Saturday, October 27, 2007

"Scaring White People"

At a local gun show today, I and several other attendees and dealers, got into the discussion of politics and the upcoming elections. The discussion went on for awhile with the majority of the folks supporting Fred and one staunch Paul supporter. It came down to who is electable against Hillary and should we vote our principles or for one who has the greater chance of beating the greater evil if it came down to Romney or Guiliani. The Paul supporter then started on a tirade about secret government meetings to combine Canada, US, and Mexico into one giant super-nation under UN control. At that point the rest of us rolled our eyes and walked away.

And that is why Paul won't win. His few but diehard supporters "scare the white people".

Friday, October 26, 2007

Illinois State Police to let criminals go free

In another "Gun Buy Back" program while keeping the guns they like.

After all the guns are collected, the serial numbers will be checked by police for weapons that were reported stolen or used in crimes. If they were stolen, police will try to return them to the rightful owners if they want them. Others will be kept as evidence, put into use by the police department or destroyed at a foundry.

One individual is already planning on making a profit:

C J wrote at 10/26/2007 1:39:21 PM

I have been buying cheap, functioning handguns at auctions for years just waiting for Spfld to have a buy back like I'd seen in the big cities. They used to be $50 or $75 buybacks so I wouldn't pay more than $35 for the guns I bought. I'll be there first thing in the morning to turn in my 24 handguns that I paid a total of $810 dollars for over the last three years. I'll get $2400 which is a 196% return on my investment. Keep up the good work Springfield. Thanks INB.

Craigslist: Guns bad, hookers OK

Just like Google.

Unhappy Customer Gets Prostitution House Busted

According to police, the man had found a listing for illegal sexual services on Craigslist, a Web site that offers online classified ads ranging from apartment listings to furniture swaps.

The victim went to the apartment for sex but instead was mugged by two men, police said. The victim then complained to police.

An undercover officer contacted Morris and arranged Wednesday's meeting, where sex was offered for money, police said.

These are the second and third prostitution-related arrests by Aurora police based on information from Craigslist.

There's more of those as well. It's funny. They allow those advertisements even though it's against their policy, but not firearms.

Unorganized Militia Gear

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Where was this again?

Oh, right, Englewood.

Englewood man dies 3 days after shooting

A 61-year-old man died three days after he was shot multiple times near his home on Chicago's South Side, authorities said this morning.

Edward Howard, of the 800 block of West 72nd Street, was pronounced dead at 7:11 p.m. Wednesday at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, according to a Cook County medical examiner's office spokesman.

56 and counting

More counties in Illinois pass resolutions. While another member of academia shows that he doesn't practice what he preaches.

LETTER: They're not going to take shotguns away

The JG/T-C Editorial Board has weighed in on the Coles County Board resolving (9 Oct.) to uphold one line (but not the rest?) of the U.S. Constitution (21 Oct.) That is certainly their right. But the editors justified their position by pointing to “the prospect, valid or not, of state legislation banning shotguns.” Valid or not? What journalists’ credo is on your wall: “Repeat made-up stuff and don’t be afraid”?

I know of no such legislation pending or proposed; certainly the newspaper has not reported on any. Arguments such as “they are going to take our hunting guns,” on one side, or “they are going to encourage students to take machine guns into cafeterias,” on the other, are nutcase positions. (They are not going to happen.)

I expect such justifications from believers in black U.N. helicopters or the unlimited powers of the Trilateral Commission. I do not expect such justifications from my county board. And I do not expect them from my local newspaper.

Maybe Dr. Key should have researched his letter before he sent it. The bill is SB0016 Amend 001.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Teenager beaning people w/ golf balls a "Good Kid"

According to Paul.

Sorry Paul, golfballs frickin' hurt. I'm betting he knew that. He and his buddies thought hurting people would be funny. So they though it would be even funnier to hit people with them going at high speeds. That's not just an "ill advised schoolboy prank". Too bad the kid didn't think that that might just piss off someone who wasn't exactly stable.

Your tax dollars at work..

Either directly or lawsuit insurance, it doesn't matter.

Man wins $2 mil. for false arrest

A jury gave a Southwest Side man $2 million Tuesday for being wrongfully arrested by Chicago Police and charged with attempted kidnapping.

Timothy Finwall, 40, a Marquette Park iron worker, was on duty as a bartender at "Gloria's Alibi" in 2001 when a man approached an 8-year-old girl on a doorstep and offered to take her on a "field trip."

The girl's mother overheard the conversation, came out and told the man to leave. She gave police a description of the man and posters went up around the neighborhood.

Police got a tip from someone who went to school with Finwall 13 years earlier, who said the sketch on the posters looked like him. Police arrested Finwall and put him in a lineup with four police officers.

The girl testified that she told police it could have been "the short one" or "the tall one" in the lineup, Finwall's attorney, Mike Kanovitz of Loevy and Loevy, said.

The police incorrectly reported in documents that the girl identified Finwall, Kanovitz said.

Finwall was acquitted of attempted child abduction in his criminal trial.

"I'd like to let them know they ruined my whole life," Finwall -- with his wife standing at his side and holding his arm -- said of the detectives, Martin Garcia and Dion Boyd. "They should have been fired a long time ago."

But City Law Department spokeswoman Jenny Hoyle said the girl's mother still maintains Finwall was the man who spoke to her daughter.

"We're very disappointed and we are reviewing our options, including appeal," Hoyle said.

Kanovitz said police may have targeted Finwall because he was once convicted of taking a gun away from a "drunken" Chicago Police officer who was threatening a bar patron. Finwall served no jail time on that conviction.

Tuesday's verdict comes a week after another jury found other Chicago Police officers guilty of assaulting a teen with a screwdriver, resulting in a $4 million settlement against the Chicago Police Department. The teen was represented by the same firm.

Finwall said he felt vindicated by Tuesday's verdict and encouraged the police to go out and find the man who really did proposition the girl.

Asked what he is going to do now, Finwall said, "I'm going to go home, hug my baby and live my life."

And yet Daley is still fighting against releasing names of police w/ multiple accusations of abuse against them. It's becoming more and more obvious what he's trying to hide. So the mom is still "insisting it's him" even though he was at work (obviously w/ numerous witnesses) and the police have it in for him. Bet he starts getting pulled over regularly.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Seeing the light..

Sebastian PGP spends the day shooting w/ a former PuSH'er.


Yes, I added some advertising. I'm trying to earn some extra pennies for a new scope.

Fingerprints no longer reliable evidence..

according to Baltimore County Circuit Court Judge Susan Souder.

In her opinion, Souder repeatedly cited an example of a flawed fingerprint analysis involving an Oregon lawyer mistakenly linked to the 2004 Madrid train bombings.

Souder's ruling involves the case of 23-year-old Bryan Rose of Baltimore, who is charged in the January 2006 shooting death of Warren Fleming during an attempted carjacking outside the Security Square Mall. The partial fingerprints were taken from Fleming's car.

In the opinion, Souder says the long history of fingerprinting as a crime-solving tool doesn't mean it is reliable. Souder also discounted testimony that fingerprinting is an infallible methodology, saying it was "neither credible nor persuasive."

Japanese Gov't trying to dilute WWII some more.

First Nanking and "comfort women" to name but a few instances, the Japanese Government is now trying to revise history some more by deleting the fact that they ordered civilians to commit suicide during the Battle of Okinawa and other islands.

The "Only Ones" covering eachothers rears enough

Supt. Starks: Many Who Accuse Cops Are Lying

Aldermen Want To Release List Of Officers With More Than 10 Complaints

CHICAGO (AP) ― Chicago's interim police chief says some of the people who have lodged complaints against his officers have been charged with crimes and are trying to enhance their court cases by discrediting police.

Starks made the assertion Monday to a Chicago City Council hearing on the city's proposed 2008 budget.

Starks remarks came as lawyers for a group of aldermen asked a federal judge to order the release of a complete list of officers with more than 10 citizen complaints of wrongdoing made against them over the last five years.

The list was turned over to aldermen in July, but with officer names blacked out. The aldermen contend they are entitled to know the identities of the officers.

Well no crap some of them are lying, but as it turns out, some of them aren't. Otherwise the SOS would still be a running concern, there wouldn't be new cases for confessions through torture, and there wouldn't be cops hiring hitmen. Let's use the PuSH'er argument for cameras: If you're not doing anything wrong, why shouldn't the names be released to the Aldermen? They are the elected representatives of the people of Chicago, aren't they?

Don't resist and trust them not to hurt you.

because criminals don't "really" want to hurt anyone. They just want your stuff.

Just like this gang-banger just wanted a 14 yr olds' bike and this 14 yr old gangbanger just wanted to look cool to his friends.

Monday, October 22, 2007


It's only common sense that since potatoes can be used as silencers, they need to be registered under the NFA and microstamped. This assault tuber has no place in the hands of civilians and should be limited to police and military use.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bias from the media

The Roanoke Times is no longer accepting advertising from gun shows. While I embrace capitalism in most of it's forms and support businesses having discretion, the reasoning they give has nothing to do w/ either:

"The Roanoke Times has amended their policy after the Virginia 
Tech massacre. It was initiated in the advertising
department ***to be
more in line with our editorial
*** and I think you know what that is," said
Mary Whelchel. "I have nothing
good to tell you. We will no longer accept advertising from The
Roanoke Valley Gun Show."

So the justification they're using is the VT shooting, which had nothing to do w/ gunshows, to discriminate against firearm owners and businesses. So much for any claims of impartiality from the Times.

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