at your little Rant shall we.

Most people are willing to tolerate a little red tape if it helps prevent more yellow tape at crime scenes.”

Honest gun owners should not have to deal with all the red tape. What is the matter if you are a permit holder and to become a permit holder you had to subject yourself to the “Red Tape” why then is it needed to occur every time you decide to purchase a firearm? Do you realize that the State of New Jersey frequently violates there own laws Intentionally to create More red tape. I sorry Paul I am sick of you and your “Red” tape.

“Law-abiding Americans have nothing to fear from common-sense gun laws that will reduce the toll of 30,000 gun deaths every year in this country.”

Actually we do, You and your fellow Anti-Freedom crusaders constantly attack the bill of rights, not just the second amendment, but the first and the other amendments that are ether not convenient to you or anyone who is not in lock step with you, and your left leaning elk. Paul you have proven time and time again that you are not trustworthy, that you are a Anti-Rights Anti-Freedom hoplophobe

Law-abiding Americans have nothing to fear from preventing suspected terrorists from walking out of a gun store or a gun show fully armed.

Please Paul show me where a Suspected Terrorist has Purchaced or been declined the right to purchase at a Gun Show. I seriously doubt they would even attempt to buy a firearm at a gun show. They will ether obtain it VIA, the mail from there hosting country. Or purchase illegally.

Law-abiding Americans have nothing to fear from getting a background check for every single gun purchase they make, including at gun shows (this is closing the gun show loophole).

You have so much faith in a government who can not even tell you how many Illegal aliens are in the US, or how much they over pay in Medicare to fraud. You expect me to trust people as incompetent as you?

Law-abiding Americans have nothing to fear from strengthening Brady background checks to make sure that "prohibited purchasers" like felons, the dangerously mentally ill, and domestic abusers are denied guns at the point of sale.

Absolutely Not, But get your Government Officials in some states to do there jobs. And Stop violate there own laws.

Law-abiding Americans have nothing to fear from reporting lost or Stolen guns to the police in a timely manner.

Most all are Paul, you just want to make criminals of people who did not realize the firearm was stolen by word play and what your or some other bureaucrat claim the definition of timely manner. What you want is people to trust the un trustworthy

Law-abiding Americans (who aren't in the legal gun business) have nothing to fear from being prevented from buying large numbers of guns in bulk purchases.


Paul you want people to agree with you and your feelings What is Bulk to you Paul?

Law-abiding Americans have nothing to fear from keeping military Style weapons assault weapons out of most civilian hands, reserving them for military and law enforcement use only.

OK Paul, you obviously cannot understand that Assault weapons have been banned for public ownership since 1934. Just because you do not like the look of a firearm does not make it and Assault weapon. You have been asked multiple time to define an assault weapon you have not. One can safely assume at this point you are just lying to make yourself seem knowledgeable.

By wide margins, most Americans want these policies. We're working hard to enact them into law.

Actually Paul you want them, your statement is in error. 65% believe the second amendment is an individual right. You want all private firearms banned. Sorry Paul truth is truth.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Jersey Apologizes for Slavery

They did what? What a P.O.S. of a state. One of the most corrupt states they should be apologizing for existing, contaminating the world with trash the likes of Miller. Why is New Jersey wasting time on worthless resolutions? The only up side is they are not making foolish anti freedom laws.

The Silence of the Anti Gun Crowd is deafening

Am I imagining this or have Paulie, Bryan and the rest of the “Pit Yorkies” been more subdued than normal? I know The Brady Bunches broadcast on "Huffington" has not spewed a new column since December 21. Bryan “You can’t make this stuff up” will blast his little blurbs, get his ass handed to him and then disappear for sometimes over a month. Think of all the little Anti-Freedom hate sites have come and gone in the last year. Including the Anti’s crown Jewel the Brady Bunch, (Membership) 26. Robin “I lie because I am a pompous ass” Ringler shut down her version of “Pravda”.

This makes me hopeful, that reason is returning to the populace, and people are realizing guns are not the enemy that politicians are. Let’s face it we can and will never change the Kelli’s, on the other hand why bother, we need cheap laughs. Besides, Kelli actually helps the pro freedom crowd. All she has to do is post her demented thoughts, and the foolishness of the Anti-freedom crowd is exposed.

Guess we all need to keep up the momentum. We need to take a lesson from Breda, and get people out to the range. When my life if less hectic I would, like to volunteer to take people out for an Introduction to freedom and fun.


Monday, January 7, 2008

With keys to the trailer in hand....

Let’s see New Carpet, Drapes, gallon of Kerosene for a nice insurance fire.

Welcome and Hello all. In Georgia HB 89 has some getting all upset. Some really lame anti-gunners attempting to scare people about the bill are claiming this bill would raise insurance costs. I am in the industry and know that insurers underwrite policies based on trends and risk. I would strongly doubt that having a firearm locked in the trunk of a car is going to change the risk. Fact is the firearms are already in the trunk and insurance companies know this.

Georgia Could gain House seats, as some one who leaves the Freedom of the South and Comes to the Little Peoples Republics in the Northeast to work. I hear people in New Jersey simply asking me why are you here? They say I hate this state I have lived in New Jersey all my life and I can not wait to get out. My response is generally”I am only here because of this project” and I’m outta here when it’s done. Lets face it folks there is nothing to like about the hell hole known as New Jersey.

I have been kind of busy lately; will try to come up with some entertaining items this week. Hope you all are having a wonderful New Year.