Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Increasing Chicago HS graduation rates..

By encouraging students to skip school and spending tax money to bus them to a publicity stunt.

That is the concept by State Sen. Meeks who also apparently thinks exacerbating racial tensions will help improve things.
"Today we are back to two-tiered schools — white and affluent on one side, and black, brown and poor on the other,"
The Township doesn't quite know what to do:

Officials at New Trier Township High School District 203 said it wasn't yet clear how they'll deal with so many Chicago students showing up at one time to attempt to enroll at the high school.
My suggestion, call the police and have Meeks arrested for enabling truancy. Chicago is 43rd in the nation for African American HS graduation rates and only has a 50% rate overall. I'm sure encouraging kids to ditch school at any opportunity is the way to fix this.


Hall Monitor said...

This story made http://detentionslip.org! Voted #1 for crazy education news.

Don said...

I actually don't follow his logic. Not just that I disagree, you see, but I actually don't get what he's proposing to do. Does he think New Trier is magic?