Saturday, September 27, 2008

A great start to the weekend...

1 dead in home invasion

Former boyfriend breaks into pregnant ex-girlfriend's home, stabs her and then kills her current boyfriend, police say.

After a former boyfriend tried to break into her home last month, Sulee Gonzalez obtained a court order of protection, pleading that he make "no contact at all" with her and her family.
Fat lot of good that did.

Four shot on Near West Side

I'm going to guess it's 'gang related'.

Three found dead in Lake View

If only more would be this curtious .

And it's not even noon.

Tanks a lot..

Somalie pirates have hijacked a ship containing 33 T-72 tanks, ammunition, and assorted man portable heavy weapons.

The US and Russian Navies are in pursuit.

Apparently the pirates don't have the capabilities to unload the tanks but if they can get the grenade launchers and ammunition off before abandoning the ship, that will definitely change the balance of power in the region.

But remember. It's those revolvers and semi-autos sold at US gun shows that are the REAL dangers to world security.


Both sides are screaming "WE WON!!" over last nights presidential debate. Both sides dropping down on their knees touting how well their candidate did and spraying spittle in all directions proclaiming that the other has less intelligence than your common houseplant.

I wasn't overly impressed by either. Both made a few good points but there was nothing new. No major flubs or position changes. No real 'Gotcha' moments. Nothing to make it really interesting at all.

You know, I really can't wait for this to be over. Two years of non-stop campaigning presidential campaigning is about a year and a half to long. Assuming it doesn't take a month for the voting results, that should give us at least a few weeks before the 2012 candidates start up.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

More Illinois Sportsmen on Obama

From my perspective, Senator Obama was allied against Second Amendment Rights while in the Illinois Senate, and appeared disinterested at best in relation to sportsmen's rights. My first contact with him was several years ago when I attended an Illinois Senate Committee hearing that he chaired. The committee was reviewing the contentious "Assault Weapons Ban" bill promoted by Chicago Mayor Daley. When it was pointed out in testimony that the bill's definitions made felons out of every hunter in Illinois that owned a rifled-barrel deer slug gun or an inline muzzleloader, he dismissed the concerns as "minor wording details" and sailed the bill through the committee by allowing two "readings" on the very same day. The wording was later changed in a very superficial way, and the heavily-flawed bill eventually died on the senate floor.
Larry Dale
Publisher of

Why we've discussed that very bill. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that our potential future president has no problem voting for bills that have "minor wording details". Of course that removes the possibility that he was unaware of said 'loopholes' and shows he intentionally voted for the confiscation and banning of many hunting and sporting firearms.

So far Obama's Zero for Three on organizations that he claimed would support him.

Rev. "Snuffy" Pfleger threatens IL residents and legislators

"It’s the downstate that have refused to give us the votes to common sense gun laws. So what we’re saying is, ‘Ok. We’re gonna start disrupting your life like gun violence is disrupting our life.' And that’s here at their businesses and that’s coming to their homes. And we’re prepared to go to the legislators homes and visit them."
-Snuffy Pfleger

Sorry Snuff, it's not the 'downstaters' that are causing the problems. Why don't you go to the homes of the people committing the crimes? Why don't you confront the gang-leaders? The parents of the 50% of CPS students who drop out? The "no snitchin' " advocates?

Wouldn't you get a better result?

Obama's "Reasoned Discourse"

Paul Helmke of the Brady Campaign claims:

"This week at least two national news organizations plus a leading political watchdog (along with the Brady Campaign) criticized a new NRA advertising effort being waged against Senators Barack Obama and Joe Biden....

Sadly, NRA leaders seem to feel their only option is to make Americans so afraid that they can't see the truth about the candidates -- or the NRA's pattern of deception.

Thankfully, the American people are catching on.

Obama's campaign disagrees.

In a move that doesn't surprise anyone who's aware of Obama's history of supporting the constitution, his campaign has threatened legal action against the media stations playing said ads and that they are putting their licenses in jeopardy if they don't pull them.

If these ads are so blatantly false and the people can easily see through them, wouldn't it damage the NRA more if they were played? Are they afraid that people might question Obama's word when his history is shown in an unfavorable light?

NRA response
Sebastian SIH (now with Instalaunch!)

Chicago supports criminals..

Crime is up. Politicians are promising to 'do something'. What do they do? Reduce the police department because of budget issues:

Chicago Police having trouble hiring more officers

With more violent crimes being committed in Chicago, the police department can't get approval from City Hall to hire enough officers to keep up with the number of officers who are leaving.

Like other city agencies and departments, the police department is caught up in budget problems facing the city. Mayor Richard Daley has said the city must cut personnel costs but hasn't said where those cuts can be made.

The Fraternal Order of Police says that because of firings and retirements the department is down 250 officers and says it could be down by 400 by the end of the year.

The owner of a bar I worked at did the same thing. He cut back on security because they didn't make him money like the bartenders and waitresses. More fights broke out. Less people showed up. He cut security again. Lather rinse repeat. The place closed less than a year later.

Obama supports hunters and sportsmen?

In the recent F&S interview, Barack "I voted for banning your shotguns before I voted against it" Obama stated:

"But if you talk to sportsmen in my home state of Illinois, they will tell you that I’ve always been a forceful advocate on behalf of the rights of sportsmen, on behalf of access for sportsmen and hunters. I’ve been somebody who, well before the recent Supreme Court case, stated my belief that the Second Amendment was an individual right."

So far, that doesn't seem to be the case:

"Any sportsman who counts Barack Obama as one of his friends is
seriously confused," said ISRA Executive Director Richard Pearson.

"Obama is not a friend of hunters and sportsmen. The 2A is not about hunting."
-John Naesse, Director, Champaign County Rifle Assoc.

I'm waiting on responses from about a dozen other organizations I contacted.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Following the law shows a 'lack of judgement'

Officials in Pennsylvania have revoked a woman's concealed-weapons permit because other parents complained that she was carrying her loaded handgun at her daughter's soccer games.

Meleanie Hain said she's fighting the revocation by the Lebanon County sheriff.

Hain lost the permit and got a warning from local soccer officials after a game on Sept. 11.

Sheriff Michael DeLeo said openly carrying a weapon to a youth soccer match shows a lack of judgment.

Hain told the Lebanon Daily News she has always openly carried a firearm without any problems in the past.

And her lawyer, Robert Magee, said that while Pennsylvania requires a permit for a concealed firearm, it doesn't require a license to carry one openly except in Philadelphia.

I see a couple lawsuits here.

FactCheck gets unhinged.

The author of the anti-NRA post goes off on John Lott for asking questions:

Regarding Obama’s work with the Joyce Foundation, Jackson said, “You are an academic? You are asking about the Joyce Foundation? What does that have to do with anything? You would have failed the freshman college logic test.”
So past associations have no bearing?

The rest of his responses are just as hysteric:

“They are lying. This is what they do. This is how they make their money. Do these people have no shame? They are just making this up. I just wish that they would tell the truth.” He said that their ads were “one of the worst examples of lying” that he had “ever seen.”

"this is what they do".

So he has a preconceived opinion while claiming to be impartial.

So much for 'facts'.

More on the "Boyscout" from PA

SIH noted that he has an extensive rapsheet.

From ABC:

“According to police, Giddings was arrested back in August of 1998 for a carjacking, in which he shot the victim twice in the legs and stole $100. Giddings was sentenced to 6-12 years behind bars.
While in prison, police say Giddings was accused of 27 infractions, and found guilty on 18 of those. In addition, police say Giddings was kicked out of two prisons during his sentence.
Giddings was released in August, 2008. Shortly after, police attempted to pull him over for a traffic violation, and he ran off. Officers caught up to Giddings and a fight ensued. Giddings escaped, and four officers were hurt. An arrest warrant was issued after that incident.
During that incident, according to police, Giddings said he would not go back to prison alive, and if police tried to arrest him he would take an officer down with him.
“He was a dangerous individual, and he demonstrated that over and over and over again,” said Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey.”

And yet he still didn't serve his full sentence. Obviously more gun laws are needed. That would have surely stopped him.

Thanks to Sneaky on Huffpo.

Winnetka Lawsuit

Now online here.

They're going for incorporation.

Thanks to GarandFan on IllinoisCarry for the link.

GOP Conspiracy against Obama?

IL. Gov Blagojevich has stated that Obama's opposition to him vetoing an ethics bill is a "very clever ruse by the McCain campaign and by the Republicans".

Why would he say something like that? Why would he oppose an ethics bill supported by the overwhelming majority of the Il Congress?

Blagojevich’s aggressive fundraising is the target of the original ethics bill, which was overwhelmingly supported by Democrats and Republicans alike in the state legislature. It would prohibit state contractors and those seeking state business worth $50,000 or more from donating to the official who doles out the work. The governor rewrote the bill to include a variety of side issues and critics charge Blagojevich’s move was an attempt to sabotage the original measure.

Oh, that's why.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Busy day at the NRA

First having to counter the lack of "FackCheck"ing, then filing a suit against Wilmette Winnetka, IL over it's handgun ban.

“The Supreme Court ruled in Heller that the Second Amendment right is exercised individually and belongs to all Americans. NRA is tired of waiting for Winnetka Village to do the right thing. We’ve been told for months that the Village Council would study the issue and vote on a repeal of their gun ban, but no such action has taken place,” said Chris W. Cox, NRA’s chief lobbyist. “Winnetka has refused to act, so it’s time for NRA to act instead.”

Factcheck bias

Annenberg Foundation - FactCheck's primary fund source is a large contributor to gun control lobby

...There's another possible explanation behind FactCheck's positions. Just last year, FactCheck's primary funding source, the Annenberg Foundation, also gave $50,000 to the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence for "efforts to reduce gun violence by educating the public and by enacting and enforcing regulations governing the gun industry." Annenberg made a similar grant for $100,000 in 2005.

Oops. Factcheck tries to defend themselves in that Annenberg also donated to several Republican organizations not realizing that Brady was a Republican. That still has nothing to do w/ financially supporting an anti-gun organization though while trying to claim impartiality on an issue.

Here's the author on his feelings about the NRA:

“They are lying. This is what they do. This is how they make their money. Do these people have no shame? They are just making this up. I just wish that they would tell the truth.” He said that their ads were “one of the worst examples of lying” that he had “ever seen.”

"this is what they do".

So he has a preconceived opinion while claiming to be impartial.

More here, here,here, and here.

A mixed month for Chicago

The August crime report is out. The increase in murders for the year has dropped from 18.1% to 15.7%. Hey, it's less bad, that's an improvement, right?

But. (There's always a but)

Violent and property crime continue to increase overall from 2.4% each to 3% and 2.9% respectively.

I wonder what September will look like with the nicer weather and a police work slow-down.

FactCheck plays Partisan Politics

Sebastian SIH
David Kopel
Joe Huffman


Josh Horowitz lies

He claims Heller stated :"criminals don't obey gun laws, so let's eliminate all gun laws"

But, looking at what was actually said:

most DC gun regulations should be eliminated or should revert to those like VA &
NH where firearms are common, or like VT -- which has -- NO -- gun -- laws.

VT still has to follow FEDERAL laws so that's not "all" now, is it Josh?

Really. Does one need to be an expert in international affairs and law to recognize an infringement on ones rights?

There's a reason Josh won't "engage in a point-by-analysis of Heller's testimony", it's because to do so would bring to light all the fabrications and misinformation groups like the "Coalition to Stop Handgun Ownership" need to keep themselves in existence.

Gun control doesn't stop it...

Finland, w/ registration, licensing, and nearly every other law dreamed up by the Brady Campaign, had a school shooting w/ a 'low powered' handgun.

Of course the media shows they are still frickin' idiots :

the man used a 22-millimeter caliber handgun

Monday, September 22, 2008

Illinois Candidates : Brendan Appel 9th District

Not much more can be said about the National Election. Obama/Biden are anti-gun hacks, McCain/Palin average out to a B+. I'm going to start working on Illinois races where I can.

Just spent about a half hour on the phone w/ Mr. Brendan Appel. He's running for the IL state senate 9th district. Very pro-gun. Life member of ISRA and Annual of NRA. Does target shooting w/ pistols. Supports CCW & Assault Weapons. Supported Heller and Chicago suit.

Says his opponent , Schoenberg, isn't even campaigning. Hasn't had another name on the ticket since 2000. Brady supported.

This is the same district Elizabeth Coulson and Julie Hamos.

Good weather in Chicago

7 shootings in 6 hours on South Side

One held in shooting of couple

West Side shooting leaves one dead, two wounded

Boy charged in accidental shooting death of friend

Man Shot, Wounded In Edgewater


And another in the last couple hours:

Police search for shooter in drive-by

Gotta love Chi-Town


We have no use for them.

-John Naese, Director, Champaign County Rifle Assoc.

I wonder why?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Progressive Women

Defend themselves.

"In the old days, there was sort of incorrect advice: 'Oh, if you fight back, you'll get him angrier. He'll get angry and it'll be worse. The rape is not as bad as the injury you'll suffer,' " Ullman said.

Seems the Brady Campaign advocated that position as well.

Unsurprisingly, it turns out to be incorrect.

"The worst injury tends to be the completed rape. Other injuries stem from accomplishing the rape," Ullman said.

So what to they recommend?

Data from some of Ullman's studies indicate that biting, scratching, using a weapon and breaking out martial arts or self-defense maneuvers deter rapists without increasing the victim's risk of being injured. When victims have been hurt, Ullman said, they were typically harmed during the initial attack.

Fight back when threatened to deter him. Thrust your elbows out. Power up a groin kick.

Fight back when frightened to scare him. Project your voice with confidence. Yell, holler and scream.

Fight back when attacked to catch him. Scratch his skin. Grab his hair.

That's right. As Oleg Volk said. Act like tool using humans.