Friday, December 18, 2009

VCDL on the Times Square Shooting

Phillip Van Cleave of the VCDL and Dale of Dale's guns were interviewed regarding the POS gun that was used. Here's an excerpt of the e-mail:
Originally the media was saying that the gun the perp
used was amachine gun, but, as usual when it comes
to guns, the press got it wrong. Dale set them
straight on that and reminded the reporter that
the gun was STOLEN and all gunlaws go out the window
when that happens.

This was Dale's first interview and Mary caught him
off guard as he didn't know she was even coming down,
but he did a great job. I, at least, had a
day's warning.

Most of my interview was left on the cutting room
floor, like the part where I said that if Bloomberg
would keep his criminals and illegal drugs in New York,
then that gun wouldn't have made its way into Times
Square. I said that Bloomberg's attack on Virginia
law over this theft is much to do about nothing,
as it is already illegal to steal a gun here.

Dale's interview.

Van Cleave's interview.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

WW2 explained in under 10 minutes

For those not familiar with the stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard, you are truely missing a slice of life.

This guy explains history in such a way that puts most historians to shame.

Here is WW2...

The Only Purpose of Firearm Registration

Westberry was surprised to see Eberhart and two special agents with the state Attorney General's Gun Violence Task Force at his front door. They asked to see his guns. An avid gun collector, Westberry had 40 guns, all legal, all registered and all locked up.
"I'm thinking they just want to verify the serial numbers, verify that everything I own is legit," Westberry said.

But they confiscated his guns and said that they had a warrant for his arrest.

Anyone who says differently is either ignorant or lying.

Unorganized Militia Gear

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Book Review: OFF ROAD*

All the pro-gun authors are sending out their books for review. I received another today "Assault on Weapons" by Alan Gottleib of the SAF. This one is a fiction story written by blogger Steve Wright.Just finished it a little while ago. Honest review time.

Overall well written. I liked the characters and the setting even though I'm not into off-roading but do love camping. I read a LOT so I was able to foreshadow most of the story fairly early but it still kept me involved. I'm man enough to admit I got a little blurry during some of the it.

I'm not religious so it was a bit 'preachy' for me at times.
I like condensed chicken noodle soup in a can thank you. >:(

I enjoyed it. I've lent it to a friend of mine to read over the holidays. Looking forward to Part II.

*Disclaimer: I did receive the book for free for review. The author is a friend of mine.

Petey Hamm opposes the Brady Campaign?

Via comes this quote from Petey Hamm:

"If someone is not a convicted felon or hasn’t been found to be a danger to themselves due to mental illness and they believe they can handle a firearm, we support their right to purchase one.”

Well that sounds reasonable, right? To bad it contradicts the Brady Campaign's stated positions on their site and blogs:

POSITION: As a way to strengthen the Brady background check system, the Brady Campaign supports the Terror Gap bill.

PROBLEM: There is a gaping hole in our nation’s firearm laws that terrorists can exploit. Federal authorities can't stop sales of guns – including military-style assault weapons – by federally licensed gun dealers to known or suspected terrorists because of gaps in current law. Our definitions of those prohibited from purchasing guns from federally licensed dealers do no include those known as suspected terrorists.

THREAT: There is government-documented evidence that terrorists have armed themselves with guns purchased in the U.S.

URGENCY: This Terror Gap threatens our safety. We don’t want to wait until after a tragedy occurs. We can do something about it now.

SOLUTION: Congress must pass the bill to close the Terror Gap to stop known or suspected terrorists from buying guns.

So they want restrictions on people who have NOT been convicted of felonies or violent misdemeanors based off a list that has an over 30% error rate .

The Brady Campaign has also publicly opposed a bill allowing those who have been adjudicated by the courts and doctors as no longer mentally deficient to be allowed to possess firearms.

In light of what happened yesterday -- a violent attack by an emotionally unstable soldier -- it is even clearer that the proposal being pushed by Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina should be rejected. --Paul Helmke

So which is it Brady Campaign?

Unorganized Militia Gear

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

QOTD: LOL Edition

We're all aware of the classic claim by Hoplophobes that the Second Amendment is obsolete because the Founding Fathers only knew about muskets and could in no way imagine any improvements in technology. Here's one PSH'ers explanation why they couldn't:
Considering that would require the imagination granted by the rise of science fiction compliments of the Industrial Revolution, which would happen roughly half a century after their deaths? What's next: demanding to know why Alexander Graham Bell didn't invent video teleconferencing?
Yep. Nobody could imagine what the world might be like in the future until SciFi became a popular genre.

This is the kind of intellect we're facing. No wonder we're winning.

Invading your Privacy is a Public Service

That is the argument used by Dennis Henigan as he debated Caleb Giddings of this morning on Fox.

So not only do the Brady's support the elimination of due process, they oppose privacy rights as well.

They should rename themselves the ACLU. The Anti-Civil Liberties Union.

Great Job Caleb.

More from SailorCurt, SIH

Monday, December 14, 2009

Vote for Me: I'm not as bad as they are

Big JIM little ryan decided that he didn't like the Illinois State Rifle Association calling him on his alleged support of the Second Amendment. He responds:

There have been several well-meaning and respectful people here who have expressed concern about my position on the 2nd Amendment. Please allow me to clarify. Unlike the Democrats, I will not be an activist who works to take away the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding Illinois citizens. My priorities are improving ...Illinois' business and jobs climate -- and providing ethical, authentic leadership to Springfield. My approach on 2nd Amendment related issues has always been to enforce existing laws rather than creating new ones. My years in law enforcement have influenced me to take a position shared by many law enforcement officials — in opposition to concealed carry and in favor of a narrowly drawn assault weapon ban. While I have a respectful disagreement on this issue with many in Illinois, I think we can all agree this is a big difference from those on the left with an activist agenda of infringing upon your 2nd Amendment rights.
Never mind the fact that as AG he attempted to entrap firearm owners into breaking the law. He completely ignores the fact that the Illinois Sherriff's Assoc. unanimously supports CCW.

Now he just supports an "Assault Weapon Ban" and will never sign a Concealed Carry bill because 'Law Enforcement Officials' (read: members of the Joyce Funded IACP) oppose it.

I'm certainly impressed.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Release Criminals Early to Save Money?

Just a little over a week after Illinois Gov. Quinn signed a law increasing penalties for gang members who carry guns, he lets a bunch of convicted felons and other violent criminals caught w/ guns back out on the streets after only a few weeks.

James Walker-Bey, sentenced to a year for violating probation for carrying a .25 caliber pistol in Alsip, was confined for just over two weeks -- three days in Cook County and 14 at Stateville prison.

And Antoine Garrett, previously convicted of armed robbery and illegal firearms possession by a felon, got a one-year sentence after Chicago police saw him drop a bag of cocaine on the street as they approached, but spent just 21 days locked up...

Nine people were released Dec. 3, the same day that Quinn signed a law requiring prison time for gang members caught with guns.

The day before, Corrections sent home 20 others, including a man convicted of domestic battery who was confined for 19 days and a man who had spent a total of 20 days locked up for carrying a concealed weapon, records show.

That's how politicians get 'tough on crime'. By signing laws they know won't be enforced.