Friday, February 15, 2008

Just a thought...

On the Illinois ammo serialization and tax ploy.

Not even including the costs payed forward for retooling or the idiocy of trying to individually serialize hundreds of millions of rounds of .22, the cost of a box of Remington Golden Bullet Value Pack will go to over $40.

But they're only doing it in the name of crime reduction and not ownership reduction. Sure. Pull the other one.

Anti-gunner hypocrisy and nonsense.

Shown clearly on the HuffPo article on NIU. Ad hominems, Strawmen, Emotional Rhetoric, and the usual lies abound. My favorite though, I called out one idiot calling for a national gun ban and confiscation if he had a "Gun Free Zone" sign in front of his house. His reply:

"I don't like signs".

So obviously his dislike of signs is greater than his dislike of firearms.

Idiots. It makes it clear why we have had so much success legislatively and PR-wise even w/ events like VT and NIU.

Another retard stated they'ld rather be shot w/ a shotgun than a handgun. I posted the pictures of shotgun victims in reply. Let's see what they say. Part of me hopes that they'll start trying to ban shotguns.

Obama Supports Individual Gun Rights

Wow, I feel so much better now, Mr. Obama, AKA Board member of the Joyce Foundation is not going to take my rights away.

This same Joyce Foundation invented the International Association of Chiefs of Police, and financially supports hacks like VPC, Brady Bunch, and the always-favorite liars Ceasefire (Add a state same sleazy bunch).

The same groups when their leaders come to town the toilets back up. Yes a fine organization.

Yes, kids I will sleep better to night, I am sure you will too.

I still belive in the Easter Bunny.

Does he really think the Honest gun owners are that stupid to buy in to his lies


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Another "Gun Free Zone"

So a shooter off his meds and who purchased firearms using a Brady Endorsed IL FOID card and waiting periods w/ Brady Endorsed Background checks shoots up a Brady Endorsed "Gun Free" zone.

Gunman opens fire at N. Illinois U.

DEKALB, Ill. - Northern Illinois University says there has been a shooting on campus and several people have been taken away by ambulance. University officials warned students on the school Web site to get to a safe area and "take precautions until given the all clear."

The messages says everyone should avoid the King Commons and all buildings in that area.

Messages were left for university police and police in DeKalb, located about 65 miles west of Chicago.

Obviously we need to make them MORE illegal on campus. That'll teach 'em.

3-1.5 Dangerous Weapons:
1.5a Possession, use, sale, or distribution in any residence hall, building,
or grounds under university control of: fireworks, firearms, shotguns, rifles,
hand guns, switchblade knives, any type of ammunition, explosives, and
all other serious weapons.
1.5b Misuse of martial arts weaponry, BB guns, pellet guns, clubs, knives,
and all other serious weapons.
Students who wish to bring firearms to the campus must obtain written
permission from the chief security officer of the university. Firearms must
be stored at the University Security Office except with written permission
of the chief security officer of the university. At no time will any of the
above dangerous weapons be allowed in the university residence halls.

In contrast to the whiners on HuffPo decrying the NRA for not immediately having something up on their website about the tragedy, the Brady Campaign has taken a different tact:
Asking for money to fight "weak gun laws" in the name of NIU.
On their site before any facts have been released. Just like when they sent out e-mails asking for $32 just hours after VT.
Who's walking in the blood of the victims again?

You wish Paul..

From the recent Brady E-mail:

Your Brady Campaign is on a Roll!

"First, Congress passed, and the President signed, the NICS bill to strengthen the Brady criminal background check system. Your support made it happen."

Completely written by the NRA w/o Brady input.

On January 29, Senators Lautenberg (NJ) and Reed (RI) introduced "Gun Show Loophole Bill" to keep criminals and other dangerous persons from buying and selling guns without a background check.

11 sponsors.

Last week, Senator Kennedy (MA) and Representative Becerra (CA) introduced a national "Microstamping Bill" giving police officers cutting edge identification technology to solve gun crimes.

Eight sponsors. All the standard banners. Just like "Ballistic Fingerprinting".

The gun lobby and its allies in the Senate are pressing to pass a guns in parks bill that would loosen gun restrictions in national parks and refuges and allow in unloaded, hidden handguns.

51 supporters of the Amendment.

Give us money.

Need I say more?

Laura's back..

With the same meme's and ad hominems.

"The gun control issue is on the move, and the politicians want in."

Ms. Washington,

If you "can't vote against gun control" would you please tell me why 2/3rds of the House and Senate along w/ 31 state AG's have sided against Washington DC's gun ban along w/ numerous police organizations? Can you tell me why both Clinton and OBama have weakened their previous stances on gun control nor fought over a Brady Campaign endorsement? Why every mass shooting over the last few years has been in a Brady Endorsed "Gun Free Zone" w/ the only one stopped being by a private citizen w/ a firearm?

Who are doing the shootings that you decry in Chicago? It isn't the "National Rifle Association, fat-cat gun lobbyists and gun lovers" who you have categorized as "rural white guys". It's by disenfranchised youth, both black and white, who are being raised by televisions and career criminals repeatedly let out onto the streets by an incompetent judiciary.

Thank you.


An eye opening experience and a greater understanding.

I mentioned in a comment that I've enjoyed researching the "Modern Militia" series that I've been working on lately. That is until today. I made the unfortunate decision of following some Google searches that had led to my site. In it, I found several other websites that offered lists of equipment for militiamen (lowercase used on purpose). "Huh", I thought" This is interesting. Maybe I can get some ideas."

Then I clicked on the "About Us" button.

Phrases like : Mudpeople, Mongrels, and the 'enemy' will use M-16's flew off the screen and hit me in the face. ACU's were referred to as "Neo-Confederate Grey" while the "New Union Army" had no right to wear them. Bibles were considered not only "Standard Issue" but also being used as justification for the above.

So I kept searching, hoping to find some sanity. I wish I hadn't.

Even one of the so called "Moderate" groups out there that attacked the above groups couldn't understand why they were being lumped into the same category by the ADL and ACLU while in the next breath explaining why they didn't allow gays or "humanists"etc. into their self-proclaimed "non-discriminating" organization. Their defense? "Well the Boy Scouts are allowed to". At least the racists are honest about themselves.

I posted earlier about how individuals such as Kelli, Alex Riley, and even Paul Helmke do more harm to their cause than good w/ their nonsense posts. Well, these are ours. These are the groups (if a few people in a garage and a computer can be called such) that foment the images of guys in white sheets and Timothy McVeigh when the word "militia" is even mentioned. Thanks a bunch. Really.

I knew there were groups like this out there but reading their "Manifesto's" really shows that they have their heads so far up their rears that they look like eternity symbols. So for members and advocates of the above types of groups, go clean your guns. Make sure to visually check the front of the barrel while repeatedly pulling the trigger. Do us all a favor.

When the SHTF, I don't care if I have Rue Paul on one side of me and Fred Phelps on the other. In a crisis, we're all the same. We're Americans. And we are ALL part of the Militia.

Bloomie's gonna run.

His campaign manager signed him up for an NRA membership.

Now is he going to be a hypocrite and brag about it or will he 'stick to his guns' and tear it up?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Modern Militia: Firearms

As this is a gun blog, of course I must have a post on firearms for the Modern Militia. To keep w/ the theme of US Army compatibility that I've maintained, I'm going to first present the original military issue and then what would be complementary for the Citizen Soldier to possess. Since we on average are unable to procure select fire weapons, that is not going to be presented as an option but civilian equivalents that can assist in the ease of logistics will be.

Infantry Rifles:

The standard US Infantry field weapon is the ubiquitous M-16/M-4 series rifle.

It is a select-fire weapon, firing on semi-auto, 3 rd burst, or fully auto depending on model. It uses 5.56 x 45mm NATO ammunition from a STANAG magazine. This makes it compatible w/ many NATO firearms and their civilian equivalents.**

Obviously then, since the M-16 was based off of it, the ideal firearm for Militia compatibility would the the AR-15 (or its many clones) chambered in 5.56 NATO. This allows for the ease of obtaining not only ammunition and magazines, but many replacement parts as well as well as an increased familiarity should a general issue occur.

Next up for preference would be semi-auto STANAG compatible rifles in 5.56 NATO such as the FS2000 Carbine or Robinson Armaments M96. * These provide the magazine and ammo compatibility but w/o M-16 familiarization.

Non-STANAG 5.56 NATO semi-autos would be next up for preference such as the Ruger Mini-14 *. Same ammo but bring your own magazines.

Bolt-actions and Single Shot rifle chambered in 5.56 NATO round out the list for compatible infantry rifles. Keeping w/ a military issue mindset, some Remington 700's *come chambered in this.

Sniper/Designated Marksman Rifles:

The standard current issue sniper rifle is the M-24 Sniper Weapon System.

Basically this is a suped-up Remington 700 chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO (.308 Winchester) or .300 Win Mag. w/ a Leupold, Ultra M3, 10 Power scope. A quality bolt-action chambered in the same should have a similar effect when being handled by an experienced shooter even though most don't train out as far. Keep practicing.

Since the M24 SWS replaced the M21, I'm going to combine it, the M25, and the M14 under the same category of Designated Marksman Rifle , 'Sniper Support Rifle', or 'Squad Sniper Rifle'. The primary differences being that the training isn't as far out on range and is also capable of providing some level of suppressive fire out to a farther distance for the unit.

An accurate select fire weapon that had a short lived history as a standard issue rifle in between the M-1 and M-16, the M-14 and/or its many variants have been adopted as a Designated Marksman Rifle and is still in use as a Sniper Rifle in some units. It is chambered in 7.62 x 51mm NATO (.308 Win). Civilian M-14's in semi-auto under various names are available as well as other long barreled semi-autos providing similar accuracy*.


US standard sidearm is the M-9 Baretta.

For all intents and purposes, a MilSpec Baretta 92 in 9 x 19mm Parabellum. Civilian equivalents available everywhere except Washington DC and Chicago, Il (unless you're a criminal or politician but that's redundant).


Along w/ your firearm, you'll also need accessories. I specifically didn't include these in Basic Field Gear for the specific fact that you wouldn't need a magazine pouch if you're shooting bolt-action etc. A good "Battle Load" is 4 or 6, 30 round magazines for a semi-auto or 50 rounds for a bolt-action. Thinking you can carry 20 magazines of .308 along w/ your other gear up and down hills will only result in your buddies having to practice their medical skills. The type of scope you use (if any) also depends on purpose, preference, and firearm. And don't forget a cleaning kit. As for these and other add-ons, use some common-sense. In trying to be "Tacti-cool" you may end up looking like a Tacti-Fool.

As stated in the beginning, this listing is along the idea of compatibility. If you can't handle an AR-15 to save your life but can shoot the nuts off a fly at 300m using an SAR-1, guess what you should do? Use the SAR and bring your own ammo. I own an NDM-86 and practice w/ it fairly regularly so I would be more effective w/ it than if someone handed me an M-14. At least until I ran out of 7.62 x 54R. Then I have a really expensive club.

*Note1: I'm not endorsing specific models but only using them for examples of the concept.

**Note2: Ammunition issues. It has been noted that Military 5.56 NATO has a higher pressure than civilian .223 Remington. Some rifles such as the AR-15 and Mini-14 are supposed to be designed to tolerate the difference but check w/ the manufacturer of your specific model for details.

Modern Militia Series

Unorganized Militia Gear

Unorganized Militia Gear

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Unorganized Militia Gear


Stumbled across . Appears this a discussion of errors, miss statements and needed editing of information provided in Wikipedia. I had to laugh at a statement we have pondered in the pro-freedom groups.

How many members does the Brady Campaign have? I found this: , but I couldn't find any information on the Brady Campaign's homepage. -- 20:48, 11 November 2007 (UTC)
HCI, VPC, etc won't release how many dues-paying members they have. They can't because the number is, I believe, extremely small. So they claim some much bigger number to make themselves more important to the media and politicians.--Davidwiz (talk) 20:55, 29 November 2007 (UTC)
Retrieved from ""

Preferential Treatment

We all know the kind of "Preferential Treatment" shops like Reds gets: Lots of agents at your beck and call, attention to detail on paperwork, etc. But what kind of treatment would an individual get that is supposed to be in the business of pushing firearms but is instead trying to disarm the public?

Why, he gets a free ride. According to Mike1o1 from Huffpo and THR, Josh Sugarmann of the VPC has had his FFL since at least 1995 and it is listed as Private/Residential. In DC. How many transactions has he completed in the last 13 years? Think he'll try and renew? Think it will be approved?

More here and here.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Restaurant CCW Ban Repeal passes VA senate.

on a 24 to 15 vote according to VCDL. Good news for firearm owners and any who oppose discrimination.

Interestingly enough, Senator McEachin must have been talking to Josh Sugarmann about "Final Solutions" to firearms owners as he tried to pass an amendment requiring CCW holders to wear identification marking them as such while in the restaurant. Something like this Senator?

Was that what you had in mind perhaps?

Monday, February 11, 2008

Josh Sugarmann of the past...

Just as wrong then as he is today. 45 Superman linked to an article from 1987 filled w/ the usual PSH and false statistics to support their future vision of America. This sentence jumped out at me though:

Contrary to NRA fantasies, black-booted fascists would not be kicking down doors searching for handguns.


New Orleans 2005

The little old lady video

Obviously the Joyce Foundation did not hire a prognosticator to run the VPC.

Josh, any comments on your own personal "Final Solution"? (Yes, he actually used those words)

Think I'll place an order....

to be shipped to my local FFL.

phone (202) 822 8200

{Dials phone}

*Ring, Ring *

VPC office: Hello, Violence Policy Center.
Me: Hi, I was wondering what firearms you have in stock. I'ld like to buy one.
VPC flunky: What!? We don't sell firearms here. They're scary!
Me: But your president is a licensed dealer. He's in the business of buying and selling firearms. This is his registered office.
VPC flunky: No he doesn't. We don't have any firearms here.
Me: Really, he does. Google it. I would like to buy a firearm from him.
VPC flunky: Mr. Sugarmann is not in the business of dealing death.
Me: Actually, by supporting Criminal Empowerment zones, he really is, but we're getting off the topic. Are you saying he has no firearm inventory?
VPC flunky: That's right.
Me: And he doesn't do special orders?
VPC flunky: NO!
Me: So he's not in the business of firearms?
VPC flunky: Certainly not!
Me: Can I quote you?
VPC flunky: Yes.
Me: Thank you. Have a nice day.
{Hangs up}
*Ring, Ring *

BATFE JBT : Hello ATF offices...


Here's the contact info though:

Violence Policy Center
1730 Rhode Island Avenue, NW
Suite 1014
Washington, DC 20036

The Modern Militia: Equipment II, Basic Field Gear

As I stated previously, the primary purpose of the Modern Militia is as a complement to the Army. With that in mind, we should try and keep as close to US Army standards as possible to maintain uniformity and for ease of logistics.

This installment will cover basic field gear. A good list of equipment can be had from a WLC (Warrior Leadership Course) Packing guide available here which is what I'm using as my close to standard. The equipment you purchase should match the uniform that you use (ie ACU, BDU etc.) . Mixing and matching is always a possibility depending on finances though. I am a victim of this. I haven't been issued the new ACU Field Jacket and don't want to spend the money on a new one when I have a BDU Gortex that is just a few years old. The contrast between the two kind of defeats the purpose of the camouflage. Obviously I wouldn't use them together in a SHTF situation.

Rucksack $ 39.95
Helmet (IIIA) $349.95
Helmet Cover $ 11.99
2 1 qt. Canteens $ 1.99 ea
2 Covers $ 9.95 ea
Pistol Belt (LC2) $ 17.95
Suspenders $ 16.99
Sleeping Mat $ 14.95
Sleeping Bag $ 64.95
Glove Shells $ 16.95
Glove Liners $ 7.49
Shelter-half $20.00
E-tool $15.00
E-tool Case $20.00
Field Dressing w/ pouch $10.00

This covers the basic equipment for operations in the field. Once again prices based off of brand new Mil-Spec issue ACU. Surplus is available everywhere. There are also, of course, uncountable modifications to this: Different gloves, backpacks, load bearing, etc. ad infinum. If I tried to list them all, Google would cancel my account. What you choose will depend not only on your personal preferences (I use all standard issue except the rucksack) and finances but also your specialty and purpose. An individual w/ medical training would most likely add materials adding up to a CLS (Combat Life-Savers) bag and/or other trauma supplies. A scout would add more field comfort items depending on their local environment, compass, binoculars, etc. The list goes on.

This also doesn't cover personal items and/or items that are handy in the field such as matches, foot powder, etc. I'll cover that more in a later post dedicated to training.

Next up: What I'm sure everyone's been waiting for....Firearms

Modern Militia Series

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Unorganized Militia Gear

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Unorganized Militia Gear

Law Enforcement for Heller

Lots of names. Including the FOP.

The conclusion says it all:

The Second Amendment forbids banning the tools of
survival. Petitioners’ dangerous laws deprive the
public and law enforcement of the life-saving, crime reducing
effects of gun ownership which are apparent in the 50 states.

And they understand the real reasoning behind "Gun Control" laws:

The District has a legitimate interest in a screening
system, such as the National Instant Check System,
for purchasers of firearms. However, banning handguns
and home defense because of invidious prejudice
amounts to unconstitutionally piling “inference upon
inference”48 and “prophylaxis upon prophylaxis.”

As an aside, look who filed a brief in support of the District:

Janet Reno served as Attorney General of the United States from 1993 to 2001.

Along w/ numerous other Clinton era and '68 GCA lawyers.

Ah yes, Janet. The same AG who authorized the killings at Waco and the abduction of the Gonzales boy. Exactly the type of authoritarian that would support citizen disarmament.

VIVA La Trailer!

Hello all, still getting over the Flu, for anyone who has not experienced this yet. Try to avoid it.

Congratulations Third, that is a milestone, and to think I can say I remember you when, we were all on the Brady Blog, of course until Paul decided to end our free flow of the truth.
Who could forget the Robin “Ring a-ding” actually attacking you, but my friend I have always enjoyed this blog, and feel privileged to be allowed to post on it.

Long Live the Trailer!

Brady sockpuppet submit Amici

Also known as the AHSA. You know all about them. The ones whose board is made up almost entirely of anti-gunners, supports bans on "Assault Weapons" and '50 cals, wants safe storage, and put up the flash in the pan anti-NRA sign in Boston, yet still claim to be a "pro-gun" group.

Well, they decided to file an Amici brief in support of Heller. Sounds good right? They want to have the ban overturned. They have lots of former military big wigs that supposedly wrote it and we must support the military.

The problem? They oppose it only because the way it is worded, not because of its intention:

This is not to say that a gun law similar to one
enacted by the District of Columbia could not pass
muster under a traditional implied preemption
analysis; nor is it to say that the District could not
have crafted a gun law consistent with its Charter
and with the Second Amendment by not intruding
into federal functions

Their whole argument is based on a collective militia function of the populace, the restriction on the ability to train w/ firearms in preparation for a call-up. Nothing about the rights of the individual:

Inasmuch as the D.C. Gun Law prevents D.C.
residents from participating in federally-operated,
federally-supervised, and federally-mandated programs,
it necessarily affects a unique federal function
and therefore is expressly barred by the D.C. Home
Rule Act.

They use the Brady buzz phrase of "reasonable regulations" and state the those are actually "required":

The argument advanced by amici would in no way prevent the D.C. Council from enacting reasonable regulations relating to possession, safety, and registration of firearms in the District. Indeed, it has a responsibility to the public to do so.

So, in conclusion, they have no problems w/ laws requiring registration, bans on certain types of firearms as long as it's not a complete class, high fees, or requiring people to store them at facilities such as police stations, gun clubs, etc. just so long as they have the opportunity to 'practice'. They even state the the ban was a "laudable effort". Sounds like they really support gun rights, doesn't it?

Maybe they were just trying to take a different tact from the numerous other Amici's in support of Heller. Of course if I believed that, I'ld also believe Michael Jackson just wants to be friends w/ my kids.