Saturday, January 5, 2013

Signed, Epstein's mother

Ya, I've been absent Mr. Kotter and here's my BS excuse. I've been seeking answers in long dead philosophers, long dead patriots and current friends/family. Trying to reconcile my core beliefs with what I can see coming is nothing less than torture.

I don't like where we're heading, I don't like the pattern. If that's a little vague, perhaps a google search of general human history can bring a candle to the dark. Standing on a street corner with a candle while dancing in the blood makes me vomit. Shedding light on the truth also makes me vomit, but I do feel better afterwards.

I've spent most of the last 4 months rebuilding my Bug Out Bag(and making some wise investments) while recognizing and accepting that I've already bugged out. I'm not going anywhere.

If the SHTF, you won't find me in the hills scrapping rocks and rotten logs for food. I'll stay right here, going to work, coming home to scoop cat crap out of the litter box, refining the perfect recipe for fried chicken and counting things that come across my focus.

I can survive in the hills, but I can fight more effectively staying right here, being exactly who I am.

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Friday, January 4, 2013

God, this is getting old.

To everyone who whines about those who demand the correct terminology be used in debate, consider the following.

Let's say the NRA starts a campaign to abolish the 1934 NFA, which covers full-auto machine guns. The NRA then films a live demo for media consumption showing someone firing a semi-auto rifle and claiming these are the types of guns covered by the 1934 NFA.

Would you call them out on their lie?

How would that be different than the antis pushing a ban on "assault weapons" while showing video of full-auto machine guns and claiming these are the types of guns their pending legislation will cover?

I'm getting tired of shoveling piles of anti crap and throwing it back at them, but they keep on buying me a bigger and lighter shovel.

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No 'Groundswell' of Support for Gun Control

More like an attack of gas

There is always a bounce for more gun laws after a well publicized shooting.  This usually lasts until the next new episode of Survivor or American Idol comes on TV but the PuSH'ers always try and take advantage of it, (inflamed by an increase in comments and 'likes' on their FB pages and Twitter) claiming the 'tide is turning' and 'Americans are waking up'.

Well just a few weeks after one of the worst tragedies in recent history, let's take a look at the 'groundswell' of support they're receiving.  In Illinois bills have been pushed through into a lame-duck session calling for every goal of the anti-gun groups.  The ONLY anti-gun organization that has voiced ANY public support for it that I can find is the Joyce funded Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence (ICHV). 

To show the level of 'grassroots' support they're receiving, on a post made about the same time as one from the Illinois State Rifle Assoc. on the latest SB2899, they've received (as of this writing) 1 Share and 6 likes.  The ISRA, on the other hand, has received 57 shares, 61 likes and 86 comments. A post made 8 hrs previous 330 shares, 132 likes and 109 comments. One yesterday: 506 shares, 503 likes, 85 comments.Those are just the 'on topic' posts made. I haven't even counted in the responses to posts made by the NRA, Illinois Carry, IL-GUNLOBBY, or GSL to name but a few. 

You get the idea.

The ICHV's crowning glory during this was proclaiming 'Victory' by getting the Senate bills out of a rigged committee filled w/ Chicago-crats two days ago.  38 shares. 70 likes and 13 comments.

So what am I getting at?  Again this is evidence that our threats to gun ownership are NOT coming from the public but instead from (often ignorant) agenda driven politicians, left-wing philanthropists and a few die hard anti-gun fanatics (mostly financed by the philanthropists) who use self generated polls and statistics to lie to the media and citizens.

And just to take a look at the quality of lobbying the philanthropists are getting w/ their paid activists, here's a screencap of the ICHV's latest email alert:

Only complacency on the part of firearm owners will let bills like we're seeing in IL pass.  By firearm owners believing "you don't 'NEED' gun X" or "They ain't cummin' for my huntin' guns".  Yes Virginia, they are.  You may not be directly effected by THIS round, but you will be soon if they get their way.  You'ld eventually be restricted to Gov't approved 'shooting clubs' where you store what types of guns they allow you. Just like in England, Australia and much of Western Europe. 

I'm just one guy who writes a 'sh!tty little blog' and volunteers some time helping out the local gun groups and I reach hundreds of people every day.  My legislators know my name and my stances.

Think of what we could accomplish if just a few dozen more people in each area were more active.

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IL Gun Ban Round II

The State House reconvenes Sunday at 5pm and according to both the ISRA and GSL, the word is that Speaker Madigan will reach behind him and start throwing the same kind of crap that we just saw State Senate. Acevedo has already filed an amendment to a juvenile detention bill. SB2899 to allow emergency purchases by the ISP to get a system capable of registering firearms and magazines as well as another AWB/magazine ban.  This is in response to Todd Vandermyde's testimony the other day

That's right. Sunday at 5pm. When they hope people aren't paying attention and there's a decreased chance for organized opposition. Well they're going to be wrong again. MAKE YOUR CALLS PEOPLE!!! If the lines are full, send an email. Pay them a visit in Springfield or go to their district offices. 

They keep proving over and over that the only way gun control can survive is through deception, lies or deceit and the people that push it are knowing lowlifes and fanatics.

UPDATE:  From IL-GUNLOBBY2pm hearing on Sunday in the House Judicary committee.

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

When the Authorities' Families are Threatened in Chicago

They haul out the 'bullet hoses' only designed to 'kill as many people as possible'.

When a murdered CPD officer's family was threatened by gang bangers, the department sent FOUR officers armed w/ AR-15's to protect them.

 Photo: While McGumby runs around calling for more gun control, we ould like to share this pic with you. This was taken after a Chicago Police officer was killed. the Tribune caption of the photo explained it was the home of the dead police officer and they feared gang retaliation against the officers family. 

And so they deployed officers with AR-15s to protect the deceased officers family. People ask why someone would "need" an AR-15 with a 30 round magazine. Our answer is simple; if it is what police officers deploy to protect their families from threats, it is what we want to protect our famlies from threats. 

Note in the picture there are 3 officers with AR-15s. Another picture showed a 4th. 

h/t Chicago Tribune
The very same firearm that is BANNED to civilians in Chicago and which Chicago politicians want to ban throughout the state and nation.

Why are their families lives considered more important than yours?  

h/t to IL-Gunlobby.

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Give Them What They Want and They'll Still Kill You

Investigators say two men pretending to be customers walked into the shop Wednesday at about 5:25 p.m. The men attempted to rob Kozel and one of his employees. One of the robbers shot Kozel in the back, as he was trying to get to safety. 
 Welcome to Chicago. Rahm hopes to export this to the rest of the state.

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BS IL Gun Bills Down But NOT Out

Several media sources are stating that the POS bills that Cullerton et al. tried to jam through during lame duck are DOA and these have been quoted by the gun blogs.


These bills are NOT dead. They are just being held off so the Chicago-crats can try and strong arm enough votes before next Wednesday. Got that?  NEXT Wednesday is when the bills are dead, not before.

KEEP making those calls and informing fellow gun owners.  They WILL attempt to bring them up again as soon as they think they can get them through, the same way they play the midnight sessions game to get their annual pay raises.

Update From Rep Chapin Rose:
The Senate appears to be a couple of votes shy of passage at this point.  However, a few anti-gun legislators are due to return to Springfield before next Tuesday's scheduled adjournment of the current General Assembly so this issue is not over yet by a longshot.
From the Sun Times:  
But state Sen. Dan Kotowski (D-Park Ridge), chief Senate sponsor of the ammunition bill, told the Chicago Sun-Times that Schoenberg's absence, as well as the absence of state Sen. James Meeks (D-Chicago), left him short of the support he needed to pass the ammunition bill on the Senate floor.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Sh!t is Thrown Against the Wall in Illinois

They are going for anything and everything they can and seeing what sticks. In typical scum-like fashion they're adding it as amendments to a sexual assault bill.

Synopsis by TBFKASIH

Text of the main bill  HB1263. Read the Amendments.

Text of the HB0815 Bill

File witness slips here.

So, I was just being paranoid by believing anti's want to ban guns, right?

Listening to the Committee meeting audio, they're trying to compare legal gun ownership to illegal drugs and owning anti-aircraft missiles while trying to ban pump action shotguns.  Still talking about '50 cal rifles' shooting down airplanes. They couldn't even recognize the difference between a firearm and a gun stock. "Did you get permission to bring in that weapon?"  "This isn't a weapon, it's a stock."

Colleen Daley from the Joyce Puppet ICAHV gave the standard fabricated talking points including VPC generated statistics. Her money quote:   "Banning these dangerous weapons is a good first step ..."

A 'Public Health' expert uses lots of statistics confusing 'homicide' and 'firearms' neglecting that Chicago has 5x the homicide rate of the rest of the state and the strictest gun laws.

Todd Vandermyde:  "Firearm owners are being treated like sexual predators".

Sen. Kotowski:  " I don't see what 'law-abiding' gun owners have to fear in this bill" (Yes, Kotowski is this stupid)  He even admits that there's no way the ISP could implement the law w/ all the registrations required but 'We'll figure it out'."Once we get the bill implemented we'll get that all figured out.

But here's what it's all about.  "We want the information"

They want to know were we live and what we own so they can come and get it when they decide to change the law again. 

These people are ignorant pieces of shit.  Both bills are heading to the floor. All the Chicago Dems (6) voted for it. The 4 token Repubs against.

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The Lengths Anti-Gun Activists Will Go To

The CSGV has long used libel and intimidation to try and silence firearm advocates.

Politicians have tried to sneak anti-gun language into child protection bills , sexual assault bills and in midnight/lame duck meetings.

But now they're taking it into the realm of criminal activity. I have been informed that a local level pro-firearm organization has been the victim of numerous attempted DOS attacks against computer systems, websites and even cell services.None of them have succeeded  beyond being easily fixed annoyances however.(ha ha)

These are the lengths that PuSH'ers, those who are ANTI-gun, (let's be realistic) will take the fight.  They are so consumed w/ their cause that they will go to any lengths to attack, demonize and silence firearm owners under the 'end justify the means' mentality of true fanatics. They don't care about anything but getting rid of guns and will do anything to achieve it.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Newspaper Gets Security; Schools Still SOL

So the newspaper that is publishing lists of NY firearm owners is now hiring armed security guards.
 The Journal News of West Nyack, N.Y., has hired armed security guards to defend its offices after receiving a torrent of phone calls and emails responding to the paper's publication of the names and addresses of area residents with pistol permits.
So a couple of questions:

Will they publish the names/addresses of their armed guards?  By their argument, people have a right to know.

Why do they consider themselves to be more important than schoolchildren since nearly every op-ed they've published has been in opposition to the NRA school security plan?  They've said over and over that more guns isn't the answer.  Why is it the answer for them?

I certainly hope that any additional revenue they may have generated is lost from the hiring of these security guards.

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Note the Qualifier

From Ladd Everitt, head mouthpiece of the fanatic organization CSGV:
 Ladd Everitt, spokesman for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, said teachers groups have made clear they do not want educators armed.
'Teachers Groups".  IOW the left wing, anti-gun unions.  Now when presented w/ an opportunity to defend themselves and get training, what is the response from individual teachers?
 In Utah, nearly 200 teachers came out to receive free firearm training. In Ohio, a pilot program to teach teachers how to use guns is at capacity.
The TEACHERS want it.  The 'teacher groups' don't.

I know who I would listen to.

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And So It Begins. Illinois Gun Bans

From the NRA-ILA:
 The NRA-ILA has just learned that anti-gun legislators backed by Governor Quinn are deceptively trying to sneak through a new draconian gun ban as early as Wednesday while the legislature convenes for the Lame Duck Session from January 2 to 9.   You voted many of these anti-gun legislators out of office, and now, in their last days as law makers, they want to quietly trample on the rights of all law-abiding gun owners in Illinois.
 This is their first strike and we need to give them a response that will show them that any further attempts in other states and nation wide will be met w/ similar responses.  We need to show them that their blood dancing is futile and will hurt their future in politics as well as their party. 

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Days of Our Trailers: 2012 Year in Review

Blog stats for the year 2012:

Page LoadsUnique VisitorsFirst Time VisitorsReturning Visitors

I've been posting more and have shown a significant increase (about 25%) in page loads and visitors. Sometime a few weeks ago, I surpassed 1 million visitors in my 5 years of running this site. I'll never be huge but I make an impact.

Most viewed pages for 2010:
Tied for 10th:
FRC Shooting. *Crickets* From Anti-Gun Groups
 Unorganized Militia Gear
both w/ about 1250 views
9th: @Starbucks & Ammo: Courtesy of Elliot Fineman, NGAC 1332 views
8th: *POOF!!*  1370 views
7th: The Surplus Page 1465 views
6th: OGRE 6E: Nihon Page 1708 views
5th: Unorganized Militia: Propaganda Corps 2038 views
4th: Anti-Gun Primer Page 2151 views
3rd: Remember...  2217 views
2nd: Jesse Jackson Jr's FOID Card  2348 Views

And the #1 viewed page on Days of Our Trailers for 2012:

 DOOT Wear w/ 2893 views

The top 10 referrers to this site for 2012:
10)  1676 visitors
9) War on Guns 2012 visitors
8) Weer'dworld 2497 visitors
7) Gun Blog Blacklist 3721 visitors
6) 4803 visitors
5) 5086 visitors
4th & 3rd different searches: about 15,000 visitors combined
As usual 2nd: PAGunBlog (formerly Snowflakes in Hell) 23,549 visitors
and as it has been for every year, SaysUncle took 1st place w/ 30,577 visitors

Didn't make it to IGOLD this year but w/ the NRA AM in St Louis, I was able to attend and have lots of fun w/ other bloggers, gun enthusiasts and friends. The election results were entirely unsurprising w/ the moral pudding that the GOP keeps putting up for candidates and now the nation and gun owners are going to pay for it.  On the positive note, Moore v Madigan came out majorly in our favor although we can expect the state to appeal all the way to SCOTUS, especially now that they think they have the gun control momentum. I fully expect 2013 to be a year of suckage on the firearms front, economically, you name it.  Maybe when the Mayans said 'End of the World', this is what they meant.

2011 YIR
2010 YIR
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2008 YIR

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