Friday, March 6, 2009

Another school shooting.

Well. Sort of.

A police officer for the University of Illinois at Chicago accidentally discharged his weapon while responding to a report of possible gunfire on the campus this afternoon, but no injuries were reported.

"While responding, the officer drew his gun and accidentally discharged the weapon into the ground," said UIC spokesman Mark Rosati.

Why don't they use the word 'negligently' since I'm sure he didn't 'accidentally' take it out of his holster or 'accidentally' put his finger on the trigger.

No evidence of any other firearms on campus.

BTW. IGOLD Mar 11th.

Anti-gun Advocates Oppose Free Speech

Via David Codrea:

The lefties on Digg are burying our GRE articles to keep them from getting to the front page--this means when they succeed, they are literally denying that tens of thousands of readers get to see them--I'm not BSing--it's something we are working on among ourselves in our group correspondences. Because it's a social network that works that way, there is very little we can do to stop that if supporters of these articles don't help us keep that from happening by digging and sharing in greater numbers. It's just another one of those cases where simple inaction can mean the difference between success and failure.

As is usual, the only way the hoplophobes can continue to exist is by attempting to prevent the facts from getting out. This is why they either don't allow or heavily censor comments on the overwhelming majority of their sites.

Do what you can to help. Go to the numerous Gun Rights Examiners links and "Digg" them follow your conscience.

More on the anti-gun 'liberal' censorship drive here.

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cats vs Dogs

When I go grocery shopping, I look for the best value for my money. Why would I pay extra for the sweaty butcher to cut my top sirloin into cube steak so I can make chili?

Well, I don’t.

I buy the steaks and cut them myself with my assault blade which I spray slice from the hip.

Minimal invested = increased value.

That’s because I’m a “higher animal” that can think things through; I can rationalize, I can plan ahead, I can make decisions now that will benefit me in the future. Not like those “lower animals”.


A lioness, looking down from a low ridge will actually pick out and target the scrawny impala with a gimpy leg rather than the one prancing about with the most meat.

Why would a top predator target the weak and crippled rather than the front of the pack?

Minimal investment = increased value.

That “inferior animal” is you and I at the grocery store. She’s smart enough to know that the risk is too great to target those who can not only fight back, but quite possibly win with one well placed hoof. She employees very advanced tactics, really. Separate her target from the herd, get it alone, then attack.

Which leads to a question I hope you will consider.

Why do cats clean themselves while dogs do not?

Helmke + Snark = Epic Fail

Paul takes an attempt at sarcasm and fails miserably.

Just a few points.

Paul claims:
I have news for Mr. Cox and those members of Congress stuck in the crook of his shepherd's staff: District of Columbia residents already have Second Amendment rights.
Why yes Paul. They do. Good of you to notice. Of course that fact has nothing to do with the Brady Campaign fighting tooth and nail to deny them that right through 'commonsense' laws like gun bans and criminalizing self-defense now does it? Or did you forget that part? Oh, right. You weren't REALLY supporting gun bans, you were just trying to 'influence the court's opinion' to maintain the gun ban. Right.

He also claims:
Unfortunately, the NRA is holding that bill hostage with a killer amendment that would strip the District's elected officials of their ability to regulate the ownership and sale of guns to protect the public.
Wait. I thought that this was a 'new political era'? That the 'elections were a major victory for common sense gun laws'? That the 'NRA was discredited'? How could they possibly 'hold a bill hostage'?

The amendment passed 62-36 and the bill passed the Senate 61-37 w/ bi-partisan voting. Sure didn't seem to be 'held hostage' in the Senate.

Seems there's plenty of support. Just not for the Brady agenda.

God, that's gotta sting.

Punished For Telling the Truth

A Marine veteran is denied a handgun permit in Omaha, NE. Why? Because he sought counseling for PTSD.
"I was trusted by the {federal} government to carry a loaded weapon, but now I am not allowed to purchase one by my local government," he said.

Mechaley, 32, has received counseling for post-traumatic stress disorder related to his service in Iraq. While completing an application for a gun permit, he responded "yes" to a question that asked whether he was being treated for a mental disorder.

So what lesson does this teach soldiers et al? Either lie on government forms and/or don't get the help you need if you want to continue exercising your constitutional rights.

And people wonder why 'gun nuts' oppose arbitrary licensing/registration schemes.

BTW, IGOLD is next Wed. March 11th.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

AHSA Distorts Again

Colin Rogero, political director of the AHSA stated on their Facebook page:

AHSA is not supportive of the ban on .50 caliber rifles.

Apparently he's never checked out the AHSA website:

AHSA supports legislative efforts to regulate .50 caliber BMG sniper rifles in the same manner as machine guns are regulated under the provisions of the National Firearms Act of 1934.

So no new civilian manufacture, licensing, etc.

That's a ban by any other name. It's also the exact same position held by the VPC. Good company Ray.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mexican Civil War

Nothing else but.

This is a kleptocracy fighting to keep from being overthrown by another kleptocracy and trying to divert the blame away from their own outright incompetence by blaming the US.

A corrupt gov't that is "tainted up to the highest levels by corruption and direct links to the drug cartels", 17,000 desertions from the Mexican Military per year, four different drug cartels fighting for control, 10 murders a day in a small city.

According to the media, none of that matters though. It's all the fault of those damn US gun shows selling grenades, RPG's, and AK-47's to Mexicans. They must be selling out pretty quickly because none of the regular show attendees in Texas, AZ, or NM ever seem to be able to find them.

We're told over and over that a bunch of hicks w/ semi-auto rifles, handguns, and shotguns can't possibly challenge a modern military. Does that mean that the Mexican Army, armed w/ US weaponry and equipment, barely able to hold their own against a bunch of deserters and drug dealers, are useless?

Why is it that our 'betters', the 'authorized journalists' and even US military officials can't seem to put two and two together without getting Pi?

Are they ignorant or lying?

Firearm Factoid

The standard issue firearms of the Kenya Wildlife Service Security Department are the Kalishnikov Series AK-101 and AK-102 Assault Rifles.

These replaced the AK-47 and HK G3 rifles previously used.

Monday, March 2, 2009

"Unlikely Occurrences "

I asked a professor today that if there was an alert of a VT like situation, whether she would feel safer knowing I had a firearm or knowing I didn't. She replied she'ld have to think about that. An honest answer I can respect.

Just a half hour ago I received this E-mail:

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff :

A student posted threats on his Facebook page against Eastern Illinois University. That student has returned to his hometown near Chicago. Threats made to students, faculty-staff members, or against the University as a whole will be treated seriously and resolved aggressively.

I hope everyone 'feels safe'.

We're All Potential Murderers

That's the way anti-gun advocates view firearm owners.

"We haven't seen mayhem in the street — that doesn't mean the potential isn't there."
-Tom Mannard, executive director of the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence

Actually Mr. Mannard, we are seeing "mayhem in the street", but it's not coming from legal firearm owners. It's occurring in Chicago and the areas surrounding it that are experiencing spillover from the gang wars and incompetent administration.

This is the fact that people like Mannard can't accept. They NEED to project their own fears onto those who, by Mannards own admission, aren't the ones causing the problems. they NEED to believe that firearm owners are psychotic killers just to maintain their flawed ideology. To them, any firearm owner is just a murderer waiting for the opportunity.

One shouldn't be surprised that the ICHV is another Joyce Foundation funded group.

H/T to SIH

O-Day +39: Politics as Usual

WASHINGTONPresident Barack Obama will break a campaign pledge against congressional earmarks and sign a budget bill laden with millions in lawmakers' pet projects, administration officials said.
I'm Shocked. Shocked I say.

Giving Hope to politicians by passing out the taxpayers Change.

Is anyone w/ a clue really surprised?

IGOLD 2009

I'm going to be there. I was unable to go last year since I had already been gone from work for military duty and family obligations. This year I'll be meeting w/ ArmedSchoolteacher and LonghornJeff as representatives of the gun blogging community.

This year we have a chance to get CCW moved forward in Illinois. The new .Gov says he's opposed but 3000+ people outside his office might change his mind. That's the whole point.

More at ISRA and IllinoisCarry, Armed and Safe, and even more ISRA.

Make Your Voice Heard in Springfield on March 11! Please join your fellow Illinois gun owners for the annual Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day (IGOLD) on March 11, 2009, in Springfield! This is your opportunity to lobby your lawmakers directly and make a positive impact for all Illinois gun owners. Do not miss the largest gun rights rally and Second Amendment lobbying event in Illinois history! We need thousands of Illinois gun owners, hunters, sportsmen, and those who simply wish to defend their right to keep and bear arms to gather at the Prairie Capitol Convention Center. We will march down Capitol Avenue, rally on the Capitol steps, and then proceed inside to lobby legislators to make our presence known. There will be no mistaking that Illinois gun owners intend to stand up and speak out for our right to keep and bear arms in the state of Illinois! This will be one of the most important days of the year for Illinois gun owners! For more information on IGOLD 2009, to sign-up online, or for more information on scheduled bus routes, please visit, or call the Illinois State Rifle Association at (815) 635-3198.