Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ammunition Anonymous


My name is kaveman...and I, uh...have a problem.

The roots of it can be traced to my childhood, where I looked up in awe to such figures as Batman(wielding dual .45's originally) and Superman. I always thought Spiderman was kinda gay. Not "wiener in the butt kinda gay" but more of a what a lame super-hero kinda gay.

The gateway toys for me were the obligatory squirt and cap guns. It wasn't too long that my primitive side craved something more hardcore. Spring loaded BB guns naturally lead to compressed air Crossmans and Daisys. The movie "A Christmas Story" influenced me on a deep level.

Got my first .22 at age 12 for Christmas. A Marlin Model 81 bolt action. Still have it.

Rimfire gave way to center fire at the age of 15, and that's the slippery slope I've been riding since.

My addiction has grown so bad that I've branched out into handguns and have been known to buy a holster that doesn't fit anything I have at the moment. This forces me to go out and buy a gun that fits it. Scopes as well. I'll buy a scope first and then have to go buy a rifle to slap it on.

Not 20 minutes ago, I went to the grocery store and bought $67 worth of food. Original bill was over $100 but I've got some mad coupon clipping skills. Then I went to the Sporting Goods store and spent $586 on ammo. Last stop was at the dollar store where I bought my dog some raw-hide chew toys and some bird seed for my feathered friends.

I guess what I'm really seeking is some serious help for my addiction.

I need to buy a gun next week to celebrate both the 1 year anniversary of the Heller Ruling as well as July 4th.

What should I buy?

I have most of the 19 weapons named in the '94 AWB and my current tastes are anything that would make Sarah Brady cry and cowboy singles and lever rifles.

Please help me decide.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Speaking of Rambling Nonsense

Several Joyce Foundation funded anti-gun groups are crapping themselves over the 2A Freedom Rally in Chicago today.
On One-Year Anniversary of Supreme Court Heller Ruling that Stripped D.C. Of Its Handgun Ban, Pro-Gun Groups Want To Flood Chicago With Even More Deadly Weapons and Push for Carrying Hidden and Loaded Guns In Public

Read the rest of the PSH 'press release' at Illinois Carry.

Photos of the event here including Rev. 'Snuffy' Pfleger who attended.

'Conservative' Examiner?

A rambling collection of nonsense has appeared on the Examiner site under the 'Conservative' label.

Honestly, I don't think playing the race card, trashing Bobby Jindal, or plagiarizing Brady Campaign talking points has anything to do w/ "Conservatism".

I kid you not. If you're able to make it through this collection of incoherent and misspelled parsings, you'll note that he cut-n-pasted a section of Dennis Henigan's blog, including links, to call for more gun control in Louisiana. Then he has the audacity to post a link to his rant on Dennis' Huffpo blog.

'Conservative' ? I don't think so. You're not even literate enough to know what that word means.

Update: Apparently our illiterate law student decided to reply and continue to show his ignorance. Note that he neglects to respond to any of the facts about gun control vs crime numbers that I presented nor the fact that he blatantly plagiarized part of his post and instead continues to play the race card some more.
@Thirdpower what are a skin head.Are you so far to the right that you would not want to enact a law to prevent the easy buying of guns at a gun show.
That's right. According to this 'Conservative', since I oppose bans on private sales of firearms, I'm a 'right-wing skin head'.

He also doesn't realize that spell-check does not fix grammatical or punctuation errors.

Like I said, he's got no idea what these words mean.

O-day +157: Their Eyes are Opening

What do you get when you believe the promises of a politician on the campaign trail? Exactly what you deserve.

WASHINGTONPresident Barack Obama is taking heat from some gays and lesbians for not fulfilling campaign pledges. He's also taking their cash.

Gay rights activists have complained that Obama has not followed through on his promises to repeal a law banning their open service in the military, to do away with a federal marriage law or to champion their causes from the White House. During his first five months, he's taken incremental steps that have little real effect and left some people feeling betrayed.

Chicago 2A Freedom Rally

Second Amendment supporters will be coming from all over the state to celebrate the first anniversary of U.S. Supreme Court ruling in the DC vs Heller case. This historical ruling finally and firmly rules the right to keep and bear arms is an INDIVIDUAL right. Since that ruling several Illinois cities have dropped their ban on handgun ownership - Evanston, Wilmette, and Morton Grove which was the first city in Illinois to ban handguns. Oak Park and Chicago however still continue to deny their citizens this constitutional right.

More at Illinois Carry

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Free Stuff

Want to learn about survivalism basics but don't want to buy a book just to find out it's a bunch of nonsense? Well the Survivalist Blog is offering a selection of E-Books for free.

Good stuff from a good resource. Check it out.

Unorganized Militia Gear

They Lampoon Themselves

Dennis "Of The People" Henigan, VP and Lawyer for the Brady Campaign, seems to be trying to make a voice for himself. To bad it sounds like Fran Drescher in the Nanny.

He currently has a piece up on Huffpo plugging his new book. Just a few choice bits.
"Even most self-identified members of the National Rifle Association support handgun registration and mandatory safety training before purchasing a firearm."
Oh look, a paper by the gun control funded Hemenway (16 yrs old to boot) and surveys written by gun control groups. There's a reliable source on NRA members right there.
"President Clinton's skillful handling of the issue was key to passage of the Brady Bill and the assault weapon ban in the early 1990s. He showed that the gun issue does not have to be just another front in the endless "culture wars."
And his 'skillful handling cost him congress in '94 and Gore the election in '00. Good job there.
For the NRA, it is all about generating fear
Followed shortly by the statement
it gives the gun lobby an absurd amendment that legalizes loaded AK-47s and concealed weapons in national parks.
Pot meet Kettle

Is this the kind of writing Dennis's book is filled with? If this is the highlights, I've read comic books that were more accurate. And they wonder why noone bothers w/ them anymore.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Helping Sportsmen by Attacking Sportsmen's groups?

Less than a day after Gun Nuts Radio tore them into little shreds, crapped on the remains and then buried them, the AHSA issues a press release lamenting the fact that youth are not being taught firearm and hunting safety.
Public schools and many youth organizations that used to teach marksmanship and gun handling no longer do so, or face declining enrollment in their programs. As a result, respect for guns, knowledge about the positive role of guns in society, and even respect for the lives misuse use of a gun will alter are decidedly lacking for far too many of our youths.
Obviously the plan developed by the American Hunters and Shooters Association to rectify this situation is to bend all their efforts to attacking the organization that provides the majority of education programs for youth, hunters, and police alike.

Fine, don't like the NRA. But how can anyone take the AHSA seriously enough to be a member?

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

$1 Billion Blunder

How do you continue to bankrupt a city? Put a raving, delusional, megalomaniac in charge w/ a bunch of spineless puppets as the peoples' representatives:
After a five-month analysis, Inspector General David Hoffman reached the “conservative” conclusion that Chicago Parking Meters LLC paid $974 million less than the system would have been worth to the city if it raised rates by the same amount and kept the meters for the next 75 years.

Just think of all the lawsuits Daley could have financed w/ that extra $13 million/year. Guess he'll just have to raise taxes some more.

I am SO going to scold my dead grandparents for continuing to vote for him.

Same ol' Josh Sugarmann

Pushing for bans on firearms.

"But he only wants the same safety oversight as everything else". Right.

From Josh Sugarmann in 1999:

A gun-control movement worthy of the name would insist that President Clinton move beyond his proposals for controls...and immediately call on Congress to pass far-reaching industry regulation like the Firearms Safety and Consumer Protection Act introduced by Senator Robert Torricelli, Democrat of New Jersey, and Representative Patrick Kennedy, Democrat of Rhode Island. Their measure would give the Treasury Department health and safety authority over the gun industry, and any rational regulator with that authority would ban handguns...

In the long run, half-measures and compromises only sacrifice lives.
So anything less than complete gun bans is unacceptable to Josh Sugarmann. Not that this comes as a surprise. Note that this was written while Obama was a board member of the Joyce Foundation, the primary financier of the VPC.

h/t to commenter FishyJay.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Blaming the US.

So first we have 'weak US gun laws' allowing guns to flow into Canada and, more recently, Mexico.

Plausible since there are large, unchecked stretches of border between the nations.

Now we have entering the picture the Jamaican Gun Canard, blaming the 'flow' of weapons there on the US.

The difference?

Jamaica is an island nation. It also has an effectively disarmed populace, sky-high crime rates, corruption, drugs, etc etc etc.

So obviously since they can't control their own borders while sitting in the middle of the Caribbean, the US must be at fault.

That makes sense.

Strategically, this seems to be the current plan. "Gun Control" has failed domestically so groups like the Brady Campaign and the VPC need to spread the message that crime in the international community is the fault of the US thereby bringing pressure from the outside for Obama to ratify the CIFTA treaty. We can expect IANSA to start squealing about it shortly along w/ the other Soros and Joyce funded organizations.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

In Honor of Founding "Father's Day," I wanted to share some historical insight in how we gained our independence from the British Crown, which was at the time, the most powerful military force the world had even seen.


And keep your powder dry.

Unorganized Militia Gear

Kane County 'Reasoned Discourse'

According to one hoplophobe, a bunch of NRA reps went to the county board and threatened them into passing the Pro-2A resolution.

Let's look at this individuals mentality shall we?

bullies, downstate ninnies, they're demanding, against any form of gun control, harass, bullies , thinly disguised NRA thugs, anyone else would summarily dismiss them, truly accomplished bullies (again), implicit intimidation, victim's unspoken fears, implied threat, coerce the majority of counties into capitulating, scare tactics, bullies, bullies (he really likes that word), no one needs to own a handgun, don't give the me that bull about defending yourself, Most of you can barely handle a car, much less a firearm, Reasonable gun control, Illinois Pro 2A/NRA bullies (gets old, doesn't iit?), special-interest-beholden politicians reducing elections to some absurd least-common denominator

And for his final insult *drum roll please*



There must be a whole lot of these 'downstate NRA ninnies' driving around the state 'bullying' not only board members but also county sheriffs and state representatives to 'oppose any form of gun control' since 90 counties have passed it and all the Chicago style 'gun control' measures he supports have failed in the state legislature.

This letter epitomizes the close-minded bigotry and stereotyping that seems to have become the mainstay of gun control activists. It can only be slack-jawed yokels from the sticks being prodded by the NRA that would ever even think of picking up a gun. No 'civilized progressive' would ever sully themselves so. It is incomprehensible that an educated, successful individual could support firearms or take time out to actually support that cause.

What's even more telling is that all the while he's denouncing 2A activists as being puppets of the NRA, he's regurgitating every gun control talking point in the book.

Unorganized Militia Gear

Chicago Roundup

4 shot on South Side street

Man shot in head after argument

Man shot in Humboldt Park neighborhood

15-Year-Old Wounded In Roseland Shooting

17-year-old shot in Back of the Yards

Man fatally shot on South Side

Teen killed after SUV rammed by van (gang related)

Man stabbed at fight during festival

3 Men Stabbed at Humboldt Park Festival

Mayor Daley's gun free paradise. And this was on a weekend of crappy weather.