Thursday, October 27, 2016

Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Old guys like me remember the anti-gun groups touting Australian 'hunters' denouncing semi-autos in an effort to gain support for their failing gun confiscation.

Here in the US we give them the name of 'Fudd' and the anti's use them in the same way... trotting them out and using them to create fake gun groups in an effort to push or maintain unreasonable restrictions.

In PA, the house is supporting allowing semi autos for hunting. On a FB post on the PAFOA page, a commenter makes an accurate prediction:
I'm just posting so i can read all the Fudd comments later.

something something machine guns for deer something something not sporting, something there wont be meat left something something one shot, one kill something something spray and pray.
and wouldn't you know it, within minutes a Fudd shows up w/ a high capacity assault shovel.
This is good for varmits.but deer, worst idea ever. PA has lots of hunters and little land, as other states are usually opposite or have more land to offer. People already spray and pray with pumps along fields at running herds. That's so dangerous, now add ARs and or any semi in general? Peaceful hunting will become a warzone, I promise you that. For every one responsible semi hunter, there will be ten morons playing call of duty through the woods. I know how pa hunters are for the majority, meet them every day. I'll keep using my bolt action, but it's scary enough to hear one bullet wiz by..let alone ten

 .im just a hunter that doesnt wanna be shot by spray and pray morons who cant one shot one kill..but sure, act like an idiot, thats w hat the left wants you to do..snap and act out of control..dumbass

 That's anywhere in Northumberland county..they all wanna blow gaint holes and Road hunt..a road hunter arrested every year..why should I have to hunt ethically and sensible and you wanna get the local drunks semis to hunt with? If you need this so bad, your not a hunter..thats like crying you can use a xbow..whi h people did, thats not even a right. Its juat being a baby, wanting what the next state can do. Soon everyone will complain about other places get more deer tags or something
greatful hunter who doesn't use rights as an excuse to get unnecessary hunting firearms
Semi shotguns are fine dude..turkey, squirrel whatever. Just not center fire above a .23 caliber..too many people in the would you do see..someone keeps pulling the trigger with buck fever, don't see a guy down range and shoots him..on the water duck hurting with pellet shot..lot less danger

 Use semis on coyote, duck, turkey, rabbit, pheasant, grouse...ANYTHING EXCEPT DEER. Not big center fire in crowded areas. If you think that's smart, your the dumbest hunter ever..use them on anything except deer. That's just to popular in PA, someone will abuse an easy trigger with a running 10point buck..I'll guarantee it

Im gonna laugh qhen two days into deer season someone gets shot from a spray and pray..and be laughing for days cause your hurting your own cause..everyday i work with fellow hunters and they all agree..they all know one guy is gonna ruin deny it all you want, it will backfire

 I guess so..i own an AR dumbass. But not for hunting, because I'm not going overseas after isis. Im Quietly sitting in the woods. Why would I wanna to use a small 223 with a strikerfire green dot with no magnification over a 270 weatherby with a leupold? Think about that

 I know..but if you already have a good deer gun..why go dump $1000+ on a new ar10 ? Just to use a semi? That's a dumb argument.

 Well if you don't own a deer gun now..your not a hunter..if you only start because semis are legal, your hunting for the wrong reasons and shouldn't be

 So don't be an ethical hunter with common sense? A hunter with enough skill to kill with one shot instead of ten? I'll take being a fudd

 Oh look..another sensible hunter who knows the limits of the population..ya gonna call this hunter a liberal too cause he dont wanna machine gun deer?

 No way man..just don't use guns you don't need. You want a grenade next? Landmines? That what you need or ya wanna go to tanks? I like to use drones and missles, it's the most modern

guess win boo hoo. I'll sell all my guns tomorrow cause I'm not sucking a modern boner, just a traditional one built up by years of ethical game taking...sorry I don't jump bandwagons for the "newest thing"
All the same arguments and terminology used by anti-gun activists.  Just as bad is that he has absolutely no idea why everyone else jumped on him.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

10yrs/offense X 200 = 5?

Guy buys hundreds of guns, transporting them across state lines,  and knowingly selling to criminals.

 Gets 5 years

Tell me again how we need more gun laws.

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Monday, October 24, 2016

End of an Era

The guy who made all those funny little comics supposedly professing God's love for
 the world except for about 99% of the population, aka Jack Chick, has passed away according to their FB page.

This is of course the ironic genius behind the anti gaming tract Dark Dungeons.  

Page 5

Now he gets to find out if his vision was right or not.

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