Friday, August 1, 2008

Chicago not playing dumb...

They really are. From ChicagoHandgunCase comes the response to the City not bothering to look up records for their brief:

Applying the standard from the above cases to the instant situation, the Defendant
cannot claim ignorance about public records over which it has control. Presumably, the
Plaintiffs’ firearm applications and responses are in a computer, or file cabinet, or other storage
means in a City building, and the City simply decided not to look them up. That is not grounds
for claiming ignorance, and it was disingenuous of the Defendants to so claim.

Is anyone really surprised that Chicago is trying to stonewall, delay, and obfuscate as much as possible?

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Anonymous said...

Keep in mind, the more Chicago officials keep pulling this crap, the more likely Obama will be asked about his hometown's actions.

It will be harder for him to dodge the 2A with Chicago throwing a hissy fit.