Saturday, May 24, 2014

Gun Free Zones Work in CA

*Sigh*, every time I do a 'slow posting post', shortly after, some sort of news hits.

This time it's in the gun control utopia of Santa Barbera, CA.  #1/A rated by the Brady Campaign.  MAIG member w/ dozens of compatriots across the state.  Licensing.  Registration. Limits on practically everything.  No 'gun show loophole'.  Waiting periods. 1 gun a month (they found three),  'Gun Free Zones'. Practically everything anti-gun advocates dream of outside of complete bans. 
Goleta, Calif. — A Hollywood director believes his son was the lone gunman who went on a shooting rampage near the University of California, Santa Barbara that killed six people — weeks after the family had called police about disturbing YouTube videos he had posted, his lawyer said Saturday.
The family are anti-gun advocates themselves:
Shifman said the family is “staunchly against guns” and supports gun-control laws. “They are extremely, extremely upset that anybody was hurt under these circumstances,” he said.
So knowing their Twilight vampire wanna-be son was potentially dangerous and posted videos saying he was going to go and kill people, you know what they're going to do?  Push for more gun control:
“My client’s mission in life will be to try to prevent any such tragedies from ever happening again,” he said. “This country, this world, needs to address mental illness and the ramifications from not recognizing these illnesses.”
The FAMILY barely 'recognized these illnesses' but I'll lay a box of .22lr (50rnds) that w/i the next few months, they'll be promoting laws that have nothing to do w/ 'mental illness' at all.

Anyone care to take that wager?

'Gun Control' does not work.

Now on a personal rant, if you watch the video, it completely explains why he wasn't gettin' any.  He was a whiny, angsty, egotistical @ss that thought he had the 'right' to women falling all over him and who's 'manifesto' reads right out of a badly written, teen angst movie.  He likely believed he 'deserved' to be 'popular' because his daddy was an asst. director of a blockbuster movie. Unsurprisingly, he blames everyone else for him being a pissy little turd that few people could stand. 'Popular' is about the opposite of what I was in HS and I had plenty of friends and fun.  When I went to college, I didn't join a frat or party and I still had a social life. It can be done. Just wrap your mind around just how annoying/reprehensible he had to be in real life to NOT be able to get some w/ all the money at his disposal.

The saddest thing is that he took a bunch of innocent kids w/ him.

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Slow Posting

While there have been some issues going on especially w/ the whole OC Rifle kerfluffle, my Give-a-F^%$ O-Meter really hasn't budged all that much.  It's the end of the school year.  I'm tired, stressed, and just looking forward to 10 weeks of whatever I generally feel like.

So here's some best of DOOT for those who need a fix:

I'm Now A Famous Insurrectionist

CSGV Geography Fail

 Otherwise, go join/renew your NRA and ISRA memberships or buy some DOOT gear.

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

GEV at Sea*

* A highly unofficial list of rules for naval vessels in the world of OGRE.  I put this together years ago and in a bit of coincidence (or mutual genius), the rules/specs were very similar to the gunboats and frigate in Keith Johnson's 'Invasion of San Fransisco' scenario. I recall emailing him and discussing the size difference between frigates and destroyers which is what the scenario originally listed IIRC.

Ships are large enough to have individual weapon systems and structural points, in this case 'Hull Units'(I originally used 'SP' but Johnson's idea is better). Each ship can carry a certain number of weapons, either main or secondary, that can be varied/customized per ship.  Each is decided and listed at the beginning of the game similar to an OGRE record sheet. A ship is disabled when all weapons are destroyed and/or sunk when HU equals zero. A ship with all of its weapons destroyed will have an attack strength of '1' in the case of overruns only. Speed is reduced by destroying hull units similar to OGRE treads.  Divide the total number of HU's by speed for each MP reduced.

MWS: Main Weapon System
SWS: Secondary Weapon System
HU: Hull Unit

Ship Classes:

Corvette: Light coastal vessel
     2 SWS   21 HU  M3

Frigate: Light combat and escort vessel. Very fast.
     1 MWS   1 SWS  40 HU  M4

Destroyer: Escort and combat vessel.
     1 MWS   2 SWS  60 HU  M3  Carries 1 LGEV

Light Cruiser: Combat and escort vessel.
     1 MWS   3 SWS  81 HU  M3  Carries 1 LGEV

Cruiser: Combat vessel
     2 MWS  3 SWS  102 HU  M3  Carries 2 LGEV

Heavy Cruiser: Combat vessel
    2 MWS*   5 SWS  120 HU  M3  Carries 2 LGEV

Battleship: Heavy combat vessel.  Very rare.
PanEuropean/Nihon: 8 MWS* 19 SWS
NA Combine: 9 MWS* 17 SWS
201 HU  M3
Carries 4 LGEV or 2 GEV
*May be equivalent to Howitzer 6/8 D6

Landing Ship: Coastal assault
3 SWS 
4 LSEV*  5 GEV  10 LGEV
can carry 60 pts of armor and 30 strength pts of Inf or equivalent depending on scenario
120 HU  M3
*See OGRE book.  D2 M6 carries 12 pts of armor and 3 strength points of Inf or equivalent

Main Weapon Systems:
Battery A: 4/3 D4
Battery B: 6/2 D6
Double Missile Rack w/ 10 Missiles: D8
Laser Turret: Same as ground based equivalent

Secondary Weapon Systems:
Battery: 3/2 D3
Missile Rack w/ 5 missiles: D4
Light Missile Rack: 3/4 D2

A disabled vessel (iow no guns) can be boarded and captured.  If the ship is manned, there will be 1 squad of militia per 20 HU remaining rounded in the defender's favor.  Use overrun rules w/ a city defense bonus for all units. If a cybership, a Combat Engineer or Marine Combat Engineer unit is needed to bypass the electronic defenses and cyberwalls.  Roll a 6 sided die.  On a roll of 6, the Engineers have bypassed security and taken control of the AI.  On a roll of 1, the ship has the option to scuttle/self-destruct w/ the engineers trapped inside.  Each CE/MCE squad may attempt once per turn. Self-destruct has same result as and OGRE.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Of Idiots and Liars

Gun related items in the news lately.  Other bloggers have covered them much better than I so I'll just provide links.

Morons OC'ing rifles in Texas give Shannon Watts her third 'victory'. 

Lady who claimed she was spit on at airport in Indianapolis is likely FOS.

Brady Bunch tries to get some wins w/ lawsuit games. 

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Monday, May 19, 2014

More Good Use of IL Tax Dollars

You know that bit that they have to keep raising taxes so teachers and police don't get laid off?  You know, the same line they use every time they want to empty our wallets a bit more?

You know how the state is over a $100 billion in debt? 

Yet let's throw out over $100,000 to import 91 endangered birds. By plane.

I'm not kidding. 

These are the priorities of the IL bureaucracy.

And THIS kind of crap is why I will oppose any 'temporary' tax increase, bond, fee, or any other kind of money grab by any level of gov't. 

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

San Francisco Invaded.... those godless, yellow bastards.  IOW, I got to break out the customized San Fran map and play a round of OGRE DE using it. 

Pieces were obviously Combine and Nihon but what to use for the Frigate and Gunboats?  Classic Battleship to the rescue.
Some foam pieces from a mini case worked perfectly as bases.
Initial setup:
Nihon:  6 Marines, 8 Infantry, 4 GEV-PC, 4 LGEV, 3 GEV, 4 LtTanks, HvyTank, Mk V (Dogon), Frigate

Combine: 4 Marines, 16 Infantry, 5 GEV, 4 LGEV, 2 HvyTank, 4 Msl Tank, 2 Hwz, Mk III (yes, I know, the mini is a III-B), 2 Gunboats (mix of mini's and DE pieces)

Defense set up first.  Mk III defending south, Gunboats bay entrance, units spread throughout peninsula.  Nihon units set up mostly north w/ Mk V on Marin cnty w/ all tanks and 2 inf.  GEV's in 4 groups centered on Frigate.
Rnd 1: Attacker (Nihon) move first.
1 LGEV and both gun boat batteries destroyed.  2 OGRE msl's expended.
Defender (Combine) 1st move:
3 GEV's killed

Rnd 2: Nihon: 3 Marines, 2 LGEV, Hvy, Hwz, KIA/ LGEV, 2 GEV, Msl Tank Disabled Units pushing through bay entrance towards Oakland

Combine: LGEV, GEV-PC KIA  Moving southern units up to defend.

Rnd 3:
Nihon: 4 Infantry, GEV, LGEV, CP KIA  Units start reforming for sweep south through bay
Combine: 2 Frigate 2nd Batteries destroyed.  Mk III nearing Mk V, remaining GEV's moving to stop amphibious assault.

Rnd 4:
Nihon: 1 Infantry, Hvy Tank, 3 Msl Tanks, GEV KIA. GEV Disabled
Combine: Hvy Tnk disabled, Mk V MB, 2 SB destroyed
Rnd 5:
Nihon: 1 Marine, 3 Infantry, 1 Msl Tank, 3 GEV's KIA.

Combine:  Local commander surrenders unconditionally. Endgame looked like this:

This was both of our first experience w/ this board and his first w/ GEV rule terrain (he placed most of his GEV's in the middle of the city).  Biggest mistakes for Combine were piece-mealing his forces and having his gun boats in range of a first strike at game start.  He did attempt to take out the Golden Gate Bridge first round but missed.  While a good tactic it played little in the long run as the Lt Tanks didn't fire a shot but might be a good move for future games. 

The GEV heavy Nihon sheets were perfect for this scenario and functioned exactly as I envisioned it when designing the vehicle mix. Looking forward to gaming this again. Discussions were had on adding 'beaches' or 'ramps' along w/ a few other map modifications. 

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'Kids' & Guns

Anti's like going on about 'saving the children' and how guns kill x number of 'children' each year, etc. etc.
 First, take a look at these wonder boys:

 All of them flashing gang signs, and this one looking stoned out of his gourd:

Now compare the above photos to the kids/children in these.  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Which do you think are more likely to end up as statistics? 

While there are innocents who get killed through negligence or by violent, adult criminals, the 'children' claim also lumps events like these into their numbers:

“Friendly fire” claims 15-year-old Chicago hoodlum on Mother’s Day
Police said Vaughn had pointed out the vehicle to the 15-year-old who then fired shots at the car,  and one of the shots struck Holeman, said police.

Suspected Burglars Killed by Home’s Occupants 
  Gawehn said her the woman asked a family member to stay with her, in case she was burglarized again. We are told, her family member fired several rounds in self defense, and killed the intruders – 17-year-old Steven Crider and 14-year-old Michael Sambrano.
Suspected intruder killed by homeowner was 15 years old 
 Detroit police Sgt. Michael Woody says the two suspects, a male and a female, broke into the home on the 19000 block of Asbury Park just before 6 a.m. Woody says the 47-year-old homeowner fired several shots with a rifle, striking both suspects after they broke a window and tried to get in.

The male, who was learned to be 15 years old, not 19 as originally reported,
 These three are the first  photos. Shocking, eh?
 And the usual family connections/responses:
 Holeman said her grandson’s father, also named Vaughn Holeman, was killed in the early morning hours of Feb. 7, 2010, while standing outside the New Glass House Lounge
 “I don’t blame them for doing what they did,” Ashleigh’s mother, Tracy Webb said about the shooting. “It’s not right to break in and to burglarize people’s homes. No, it’s not. But at the same time, a life has been lost. A life has been taken. I’m sure he and a friend, Michael Sambrano, were doing what they thought they needed to do to survive.”
 "They didn't deserve to get killed," said the sister of 14-year-old Michael Sambrano.
 Moorer's mother, Divana Webb, tells FOX 2's Maurielle Lue her son is easily influenced and believes he was manipulated by the girl to break into the home.
And the alleged shooter of Holeman? 
 CHICAGO --A 15-year-old boy has been charged with murder for allegedly shooting a fellow 15-year-old on Mother's Day in the West Pullman community.
 Chicago teens going around armed is not an uncommon occurence.

And again, all of these yoots will be added into the PuSH'ers blooddancing numbers as sweet, innocent 'children' who where sitting around playing w/ their dollies and legos when big, bad NRA members broke into their homes w/ AK-47's, shooting up the place.

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