Saturday, July 17, 2010

Chicago Police Head on Violent Criminals

" ...little could be done to prevent such attacks by people with little regard for human life.

“There’s really no level of security you can put up that will prevent a person like that from attacking someone,” he said.

The CPD can't even protect themselves against criminals nevermind the public so J-fled(Superintendent Jody Weis) and Daley's concept is to make it as difficult as possible for people to defend themselves all the while hiding behind tax-payer provided armed security guards.

H/T to 3boxesofbs.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Harry Reid, the NRA and the GOA

Quite the frackas going on at Sebastian's place and on his opinion piece.

Decent on guns but crappy w/ everything else vs. the possibility of having to say "Senate Majority Leader Dick Durbin".

A decision that makes my @ss twitch.

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Flying all over the place.

SAF & ALan Gura sue over NY's arbitrary CCW licensing.

NRA/CRPA sue CA over fabricated claims of lead poisoning in Condors.

South Africans sue over racist effects of 'gun control'.
Is anyone else struck by the irony that the gov't that took over after apartheid practices just a different form of racism?

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I am a genius or retarded

Recently, my secondary residence has been broken into twice within the last several weeks. For anyone who has not experienced this unique feeling……………….it sucks some hard ass. I had two gun safes there but they were undisturbed. They did however take the dolly, rope and support stand I used to get those safes into the house to start with. After some reflection and “other stuff” I’m convinced that they were just some kids and not hardened criminals.

The ultimate solution is to rent out my second home and have them there to keep an eye on the place, and more importantly, make the place look lived in.

That’s why the bastards struck. All the coppers I’ve talked to have told me that garages and out-buildings are fair game to the meth heads who will steal anything not nailed down. But they won’t enter your home because they’re afraid of getting shot. Well, my summer home does not look lived in. Even people I trust, only know my one of my adresses.

So I’m becoming a land lord…………yippee.

I have always resisted the idea of renting it out because:

1. I didn’t need to in order to survive financially.
2. I value my privacy more than most men value their crotch nuggets.
3. I didn’t want to deal with the responsibility, both legally and morally.
4. I really did live half the year in one place and half in the other. It’s a long story.

Pretty boring post so far, huh?

Well, my new tenet is a convicted felon………………..for burglary. He screwed up when he was 18 years old and served 18 months in prison for it. His mother is also my neighbor. I’ve had run ins with him in the past for trespassing and being a bit disrespectful of my property. But, truth be told, he was walking across this property 16 years before I bought the place. I never wanted to be the mad man on the hill yelling at the next generation for trespassing because I was yelled at for the same when I was his age. All that changed when he was convicted of burglary. I had a talk with him when he got out and let him know in no uncertain terms that if he ever set foot on my property again, the police response would be the least of his worries. He told me then that he was starting fresh and wanted to just live a normal life with normal stuff. I didn’t believe him for a second. To me, he was pure evil. He was the reason I finally got my CCW permit after my buddy bugged for 5 years to get one.

Now 4 years have gone by and I always reevaluate my conceptions when needed. He’s 22 years old and homeless. No normal business will hire him because of his felony conviction and his mother has kicked him out of the house for growing weed in her home. Fair enough, it’s her home, not his.

So here I am.

1. He says he wants to start over.
2. He still has a support network from his mother who lives directly across the street. He can’t live there but she still gives him a raft of shit for being a douche-bag.
3. Despite that, he has alternated living/”staying” with his mom while trying to find a job. Time for the fledgling to fly.
4. I had a very long talk with him and his girl friend about decency, honor and community.

He grew up here, long before I showed up. People in my community prefer to lop off body parts in lieu of calling the non-existent police force. Being a new-comer, I had a decision to make.

Do I give this guy a second chance or shun him?

First instinct is to shun him, his entire family and any celestial connections. But I actually like the guy.

UPDATE: First and foremost, I appreciate the brute honesty in everyones' comments. I feel like a need to clarify a bit.

I've already lived next door to my renter for 10 years. He's either going to rent from me, or park a camper trailer in his mom's driveway which is directly across the street from my driveway. His opportunity to rip me off has never nor will ever change in the short term. He still goes to moms for food so I'm living next to him either way.

Of course I moved the damn gun safes.

I actually don't care if he gets a job right away because we've worked out a deal of labor for reduced or total rent, depending on the level of labor. I grew up in a community that valued the bartering system and so does the one I currently live in.
The house and yard need extensive work done and he's more than handy as witnessed how he has fixed up his mom's house/yard in the past. The deal already was that when staying with mom, yard duties and fix-it jobs were his rent. He's simply doing the exact same thing he's accustomed to for me now.

I figure that if I can get 4 hours of work out of him and his girlfriend each day, which is more than reasonable, I will get $2400 worth of work done every month considering I would have to pay someone $10/hour to do it otherwise. Right now, the house is just sitting there getting old. I'd rather have it do something for me.

In addition, the town I live in only has about 300 people. We know each other. We're aquainted. I was forced with the decision of tossing him to the garbage heap or trying to instill in him the values and morals I was raised with. Yes, he's a pet project of mine.

I have plenty of projects around the place and I've even hired him before for odd jobs.

It's a win for him and a win for me. As far as him using my home for illicit purposes, that's not very likely...............because I'm his neighbor, and I do look after my property.

Much as our adversaries love to think we say, life is black and white. I marvel at shades of gray every single day. I'm going to give him a chance to redeem himself. And if my plan falls to darkness, I will blame only myself. Not others, not video games nor movies.

If my trust is unwarranted, y'all will be the first to know......stay tuned.

The inner cities can't do this on a meaningful level. But when living in a town of only 300, yes we can.

I may be a fool, but crossing me will give you nightmares when you're older and wiser.

I still win.

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"I'm a Gun Owner But......"

I've discussed these types of individuals several times before. The most famous case is that of Jim Zumbo. For those of you unfamiliar w/ this bit of firearm history, a few years ago, Jim Zumbo, a prominent hunter and shooter w/ endorsements, TV shows, you name it, called semi-auto sporters like AR-15's "Terrorist Rifles" and felt they should be banned. This got linked to and w/i a week, he had been dumped by all of his sponsors and his shows canceled.

Unfortunately he's not alone. Invariably the conversation w/ these types of individuals starts out w/, as the title says, "I'm a gun owner but..." and then goes downhill from there. The most common form that I've encountered is a hunter who doesn't see a 'need' for 'assault weapons' and/or pistols combined w/ a dislike for the 'extremist' NRA. The reasons for their opposition usually contains the traditional Brady-esque talking points like 'bullet hoses', supporting registration, etc. which is all OK because they'll 'never come after my huntin' guns'. This is also the same type of individual that the 'American Hunters and Shooters Assoc.' preyed upon to get what little membership they had.

These are some of the most difficult individuals to debate w/ in that they are firearm owners so they know and understand most of the nomenclature but they're rooted in their own selfishness/bigotry so are difficult to convince. We can't just laugh at them or dismiss them like we can w/ most of the hard-core gun control advocates.

I'll admit that I've had very little luck in this endeavor. What I have had though has come from showing them that 'Yes Virginia, they ARE after your hunting guns' such as the Joyce Funded VPC trying to re-label bolt action rifles as 'Intermediate Sniper Rifles' or the statements by the president of IANSA, Rebecca Peters and which US organizations belong to her group. And still the discussion usually loops back to the 'need' claim and 'they won't ban these' arguments.

So who has had luck w/ this class and how have you done it? Conversely, what nonsense have you encountered?

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What you miss in a few days...

Well I've chased Kaveman out w/ a broom. He's back under the trailer where he belongs. You don't want to know what his 'chessboard' is made out of. Trust me.

Ya' know, being w/o internet for a few days sucks. So instead of doing a bunch of posts on individual subjects I missed, I'll just do one.

1) Caleb Giddings is a Rat Fink. Those of us who know him could have told you that from the beginning. :)

Seriously though, I REALLY hope Adam isn't like that in real life. My family sat down to watch the show w/ me and pretty much everyone agreed he acted like a complete and total child. I've generally enjoyed the show so far but if it continues w/ this kind of idiocy, I'll have no problems skipping it.

2) 5 1/2 months. That's how long the Sheriff of Nutty-ham is saying the Chicago handgun 'permits' will take to be issued. Nevermind the fact that there's at least one unobtainable requirement. Gives Weis plenty of time to run away. In reality, in 5 1/2 months I'll bet less than a dozen permits, if any, will be issued. Daley's already proven he doesn't care what the courts say and will continue to do everything he can, legal or illegal, to keep people disarmed.

There's also a handy-dandy list of 'unsafe' handguns al la California. I haven't gotten a chance to look at it yet but I'll again lay money down that it includes a large percentage of the most common, popular and obtainable handguns on the market.

3) Paul Helmke (or whoever writes under his name) is a whiny little bitch. Not really news but it further emphasizes that the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership has become irrelevant in national as well as state level politics. They are no longer a threat, just an annoyance that we can amuse ourselves by laughing at. But no, 'gun control', isn't dead. Bloomie's "Mayors Against Legal Guns" still is holding their bulwarks and trying to expand. If your mayor is on their list, contact them and let them know where you stand.

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Chess for dummies

I often have the feeling that this is a gun blog, which is fine, I mean, whatever and such. But as long as Thirdpower remains oblivious to the fact that I’ve hacked into the back door, I’m going to experiment with other subject matters.

This evening it was a toss up between the game of chess and the optimum temperature for various cheeses. I briefly considered “101 uses for toe jam” but that’s just silly. Everybody knows there’s only one; sprinkling it on top of your dogs’ food as a special treat for being “a goo’ boy.”

The objective is simple; capture your opponents’ King.
The execution of this goal depends upon the skill of your opponent, how you choose to play your pieces and damn good planning. Thinking 2 moves ahead may be fine for playing against your nephew who just stopped eating his boogers because “it’s not really cool.”

When matched with a worthy opponent, it’s best to go all Romulan on their ass with the greed of a Ferengie and the brute force of a Klingon.

Switching to pro-gunners verses the antis, we swap the Romulans with their Vulcan cousins, the Ferengies’ lust for wealth with the desire for Freedom and…well…we pretty much keep the Klingons as they are, but a tad bit in the background. Still visible for all to see, they wear honor and glory for all to witness.

I’ve heard that the pro-gunners have had some recent successes. Washington DC, Chi-town, National Parks and Starbucks.

I asked myself why?

Why haven’t our opponents been able to make any inroads with the Light-Bringer in office, Eric Holder as his bitch and Joe fricking Biden at his side.

Chess……………………………played in earnest.

The antis have the House, the Senate, the White House and the MSM…………..why aren’t we losing?


Pro-gunners have long been described as pawns of the “gun lobby.” Just as we have embraced the insult of “gun nuts,” so too shall we embrace this concept.

We are pawns. Millions upon millions of pawns.

The antis have clear targets…….Soros, Peters, Joyce. Power flows from a limited number of spickets.

A few Multi-billionaires willing to fall on their swords can not match millions willing to oppose them.

Each pawn that crosses the divide can become a queen for freedom. But none can become a King. Removing this piece from the battle ensures victory, for noone can defeat something which is not there.

Individually, we are small pathetic creatures. En masse, we can swarm.

We are pawns…………..embrace it.

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