Friday, April 16, 2010

The Den of Evil

Maybe I can scoop Thirdpower with the latest and greatest to be found on the Brady Bunch Facebook page...

"Adrian Gevan Thanks
for the response Brad, I've put the situation of legislature and
accountability into consideration. The concept that I propose is
addressed towards the businesses that manufactures bullets, it is in my
opinion that the average 15-20 year old that is using a gun to commit a
crime would not be able to distinguish the d...ifference between a normal
bullet and the " bullet " I have developed. Yep my concept is to have
bullets that destroy guns!!It's a radical approach but I do believe it's a good tactic for disarmament. Once the guns are out of the hands of the youths then legisalture can step in and maintain that only people with licenses can by ammunition, guns, etc. The effort to disperse what I call the " bogus bullet " will be a little tricky but I believe with the right organizations involve the bullets can reach their destination and fullfil their purpose.See More
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Let's spread this far and wide people. It might be a bunch of horse-pucky, but if this is valid, then it constitutes a level of evil we haven't seen before and the Brady Bunch is allowing this on their site.

Let's get 'em.

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Constitutional Carry In Arizona!!!

PHOENIX, Ariz. - Republican Gov. Jan Brewer on Friday signed into law a bill making Arizona the third state allowing people without a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

God that must sting the gun banners.

Unorganized Militia Gear

Unorganized Militia Gear

What They Really Want..

Pretty much every gun ban group w/ a computer are making posts screaming about how the NRA is agitating extremists to go and shoot congress-critters during the up and coming rallies/protests during the next week. This includes selling hats. Seriously, I'm not making that up.

Each and every one has brought up McVeigh and the OKC bombing along w/ any other possible link their minds can create no matter how many degrees of separation.

This is the reality.

They WANT something to happen.

Yep, I said it. They WANT someone to bring a gun and do something stupid with it, preferably with someone (or someones) important getting shot.

Don't believe me? From the horse's mouth ass:
and the fact that until someone famous is shot, or something truly horrible happens, handgun restriction is simply not viewed as a priority.
-The VPC via the STL GRE (w/ more quotes)

They not only WANT it to happen, they NEED it to happen.

They NEED tragedies like Virginia Tech and Columbine.

They NEED high victim counts.

You can tell just in the way that the VPC revels in pointing out each and every alleged misdeed by 'Concealed Carry' holders (even when it's not accurate) and like when the Brady Campaign sent out a donation request for $32 on the day of the VT shootings.

Their statistics and 'reports' have been and are regularly debunked as nonsense.

They're getting destroyed nationwide in both legislation, litigation, and in funding.

The only HOPE they have to CHANGE that is for there to be as many mass shootings as possible, no matter the situation. It doesn't matter how many laws already on the books were broken by the killers, the only thing that matters is how many victims and their families they can convince to repeat their gun control talking points.

Then they can point and say "SEE! SEE! WE TOLD YOU SO!!!" and start yelling for more bans and restrictions that, as usual, wouldn't have effected or stopped the situation in any way.

They are desperate to regain relevancy and, like any desperate person, will cling to anything to remain afloat, including using murdered innocents as pawns in their agenda.

They WANT it to happen. They NEED it to happen.

So don't be fooled by their crocodile tears should a tragedy occur. There will be a smile behind it.

Unorganized Militia Gear

Unorganized Militia Gear

VPC Still Making Up Claims?

The VPC, with a history of not telling the truth, made the following claim:

Alex Ortiz, a Connecticut concealed handgun permit holder, faces criminal charges after firing five rounds from his handgun during an argument with a pedestrian on a city street.
Yet the link they provide says nothing about a Concealed Carry license in this "May Issue" state. Only a "a valid gun permit". A permit you need to even purchase a handgun in CT.

They've made this error before in their 'research'. One would think w/ all the Googling they do, they would have found the relevant state laws.

So will they provide evidence to support their claim? Are they ignorant of CT laws? Or are they lying?

Unorganized Militia Gear

Unorganized Militia Gear

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hand me downs

I’ve mentioned before that I now own…

1. One of my Father’s .22 rifles
2. One of my Father’s 30.06 rifles
3. One of my GrandFather’s .22 pistols
4. One of my GrandFather’s .22 rifles(the one that saved my life)
5. My GrandMother’s shotgun

This is a short story of my GrandMother’s H & R Topper model 88 .410 break-action single-shot.

While having both a washer and a dyer, GrandMother preferred to hang clothes out to dry on a line in the back yard. She constantly complained about rattlesnakes basking in the sun, which just so happened to coincide with her placement of the clothes line.

GrandMother wasn’t inclined to complain about something trivial and GrandFather wasn’t inclined to quietly listen to ANYONE complain about anything. Complaining to GrandFather was the proverbial double-edged sword. If you were stupid enough to verbalize your trivial displeasures to him, He would solve your problem in less time than it takes most people to spit. Exhausting all efforts before you went to GrandFather was a good idea.

Blah blah blah. Then some more blah blah blah. Not that GrandFather was rude or felt Himself superior, but if you aired some perceived problem in his presence, He took it upon himself to remedy the situation toot sweet. That was his nature.

GrandFather went and bought GrandMother the shotgun and told her to “sweep the area” before hanging the clothes up.

GrandMother would carry the basket out to the yard with one hand pinching it against her hip and holding the shotgun in the other.

She would then pour herself a glass of white wine and watch over the clothes line with the shotgun crossing her lap. Any rattlers killed would soon find themselves filleted, lightly seasoned and onto one of “the good platters” on the dinner table.

Some people grow up in an urban environment and I fully understand that. I even acknowledge that it has its benefits. Living inside town brings convenience. It’s so much easier to go shopping than keep a garden and hunt. It’s so much easier to drop the kids off at school rather than home-school on the fly when you’re snowed in and the scrapers don’t come for days. It’s so much easier to talk about the weather with a thousand acquaintances then have 3 rock solid neighbors that band together for any and all causes.

GrandFather didn’t call animal control, he was animal control.
GrandFather didn’t complain to the D.O.T about potholes in his road, He filled them.
GrandMother didn’t squeeze melons in aisle #3 at Safeway, She squeezed melons in row #4 of her garden next to the windmill.
When I got stuck in the dark five miles from camp on the side of a mountain because the Honda CRX Enduro had a busted headlight, GrandFather didn’t call the police, He tracked me down(to this day I don’t know how he knew where I went; I can only guess He followed my tire treads through the sage brush) and strapped a flashlight to the handlebars and told me to hustle.

In today’s hectic world, the benefits of specialization has it’s place. I don’t need to grow my own food. I don’t need to hunt. I don’t need to tune up my own car. I don’t need to do anything outside of my job and whip out the checkbook once a month.

Every generation enters a world a tad bit more comfortable than the one experienced by our elders. Everything newly placed at your finger tips eats a small hole in your backbone.

I don’t need to hang stuff out on the clothes line, but I do.

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Dangerous Assault Nerfs

In another attack on the NTRA, the City of Charleston, Illinois recently expanded an ordinance barring the discharge of firearms and other projectiles within city limits. Including this:

It reads:
WEAPONS: A. Discharge of Weapons: It shall be unlawful to discharge any firearm, air gun, BB gun, pistol, cannon, toy gun, bow, mechanically drawn bow, or any type of mechanical device projecting pellets, arrows, missiles or projectiles, leaden or otherwise or any other type of missile excepting in a regularly established shooting gallery or unless fired or discharged for ceremonial purposes with a weapon that may cause a report but does not deliver a projectile capable of causing serious injury and with the approval of the Chief of Police;
So your kids playing in the yard w/ their Nerf guns are now breaking the law. Those toy bow and arrows I bought my kids on the way back from AZ last year? Might as well toss them. Don't want my kids to be hardened criminals at the ripe age of 6.

Do legislators ever actually READ these things before they pass them?

Unorganized Militia Gear

Unorganized Militia Gear

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Can't Beat 'Em? Slander Them.

Via TexasFred comes the story that the (in)famous 'Tea Party Crasher', who was calling for volunteers to go to rallies wearing Nazi Uniforms, play Uber-RedNeck/Racist and feed disinformation to reporters, has been outed and is under investigation by his employer, the Oregon Public School System.

Sucks to be him.

Unorganized Militia Gear

Unorganized Militia Gear

Wishful Thinking II: Fair Weather Friends and Insults

A regular PuSH'er on Huffpo, Enlightenment45, thinks he can judge the support for gun control based on the number of drive by flamings by other Huffpo regulars. Here is one of his latest comments:
“A gun thread, and all the usual suspects! Fewer than ten pro gun and I see new gun control folks every thread. Sensible citizens find it awfully difficult to justify gun rights when it is tied so closely with insurrectionists, right wing fringe groups, gun carrying marches, Ted Nugent, and other fanatics touting take over of a government. Trying to put a intellectual spin on your position is laughable. Most of the people at these marches will be bereft of teeth and mind. I have found it humorous that the gun lobby only allows a few educated, literate gun aficionados to post comments on sites such as HP.

Your 1789 interpretative 2nd Amendment people are very quickly becoming a lunatic fringe group. The Hutarees made you guys look awfully stupid!”
Well, first of all, the number of 'usual suspects' that support the Constitution outnumber the regulars who oppose individual rights at least 5:1 on every 'gun thread' on Huffpo. The rest of the comments are by individuals who pop in, drop some comment about p3nis size or stupid rednecks, then are never seen again. Some stick around for a few posts but they always devolve into the traditional ad hominems, etc like you see above.

The facts are that the only gun control group that has ANY traction currently is MAIG and even that's limited to a few localities. Polls show increasing support for firearm rights. Most politicians are either pro-gun or afraid to try to push for their pet bills. Funding for most of the gun control groups has been dropping (yes I recognize correlation w/ the recession) while the firearms rights groups (NRA,SAF,GOA, JPFO, etc. ) are increasing their membership and the firearm industry is doing quite well.

More and more, this is what 'gun control' advocates are being reduced to. Statements that we're all paid shills. Bigoted stereotypes. Sophomoric insults. These have replaced even attempts at defending their beliefs w/ statistics or (mostly Joyce Funded) 'reports'.

That's not even counting the nonsense assertions like, for example, the NRA used its control of Congress to force the FBI to skew crime data. Watching them hop when called on to prove those kinds of assertions is more entertaining than "Dancing w/ the Stars".

The Hutaree thing is already off the radar while the only ones squealing about 'right-wing extremists' are also the ones that can't stop themselves from using terms like 'tea baggers' and other inflammatory rhetoric. Rhetoric which tends to turn off the 'fence-sitters' and make them look more closely at what is actually going on instead of the sound-bytes they normally hear so that even NPR is taking a second look.

I hope they continue to yell "We Win, They Lose, Now Let's Get To Work" while relying on one-shot flame warriors, penis jokes and the accomplishments of politicians from over a decade ago.

It makes our job that much easier.

Unorganized Militia Gear

Unorganized Militia Gear

Wishful Thinking

Dennis "I forgot the People" Henigan on the retirement of Justice Stevens:
By putting the Heller majority on the defensive with his implicit charge of judicial activism, prompting the language of Part III, Justice Stevens may well have saved countless lifesaving gun laws against attack.
Translation: We're not losing. Really we're not.

Apparently Dennis needs to review what the word 'defensive' means.While the cases he refers to were primarily a bunch of twinkie defenses, he knows that McDonald is going to be another disaster for the PuSH'ers cause as their banner city, Chicago (pun intended) gets its laws declared unconstitutional.

Poor Dennis. Go have some coffee on me.

Unorganized Militia Gear

Unorganized Militia Gear

Domestic Terrorists Training in Illinois

Better call the FBI on these militia extremists.
Also on Saturday and Sunday, will be “Attack on the Prairie,” musters and drills by the New Salem militia. Hours for the demonstrations are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Unorganized Militia Gear

Unorganized Militia Gear

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Lie Repeated Often Enough.....

Showing that they will never be content with the laws on the books, Illinois gun grabbers continue to lie in their efforts to restrict and/or ban guns. From the ICPGV:
Contributing to this epidemic of gun violence is a dangerous loophole in Illinois law that permits dangerous individuals to access deadly handguns without ever having to undergo a criminal background check. This means that gang members, felons, domestic violence offenders, and individuals with severe mental illness are able to purchase handguns with no questions asked.
Except there is a question that, by law, already needs to be asked:

"Can I see your FOID card?"

You know, the license required to own a firearm or even purchase ammo in the state. The one that the police are supposed to confiscate if you become a prohibited purchaser.

So we know these people aren't stupid. They know the laws. They even have an entire organization of lawyers dedicated to help ban guns.

So why are they being deliberately dishonest in their portrayal?

Because they don't really care about 'gun violence'. The only thing they care about is banning scary guns.

And they know it.

And as polls show, the public knows it as well. I'll continue to do my part to inform those that don't .

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Unorganized Militia Gear

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Face of Jealousy...

While trying to hide it under a cover of the NRA '10 convention center location not allowing CCW, the PEG heads are claiming the grapes are sour:

unless you charge me for two days of boring meetings and a build-your-own-breakfast-burrito station at... a convention center.
Poor babies. They wish they had 70,000 members, never mind having that many show up at the national convention with hundreds of vendors and acres of displays.

Unorganized Militia Gear

Unorganized Militia Gear

Back in the Saddle

Just got back from scouting training sites in Northern Elbonia. Quite the weekend while I was away.

AZ is going to get VT style carry
Iowa is looking to make their CC laws more progressive
Judges are telling people to arm themselves.
A MAIG mayor showing his true colors while another gets defeated.

And while O may be able to replace a SCOTUS judge, it won't change the balance, and the BC/PEG heads still have nothing but harassing individual businesses.

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Unorganized Militia Gear